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New Gadget for Zoho Invoice

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In the last post for Zoho Gadgets, we promised having gadgets for the Zoho business apps. First in line is Zoho Invoice. Zoho Invoice is now available as a gadget and this can be embedded wherever you want – Zoho Business’ Dashboard, iGoogle, Facebook, Orkut, any Open Social XML compatible site or any web app/page where you can embed an iframe.

You can view a list of your latest invoices and estimates. You can add new invoices too.

You can view an invoice in detail. Also possible is editing, printing and seeing the invoice as pdf.

The Zoho Invoice gadget embedded in an iGoogle page

The Zoho Invoice gadget as part of the Zoho Business Desktop (Dashboard)

Hope you like this new Zoho Invoice gadget. Try it out. More importantly, do let us know what more functionality you would like to see in this gadget.