Questions for Deluge Script’s Lead Architect?

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Pete Thomas of Share Tactics has started an exclusive blog just dedicated to Zoho Creator and its called Land of ZC. He has been busy building many interesting apps and is posting fine details of it at Land of ZC.

Pete hit upon the idea of interviewing backstage guys of Zoho Creator. Neither business nor promotional interviews, he just wanted to interview about some of the technical aspects of Zoho Creator. To start with, Pete will interview Suganya J, Deluge Script’s Lead Architect.

Suganya, Deluge Script's Lead Architect

Well, here is your chance to fire all the questions you had in mind about Deluge Script. Post all your questions at this blog : Talk With Suganya J and she will answer your questions. Pete, get ready!

Introducing 15 Chart Types in Zoho Creator

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Since Zoho Creator 2.0 launch we had one big update – FaceBook Integration and now we have another big announcement – Charting.

Charts in Zoho Creator helps you to organize and analyze your data. We have rolled out 15 types of charts in the first phase:

  • Column, Stacked Column, Column 3d, Stacked Column 3d
  • Bar, Stacked Bar, Bar 3d, Stacked Bar 3d
  • Line, Step
  • Pie, Pie 3D
  • Area, Stacked Area
  • Web Chart

As always with Zoho Creator, it’s best to see it in action. We have created a new screencast to highlight charting. Check it out!

We know that no two needs are the same when you want to see the data. So we have provided a wide range of charts to help you to visualize the same data in different formats.

Go ahead, dress up your application data as charts and let us know your suggestions.

Download Deluge Script Help Document

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A user sent us this

” Hi, I want to learn Deluge to be better at scripting, is there anywhere i can download the file from so i can read it offline and learn it?”

I think that’s a great way of learning. Though we had thought about this while releasing Zoho Creator2.0. We were unable to take this up owing to other small, big and large tweaking works which creeped up at the last minute. But when users started asking for it, we made it ready.

So here is the link to download the Help Document . Hope this helps you to get to know about Deluge Script at your convenience.


Coming back to users, we are really excited to see some of the excellent apps created in Zoho Creator using the power of Deluge Script. But the app which Pete Thomas of Share Tactics has created is something extraordinary. He rightly calls this system as “Collecting data without human intervention”. He has an extensive blog about the app in Share Tactics.

Thanks Pete for exploring Zoho Creator to such an extent.

UNESCO Uses Zoho Creator

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Since we rolled new version of Zoho Creator, we are getting good response (infact, very good responses) from our users. But this is a special email which I would like to share with you. During our regular round-up of embedded forms and views in external websites, we stumbled upon this page.

Yes, its UNESCO. UNESCO Bangkok. They are using Zoho Creator extensively for managing their training courses online. We wrote to them with thanks for choosing Zoho Creator and asking their permission to post in our blogs, and this is what they wrote back…

Thank you very much for the kind e-mail. Zoho Creator is really a big help for us in managing our UN training courses in Bangkok.
Of course you can report in your blog about it.
Mr. Gordon Johnston, Training Manager from UNESCO Bangkok says: “Zoho’s online registration feature has proven to be very useful and straightforward – a huge timesaver in our current round of IT course registrations for over 900 UN staff in Bangkok”

So far we are really happy with the products of Zoho. Please keep in touch with me.

Warm regards,

Information Assistant

Offcourse Hartfield, we will keep you posted on the updates. Thank you Mr. Gordon Johnston for the wonderful quote.

Import Spreadsheet – Here, Here or Here

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When it comes to managing data, people have been relying on spreadsheet more than anything else. Finance people, todays marketing executives, tomorrows managers and friendly support executives rely on it to get their day to day activities done.

So Zoho Creator is providing users to import their data from the spreadsheets quickly and efficiently.

I would like to tell you the fact that creating an fully functional application is not single day job (though you can in minutes), but it is an incremental process. As you go on using the application, you get more visibility on your requirements and the needs. You add some, delete some, rename few and tweak the application a bit here and there to suit your needs. So the application which you are working on should be flexible enough to give you the best result what you wanted it to, each day, everyday.

Keeping the flexibility in mind, we have provided options to import spreadsheet data at three different scenarios. You can make use of them whenever you need.

# Create Application Window
This will be your first step in creating an application. If you have data in a spreadsheet (.xls .csv or .tsv). Select ‘Import .XLS .CSV’ option and import your data either by copy/paste or by importing the whole file.

Zoho Creator - Create application window

# Create Form Window
You have imported the spreadsheet file easily enough to create the application. Now you wanted to create additional form by importing another spreadsheet. Now what?

In the edit mode, just click on ‘Create Form’ button and select ‘Paste your Data from .xls .csv file’ option. Paste the copied data in the area provided. Your form gets created automatically with the required fields.

Zoho Creator - Create Form window

# Import Data in the live mode
When you have missed the above two options and have landed in the live mode but still wanted to get those data into Zoho Creator which are lying in your spreadsheets. What can you do?

We have thought about that too. In the live mode click on ‘Import Data’ which is at right top corner of the form header, select ‘ From file’ and upload the spreadsheet file. Thats it, data will be imported to the application.

Here in this case, you need to make sure that the field labels in the form and the column names in the spreadsheet are same.

Go ahead, bring in all those spreadsheets which are used extensively by you and your colleagues. See your spreadsheets transforming into web application, beautifully.