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Collaboration just got easier with the New Real-time Editor in Document Library

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Last year, we released Document Library, which made it easy to manage all your sales collateral, marketing material, proposals and more, right within Zoho CRM. Now, we’ve gone a step further and improved our editor in Zoho Docs to support chat collaboration and real-time editing.

Take this case of the Sales Team at Zillum Corp. Patricia, one of the sales reps, is excited! She has just closed a big deal, which she had been working on for a few months. She starts working on the Service Level Agreement, and notices some sections that require help from her manager and the legal team.

She shares the document with Charles from the legal team, and instantly he is notified about the document via email. When Charles views the document, Patricia gets an alert, and she can even chat with him then and there! That’s not all, she can also see what Charles is revising, and in turn, Charles can also see the changes Jasmine is making. And the whole document is finalized in a matter of minutes and sent to the customer.

Document-LibraryNow, that’s a lot easier to communicate with your team and get the reviews done instantly, right?

The new editor is available in Zoho Sheet, Zoho Writer and Zoho Show. Do try this feature and let us know what you think.

Just In: New DIY Web Forms, Round Robin Lead Assignment and Integration with Zoho Calendar

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Last month, we released features such as Territory Management, Custom Modules, Custom Functions, Social tab and Integration with Zoho Campaigns. Now, we’ve added the new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) web forms, Round Robin style assignment rule and the long awaited integration with Zoho Calendar to our new features list.

Here’s a summary of the features:

Create web forms without writing a single line of code

Web forms are a great way to get prospects into Zoho CRM. But, you don’t have to be an expert in programming to create web forms for your website.  With the new What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor, you can create web forms in a minute! Just drag and drop the required fields in the form, set field alignment, mark fields as mandatory and much more. You also have options to upload fields and captcha to make your form spam-proof. Wrap it up by assigning lead ownership, enable notifications and approvals to ensure your Zoho CRM is clutter-free.


It’s even easy to host the forms live using the ready-to-use code formats. You can also deploy these forms in sites you’ve built using Zoho Sites, WordPress, Facebook, Google Sites and Joomla. Now that’s so much easier than before, right?

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3 Tips to Make Sales Reps love (and use!) Your CRM

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Let’s face it. Most of your salespeople don’t like using a CRM system. They don’t like the manual data entry that’s involved to update it. They don’t like to spend endless hours doing reports. And most frequently, they complain about their CRM system not being user friendly. But as much as you can blame your CRM software, you can also blame the way it’s been setup, the way it’s been implemented and managed. So how can you make your CRM system friendlier and get your salespeople to embrace it?

Here are 3 tips that can help sales reps get things done better and faster:

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3 Ways to be a Kick-Ass Sales Rep at your Workplace

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Sales SuperheroAt some point in our lives we all dreamed of possessing superpowers to do extraordinary things, just like our favorite superhero.  We’d love to fly over the traffic to our workplace, multitask in a jiffy and close deals in a snap – in short, we’d love to be that kick-ass sales rep at our workplace! But wait…you don’t have to be born in Krypton or be bitten by a radioactive spider, or possess hi-tech gadgets to do all that. Like Mjollnir is for Thor, your reliable tool is a good CRM system that’s flexible and does most of the sales automation, leaving you to just focus on customer interaction and closing deals.

And with Zoho CRM, here’s how you can become the kick-ass sales rep at your workplace:

Be notified about important customer emails

You’re at work on a fine Monday morning, running through your emails and replying to the ones that are most important. By noon, you find out that you had missed reading an important email from a hot prospect. The reason: your Inbox is cluttered with business emails, personal emails and pesky emails!

The rule of thumb to be a smart sales rep is to attend to your prospects ASAP and to get there, you need a filtered view of your prospects’ emails alone. With MailMagnet, you’d not only receive emails within Zoho CRM but also get a filtered view of your prospects’ emails. The best part of this integration is that you don’t have to keep a check on your emails all the time, because each time you receive an email from a prospect, you’d be notified by a batch right on the Zoho CRM home page.

Mundane tasks keeping you busy? Just Automate.

You love your job. But you also dread the ‘manual data entry’ that comes along with it. All day long you’d type thank you emails, welcome emails, reminder emails and introduction emails, leaving you very little time to do what you are hired for…selling!

Email Template in Zoho CRM helps you get rid of this mundane task. Just personalize emails for each activity, and send emails to individual prospects or mass emails to a list of leads. Say, you’ve imported leads from a trade show and you want to send them a thank you email. All you need to do is select the leads list and blast a mass email.

Go Mobile. Carry Zoho CRM in your pocket

To all those field sales reps, this one is for you. We know you work almost round the clock, attending customer meetings, conferences and events. But at the same time, you can’t carry bulky laptops with you, to update and keep your team in sync with the latest happenings. You need a CRM system you can carry in your pocket. And Zoho CRM for Mobile provides just that. From adding leads to creating tasks, and from receiving email notifications to finding nearby customers, Zoho CRM Mobile App provides it all.

These are 3 quick ways you could become a kick-ass sales rep at your workplace. What are your tips and tricks? Do share them in the comments below.

– Radhika

New in Zoho CRM: MailMagnet for Mobile, BCC Dropbox, Zoho LiveDesk Integration, and more…

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Yes! We have a whole bunch of new and interesting features lined up that will not only help you manage your customer data and interactions at a central place in CRM, but also give you an enhanced CRM plus Email solution.

Here’s a summary of what’s new:

MailMagnet for Mobile

When we introduced MailMagnet for Zoho CRM, our aim was to change the way salespeople interact with their email. Today, we’re taking this one step further by introducing MailMagnet for Mobile.

MailMagnet users can now receive their customers’ emails inside Zoho CRM mobile app without fiddling with their phone’s email settings. With the new Messages tab in the app, you can view all your customers’ emails, reply to them and even add tasks. What’s more, you don’t have to be on Zoho CRM app or refresh messages each time to receive new emails. Just enable alerts in your iPhone, iPad or Android device to receive email notifications.

An example? You’re traveling to a customer location and while on transit, you browse through Zite for some interesting articles. While reading, you receive an email notification from a customer. Tapping the notification for details, you find that a customer has arranged for a meeting with you. And as luck has it, the customer is in the same location!

BCC Customers’ Emails to CRM

With BCC Dropbox, you can copy selected customer emails to Zoho CRM. The feature comes with a unique email address for each sales rep. And all you need to do is, BCC the email address while sending emails to your customers, and get a copy of the email linked to the right customer’s record in CRM! Don’t have a matching record in CRM? No Problem. Zoho CRM automatically adds a lead or contact, and associates the email to that record. Even the file attachments are tagged along and saved.

For example, you’re having an email conversation with a customer from your Gmail account, and you find one particular conversation thread essential for further sales discussions. By entering the BCC email address, you can get that email linked to the customer’s record in CRM.

So you don’t have to restrict yourself from using a single mail client. You can use multiple email clients and email address as long as Zoho CRM knows the email addresses that you send from. Of course, a bit of human intervention is required. BCC Dropbox is available for all paid users.

Engage and Delight your customers with LiveDesk Integration

Let’s face it, no one wants to spend time on endless email threads and long phone calls to get their questions answered. Not in this digital age when information is available instantly, all the time. So, what’s the best possible way to support your Net Generation customers?

Introducing Zoho LiveDesk Integration with CRM. Zoho LiveDesk – an online live chat capability – in your website gives impatient customers a chance to ask questions in real time and also get an answer right away. Each chat transcript is attached to the customer’s record in Zoho CRM, keeping your support team in sync with all customer interactions.

That’s not all, your support agents can add Leads, Contacts, Notes and follow-up tasks to Zoho CRM, directly from Zoho LiveDesk. And when an existing customer requests live support, Zoho CRM automatically retrieves relevant customer information to Zoho LiveDesk. The LiveDesk Integration is not only an additional channel to provide better customer support, but also a good way to show that you’re available for them at all times.

Contextual Integration with third-party apps and get holistic view of your customer information

Earlier, we introduced Custom Apps to build apps that can access data inside your CRM system. Now you can pull in any customer related information from custom apps and third-party applications and contextually add it to any record in CRM. Custom Related Lists comes with ready-to-use gallery functions that help you integrate with third-party applications like Contactology, Saasu and Zoho Recruit with ease.

Custom Related List is available for Enterprise users. Our Online Help will walk you through the configurations.

Do try these features and let us know what you think.

– Radhika

Customer Spotlight: OxyHealth is more productive with Zoho CRM and Google Apps

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This is a guest blog post by Brandon Wilson, CRM Consultant of Viwo, a leading cloud solutions provider and a Zoho partner. Viwo has successfully deployed 3000 organizations onto cloud solutions.

The Business

Samir Patel, CEO OxyHealth

Samir Patel, CEO, OxyHealth

Located in Sante Fe Springs, CA, OxyHealth LLC is a manufacturer and seller of Hyperbaric Chambers – medical devices used to increase the uptake of oxygen by a body’s red blood cells. Since its start 10 years ago, OxyHealth has seen the popularity of hyperbaric chambers expand into many areas of medicine.

The Challenge

Many of OxyHealth’s business systems were created and setup several years ago, due to which they were unable to keep up with the growing challenges and needs.

Their biggest and most pressing issue was CRM. Their sales team, over the years, became increasingly mobile and access became a huge issue for OxyHealth. To top it all, their current CRM solution, Goldmine, was increasingly hard to maintain and was getting less and less suitable for their workflow.

They needed a cloud based CRM solution, which is highly accessible from mobile devices and integrates with their email system.

A Solution with Zoho CRM

OxyHealth’s CEO, Samir Patel, landed on Zoho CRM as the best solution. What put Samir over the top was the breadth of features and most importantly, that Zoho CRM was part of a larger integrated suite of applications. The price was just the cherry on top.

OxyHealth approached us to manage the implementation in the following areas:

  • Solution Design
  • Evaluation Support
  • Project Planning
  • Customization and Integration
  • Training
  • Ongoing Technical Support


Mobile Team

Travel had become a regular part of OxyHealth’s sales process. They continually found themselves needing to input and review data or manage tasks on the go. Now with Zoho CRM, they can input leads from their Smartphones or tablets instead of heading back to the office to hop on a server.

“With the ability to work everywhere, not just in the office, I see high potential for not only making more money, but saving a lot of money as well.” CEO, Samir Patel

Easy Communication Tracking

Tracking email communication in high fidelity is critical for OxyHealth. And Goldmine required a lot of manual work to associate emails to records, making it error prone.

We integrated OxyHealth’s Google Apps account with the Zoho Mail Add on. This solution gave them automated email tracking, logging all inbound and outbound email communication and accessible at the click of a button from within their contacts.

“We quickly became more productive and efficient. I found myself simply getting more done.” CEO, Samir Patel

The Result

The result, OxyHealth became more productive and efficient. With the ability to work everywhere, not just in the office, Samir says that he sees high potential for not only making more money, but saving money as well. You can check out the full story here.

Find Nearby Customers On the Go

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A customer meeting wraps up ahead of time, leaving you with some time to kill. Making the best use of the time in hand,  you connect to the Zoho CRM App in your Smartphone. And in a single tap, your contacts and prospects near you are displayed on the map. In a few more taps, you can schedule a meeting and even get the driving directions to the customer’s location!

Wow! All this is just a few seconds. Thanks to ‘Find Nearby Customers’ option in the Zoho CRM App for Mobiles.

Find Nearby Customers on the go

The latest offering from Zoho CRM App for Mobiles is the ability to locate your customers in and around your current location. With the help of the Location Services in your Smartphones (iOS, Android and Blackberry), the app detects your customer’s location within a specified radius from your current spot.

And that’s not all! You can view the customer’s details, send emails and even make a call to the customer. Now that’s true CRM on the move!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Zoho CRM App for Mobiles from the iOS App store and Android Google Play store now!

For more information, check out our Online Help.

– Radhika