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New in Zoho Sheet: Format Painter, Vertical Merge and Goal Seek

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We are glad to introduce the following new features in Zoho Sheet and we believe you will find these really useful.

Format Painter:
Copy formats and styles of one or more cells and apply them to other cells. This helps you in formatting your spreadsheet the way you want in no time.

Vertical Merge:
Merge cells across was already available. Now you can merge cells down as well. Go ahead and layout your spreadsheet the way you want.

Goal Seek:
Find the exact input value which will generate the desired result of a formula. More power to analyzing your data.

Chart Enhancements:
New options in Charts are now available – Set first row/column as labels and Legend position settings.

Here is a slideshow with screenshots depicting these features in action.

Zoho Sheet Screenshots

Learn more about these features on our discussion forum and post your feedback and suggestions.

New in Zoho Sheet: Repeat Action, Insert Cut Rows and Hyperlink

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We have been regularly adding new functionality to Zoho Sheet. Here are 3 more cool features that are now available:

F4 – Repeat Last Action:

Are you tired of doing the same action repeatedly on your spreadsheet – actions such as deleting the blank rows or applying the same style? If yes, then you will love this functionality. Using the keyboard shortcut F4, you can quickly repeat the last action performed, such as applying cell styles, formats, row/column operations, etc., on a different set of cells.

Insert Cut / Copied Rows and Columns:

Have you felt the need to move (or copy) your rows or columns around? You can now easily do it by doing a ‘Cut’ followed by ‘Insert Cut Rows Above’.

Hyperlink Enhancements:

Our ‘Insert Hyperlink’ functionality now lets you create a hyperlink to a cell / cell range / named range / worksheet. You can even create dynamic hyperlinks using the HYPERLINK() function.

To learn more about these new features, head to our discussion forum.

Here is a screen cast video highlighting the usage of these new features.

Faster macros for your spreadsheet!

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We have made a significant update to the VBA Macro Engine in Zoho Sheet. Your macros could now run faster by up to 75% than before, depending on what your macro does.

Try the sample spreadsheet embedded below which uses Macros to generate Vicsek Fractals – a nice recursive pattern. Click on the ‘Generate Fractal’ button in each worksheet to generate different fractals. You can also change the number of iterations on the spreadsheet and generate the fractal again. Use the ‘Click to Edit’ button if you want to change the number of iterations.

Fractal generator using Zoho Sheet.

Learn more about this enhancement on our discussion forum.

Going forward, we will add more features to our Macros functionality
such as User Defined Functions, HTTP requests, and more. Let
us know what features in Macros, you would like to see in Zoho Sheet.

Things you can do on your spreadsheet with Array Formulas

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Did you know you can actually sort data dynamically using Array Formulas? Earlier this week, we introduced the powerful new functionality of Array Formulas. And today we’re highlighting a unique way to sort your data using this functionality. 

Have a look at the two spreadsheets embedded below. The first example shows data gathered from NYSE, including the current stock price, stock price at previous day close, and % change from previous day close, using the Stock Formula for various stock markets like NYSE-100, NASDAQ, etc. The second table in each sheet contains the list of companies sorted in descending order of the price change using Array Formulas:

Similarly, this second example displays matches from a Cricket tournament by taking data from the ‘Match Details’ sheet and making use of Array Formulas:

This is just one way to creatively use Array Formulas. Have you used Array Formulas in a unique way? If so, do share it with us.

More Power to your spreadsheet experience: Array Formulas and More!

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If you’re a Zoho Sheet user, you’d be thrilled to learn how your Spreadsheet experience just got better! That’s right, Zoho Sheet just became more powerful with these two new functionalities that make complex sheet functions simpler: Array Formulas and Named Expressions. In addition to these features, we have also enhanced our STOCK() formula.

Here’s an overview of these helpful new additions:

Array Formulas

Have you ever tried finding cells matching a particular pattern in your spreadsheet? Such as, finding the average of numbers that are greater than zero within a range of cells?

An array formula is a formula that does just that; perform multiple calculations on one or more items in an array. So you can do things which are generally not possible through the regular formulas.

For example, the Stock Portfolio spreadsheet embedded below uses Array formulas to fetch the ‘current price’ and ‘% change’ from Yahoo Finance. Learn more about how you can use

Array Formulas

Named Expressions / Dynamic Named Ranges

Named Expressions are similar to Named Ranges except that instead of referring to a static cell, they refer to a formula. They can be used 1) to create dynamic ranges – ranges that grow as you add new data and 2) to simplify your formulas by replacing oft-repeated expressions with a named expression.

Learn more about Named Expressions.

STOCK Function Enhancement

We have enhanced our STOCK() function, which is used to get stock details of a particular symbol. You can now pass a cell reference as an argument, eg: =STOCK(B6;”Price”). You can use this function in a nested formula. The behavior is now similar to a regular function.

We hope you like these new features and enhancements. Feel free to share your suggestions with us by sending an email to support@zohosheet.com or by participating in our discussion forum.

New in Zoho Sheet: Strikethrough and other enhancements

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Zoho Sheet now supports the ability to set the ‘Strikethrough’ format to cells.  This can be used in cases where you want to mark a task as completed in a task list spreadsheet or to eliminate a few options from a list. Here is a screenshot demonstrating its usage.

This release also features an enhancement with respect to the Chart and Image objects. These objects now use the common UI component used for Buttons. Selecting and acting upon these objects are now similar to the Button objects. Here is a screenshot. 

We have added support for a few keyboard shortcuts that help you quickly navigate between various objects (Image, Chart, and Button) in the spreadsheet and to align these objects to the grid. This is very useful when you have a lot of images / charts / buttons in your spreadsheet and you want to align these objects with each other. The related keyboard shortcuts are available in the following URL under the “Shortcuts for Objects” heading: https://sheet.zoho.com/keyboard-shortcuts.

Learn more about the other enhancements and bug fixes available with this release: https://sheet.zoho.com/features#2011-05-02.

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New File menu in Zoho Sheet and IE 9 support

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If you are a regular user of

Zoho Sheet
 and you sign in to Zoho Sheet today, the very first thing you will notice is that the sidebar on the left, which lists your files, is closed by default. You will also notice a new File menu on the toolbar. File related operations such as New, Open, Save, Print, Import, Export, Version, etc., can be accessed through this menu. 

There are 2 main reasons for this change. 

  1. You get more space for your spreadsheet. 
  2. We are inching towards a consistent user experience across Writer, Sheet and Show. Zoho Writer already has this File menu.
Here is a video depicting the most common usage of the File menu and the sidebar. More details available at forums.zoho.com/topic/file-menu-in-zoho-sheet.

Another addition in this release is the basic support for the Internet Explorer 9 beta web browser. Except Macros and Pivot Tables, the rest of the spreadsheet functionality is supported on IE 9. The unsupported features will be supported in the upcoming updates.

Let us know what you think about these changes.

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