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New File menu in Zoho Sheet and IE 9 support

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If you are a regular user of

Zoho Sheet
 and you sign in to Zoho Sheet today, the very first thing you will notice is that the sidebar on the left, which lists your files, is closed by default. You will also notice a new File menu on the toolbar. File related operations such as New, Open, Save, Print, Import, Export, Version, etc., can be accessed through this menu. 

There are 2 main reasons for this change. 

  1. You get more space for your spreadsheet. 
  2. We are inching towards a consistent user experience across Writer, Sheet and Show. Zoho Writer already has this File menu.
Here is a video depicting the most common usage of the File menu and the sidebar. More details available at forums.zoho.com/topic/file-menu-in-zoho-sheet.

Another addition in this release is the basic support for the Internet Explorer 9 beta web browser. Except Macros and Pivot Tables, the rest of the spreadsheet functionality is supported on IE 9. The unsupported features will be supported in the upcoming updates.

Let us know what you think about these changes.

We now have an official product page for Zoho Sheet on Facebook. Join us at facebook.com/zohosheet.

You can follow @zohosheet on Twitter as well.

New in Zoho Viewer: Online Document Converter, New PDF Viewer

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There are two important highlights in the recent update of Zoho Viewer

  1. Online Document Converter
  2. New PDF Viewer
1. Online Document Converter
You can now use Zoho Viewer to convert office documents to different formats. For example, you can convert a DOC file to PDF or an XLS file to CSV and so on. Upload your file, select the desired output format, convert it and save it back to your computer. No sign up needed. No installation required. Try the online document converter now at viewer.zoho.com/converter and let us know your feedback.
2. New PDF Viewer
We have a new, improved viewer for your PDF files. This new viewer will retain the original formatting of your PDF files as much as possible. Here is the list of functionality available with our new PDF viewer:
  • Retain the format of the original document
  • Page navigation controls
  • Find text within a PDF document
  • Copy selected text to your system clipboard
Check out our new PDF viewer and share your thoughts with us. Here is a screenshot. Click on the image to view the PDF online.
Barely a week after we released our new PDF viewer, a free ebook was launched on Zoho Viewer by an author. Here is the free ebook: viewer.zoho.com/docs/r1bbdh.

The new PDF viewer is not yet available in the following scenarios. 

  • Viewing a PDF file available on a public URL
  • Using the Viewer APIs to view PDF files
This will be made available in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

How the UK Govt and a Wildlife Reserve are using Zoho Sheet

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With this post, we’d like to showcase two completely distinct but interesting ways in which Zoho Sheet is being used.

1. Data.gov.uk

Uses Zoho Sheet’s

Online Viewer API
to open public spreadsheet files on the browser.
The UK government had opened up its data for other people to re-use. This is only about non-personal, non-sensitive data – information like the list of schools, crime rates or the performance of your council.

is the first step in creating a network of re-useable government data. It is a key part of the UK Government’s work on Transparency which is being lead by the Transparency Board.
You will find over 5,400 public datasets about how governments spends money. Most of these are in the form of CSV and XLS files. This website uses Zoho Sheet’s 

Online Viewer API
to allow viewing these public spreadsheet files on your browser. Here is an example. Click on the image to go to that website.
When you view these public spreadsheets using Zoho’s editor, you can optionally save the spreadsheet to your Zoho account and do further analysis on the data such as creating Pivot Tables, drawing Charts, using the 350+ formulas available with us, etc. 

2. Darley & Nutwood Local Nature Reserve
Uses Zoho Sheet to create spreadsheets of wildlife registers and publish these spreadsheets online for everyone to see.

maintains wildlife registers on Zoho Sheet. This includes sighting of rare and uncommon species of birds, mammals, insects and plants. They are a small group of people from all walks of life having one thing in common: To study and protect wildlife.
Nutwood is a small area north of the city of Derby in central England and it has been designated as a Local Nature Reserve by Natural England. It is owned by Derby City Council who have commissioned the Wildlife Trust to produce a Management Plan recommending actions between 2007 and 2011. A Management Group has been formed several years ago to administer this plan and much has been achieved.
From their website:

If you are a Wildlife Enthusiast, if you are interested in birds, mammals, insects or plants, whether you are a beginner or know quite a lot about it, this may interest you. We have a very small group of dedicated enthusiasts constantly watching and monitoring aspects of the wildlife in our Nature Reserve. I hope you’ve been able to look at our wildlife registers on this site which will give you an idea of what we are trying to do.

We are looking towards expanding the group by getting dedicated local people involved, particularly dealing with insects and plant life on the Reserve. You would not be committed to a particular work program and we would encourage people to develop their own approach with advice and support from the Management Group. You could devote as much or as little time as you wish. Be a wildlife enthusiast!
Zoho Sheet is used to maintain the online wildlife registers. These spreadsheets are then published so that they are available on a public URL and accessible to everyone on the internet. Here is a screenshot of part of the spreadsheet. Click on the image to view the Birds Register spreadsheet on Zoho.

How are you using Zoho Sheet? Do share your story with us by posting a topic at 

Follow us on Twitter: @zohosheet

Zoho Sheet page on Facebook: 


Zoho Viewer Updates

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We made a few changes to the Zoho Viewer home page in the last couple of months. The main change is that you can now view a document without publishing it to a URL. This is quite useful when you want to view a private document without publishing it and you don’t have the appropriate software on your computer. However, if you want to publish a document to a URL, you can still do so by using the “Publish this document” setting. There is also a separate form to view a document file already available on a public URL. In this case, the Zoho Viewer URL of this document will be available as long as the file resides on the original URL.

If you are using our bulk upload option, you will notice that selecting multiple files for upload has now been made easier. In the file chooser, you will be presented with a filtered list of files supported by Zoho Viewer and you will be able to select multiple files using the ctrl/shift keys. We have also added an option “Email these links” which will be visible once you upload files in bulk. You can email the links to yourselves for your future reference.
Try out Zoho Viewer and share your feedback with us. You can also send an email to support@zohoviewer.com.

Zoho Viewer now supports WordPerfect Documents

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Zoho Viewer now supports the Corel WordPerfect Document (.wpd) file format. Many of our users had requested support for this file format. There are lot of wpd files actively used in businesses such as for Legal documents, Architectural and Engineering specifications etc. Such documents can now be viewed online without needing to install any software. The wpd file format is supported in our Viewer APIs as well. Here is the full list of supported file formats: http://zohoviewer.wiki.zoho.com/Supported-Files.html

Note: We have a limitation of images not showing up in wpd files. We are trying to support this.

With this update, you will also notice formatting improvements and faster upload time for docx, doc and rtf file formats.

Give Zoho Viewer a try and send us your feedback to support@zohoviewer.com or post it on our discussion forum. We are working on a much improved PDF viewer as well. Stay tuned.

Spreadsheets for Kids

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We announced the “Insert buttons” functionality few months back. With the power of Buttons and VBA Macros in Zoho Sheet, you can do a whole lot of things that weren’t possible earlier. Here are some sample spreadsheets:

1. Kids Zone

This spreadsheet, titled “Kids Zone”, was created by one of our team members, Senthil. It has a lot of interactive lessons for kids. Kids can learn the letters of the alphabet, and a section for identifying pictures. There are separate chapters for rhymes and stories as well.

Click on
the image below to access the public spreadsheet. You can then navigate to
the various sections by clicking on the buttons in the “HOME” tab.

This Zoho spreadsheet makes extensive use of Images and Buttons. There are around 350 images and 1125 buttons in this spreadsheet. VBA Macros are assigned to the Buttons and they are used to navigate between the various sheets. In chapters like “Identify Picture”, buttons are used to get input from the user and display the answer based on the user’s input. In “Arrange Alphabet” chapter, macros and functions are used to indicate whether the user is arranging the letters of the alphabet in the right way. Go ahead and explore the spreadsheet.

2. Word Puzzle

Here is a word puzzle on Zoho Sheet. This is a variation of the Hangman game. A random 5-letter word is displayed with only the vowels filled in. You are allowed to guess up to 4 letters which you think might be part of the word. If you key in a letter that is part of the word, then all the occurrences of that letter will be filled in. After 4 chances, you have to guess the full word. Click on the image below to open the spreadsheet.

We would like to know how you have used Buttons and VBA Macros in your Zoho spreadsheets. If you have anything interesting to share, go ahead and post it as a comment to this post.

Presentation Viewer and API Enhancements in Zoho Viewer

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Here are some of the recent updates in Zoho Viewer:

1. Presentation Viewer

The presentation viewer has been enhanced. We now use Adobe Flash to display the presentations. Here are some highlights:

  • No more fixed size. The slides now occupy the maximum space available on your browser window. 
  • The slide navigation bar has been enhanced and is now similar to Zoho Show.
  • You can click on the Play icon to automatically run through the presentation (Auto Play) with 5 secs pause on each slide.
  • Of course, you have the already existing SlideShow link and a new icon to view it in full screen.
  • The upload and processing of presentations is now much faster.

Here is a screenshot of the new presentation viewer. Click on the image to open the online presentation.

Presentation Viewer

Next, we are working on the PDF viewer. Online viewing of PDF files is one area where Zoho Viewer is lacking and we are fixing that.

2. API options

We now
provide options to hide the links such as Edit, Print, Save, etc while
using our Viewer API to display private documents stored in your
servers. Refer http://api.wiki.zoho.com/View-a-Private-Document.html
for more information on the new options. Look out for the “displaylinks”
and “linkoptions” parameters. You will also notice a new “skey” parameter.
This is required if you want to send the document and bring up the viewer
securely over HTTPS.

3. Edit option now available for docx, xlsx and ppt files

We now display the Edit link for uploaded docx, xlsx and ppt files in addition to the already supported formats. Editing such files will open up the editors of Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show respectively. You can edit online and save (export) them to your system in various formats. Editing of pptx files will be available in a future version.

Let us know how you are using Zoho Viewer and what you will like to see in it. Send us your valuable feedback to support@zohoviewer.com.