Introducing Zoho Docs for iPad

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Zoho Docs, our Online Document Management application is now available on iPad (

iTunes link
). The 2.0 version of the application is now a universal app that works on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Similar to the iPhone version, the iPad app lets you view your documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc within the app.
We have also made a few enhancements to the iPhone version. The look is crisp with added support for Retina display. We have also added options to share files with different permissions within the app.
We do have several more enhancements planned. Keep watching this space!

Zoho – Chrome Notebook Promotion

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The tag line under the Zoho logo says “Work. Online”. This is because we believe you can be more productive in getting your work done using online tools like Zoho. Infact, we run Zoho on Zoho AppsWhen Google announced Chrome OS, we were excited about hassle free computing on the cloud. We have been playing with Chrome notebook and we loved it

Today, we are excited to announce a joint promotion with Google. If you love Zoho Apps and use them all the time, you will probably enjoy a Chrome notebook as much as we did. So we are giving away some Cr-48 notebooks to Zoho users through a special promotion that starts today and lasts for a week.

How to Apply

This promotion is available in several Zoho Apps – Zoho Writer, Creator, Books & Invoice. After you visit one of these apps through Chrome Web Store, you might see a banner on the top with an ‘Apply Now’ link. Click it to apply! Selected users will receive a Cr-48.

Update: Here is the blog post from Google on this promotion.

Introducing Zoho Books. Accounting Software for Small & Medium Businesses

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Here’s the new addition to the growing Zoho portfolio: Accounting. We are extremely excited to announce the immediate availability of our online book keeping application,
Zoho Books.

If you follow Zoho closely, you probably saw this coming. ​Over the past 5 years, we added one application after the other to build a comprehensive suite of online collaboration, business and productivity applications. The idea was simple. We want to build a suite of applications for small & medium business, so they can run their entire business on Zoho. If you looked at our portfolio of products, there was one significant missing piece, accounting. Today, we can almost call our suite “complete”. 

What is Zoho Books?

Zoho Books
is an online accounting application that gives you complete visibility of your finances and helps you manage the money moving in and out of your business. Zoho Books can simply be defined as “accounting for rest of us”. You need not be an accountant to manage your business and make informed financial decisions. 

Here are some of the highlights of Zoho Books:

    Money In

    Get a clear picture of how much money your business is generating. Manage your customers and invoice them either online or by mail. Automate recurring invoices, payment reminders and payment thank-you notes. Get paid faster with our online payment gateways.

    Money Out

    Manage and control your expenses and cash outflow. Record invoices and commitments for purchases, services and even for reimbursable expenses like client travel. Keep track of the outstanding balances with each one of your vendors and pay on time.

    Banking and Credit Cards

    Record and monitor your bank and credit card transactions like deposits, fund transfers, checks, expenses, credits and refunds. Easily reconcile them with your bank and credit card statements.

    Take On the World

    Transact globally with our multi-currency capabilities. Record foreign currency invoices and expenses. Plus, Zoho Books goes with you wherever you go, so your business is always one click away from you, regardless where you are.


    Real-Time Collaboration

    Share -or delegate- the accounting duties to anyone in your organization, but set different permissions for you and your employees. Get professional help with your accounting by easily sharing your books with your accountant or financial adviser.

    Stay on Top of Your Business

    Glance through the dashboard to know what’s going well with your business and what’s not. Make smart and quick business decisions with the help of our insightful, available-anywhere reports.

The application

offers lot more. It also integrates with other Zoho Apps. For example, you can import your contacts from Zoho CRM, view data from various modules in Zoho Sheet etc. 
A comprehensive integration between CRM and other Zoho Apps is coming down the road. 

In particular, Zoho Invoice customers will be able to seamlessly migrate from Zoho Invoice to Zoho Books – and go beyond invoicing to full-blown accounting without having to start over.

This launch is not just for Zoho users. 

Zoho Books is also immediately available for Google Apps users through the

Google Apps Marketplace


Zoho Books is priced at $24/month (or $240/year with a 2 month discount). This includes access for 2 users. If you’d like to provide access for additional users, it’ll be an additional $5/user/month. 

We have been working very hard on this app for a while now and we are extremely excited to unveil this today. We hope you’ll like the app and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. 

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or any other medium. 

Introducing Zoho Invoice for iPhone

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If you are a Zoho Invoice user, we have some good news. Zoho Invoice application is now available on AppStore (iTunes link) for free.

The applications is rich in functionality. It includes 5 modules – Invoices, Estimates, Customers, Expenses & Items. In all these modules, you can create, edit or view your existing data within the iPhone app. Additional contextual actions are also available for each module.

If you are accessing Zoho Invoice from devices other than iPhone, a
mobile optimized version of Zoho Invoice is available @

Please do give this app a try and let us know your comments.

Zoho CRM in 2010

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In 2010, we focused primarily on integrations and I talked about some

integrations here

. Zoho CRM, one of our most popular apps, is no exception. We made several enhancements and integrated with internal as well as external apps.

Here are few integration highlights…


many more


Here is a video that recaps the year 2010.

2011 is going to be even more exciting. We thank you all for your continued support.

Integration Between Zoho Apps: Part III

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This year we have focused a lot ​on contextual integration. This includes integration between Zoho Apps as well as integration with external apps. I want to briefly highlight some of the new integrations between Zoho Apps​ (also check Part I, Part II).

Zoho Wiki Integration with Zoho Projects

Zoho Wiki & Projects are two different types of collaboration tools. But when you have a need to collaboratively create content, then our Zoho Wiki integration with Zoho Projects can be really handy. Content can now be created in the context of the project you are working on. More details on this integration is available ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​here.

Zoho Apps on Chrome Web Store

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For users looking to use Zoho Apps on Chrome OS, we started adding our apps to Chrome Web Store. For now, three Zoho Apps are listed in Chrome Web Store – Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show

Once  you install the apps, you will see them listed under the Apps section with our new product icons.

We plan to include all Zoho Apps in Chrome Web Store. What are the apps you want to see immediately?