Stay Customer-Centric from CRM through Support

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Each business is different in its own way. Likewise, each customer is different in his/her own way. A single all-encompassing customer support approach might not really hold good in real life. That’s one of the trickiest things in managing a customer support helpdesk.

There’s the customer who gives you so much of revenue directly. Then, there’s the customer who refers so many new customers to you. There’s also the customer who needs a little more help from your side. Oh, and there are many more kinds as well. How do you keep an eye on each of them and serve them differently, every single time?

We’ve finally solved that puzzle. Or, so we think. Zoho Support now has the next level of customization in workflows. You can create request-driven workflows for specific accounts or contacts imported from Zoho Support into Zoho CRM.

So, if Bob is your high-net-worth client, his request gets handled in a certain way. If Tracy is your hot prospect, her request gets handled in a different way. For Example: Bob’s requests can send an e-mail alert to your helpdesk supervisor and Tracy’s can be assigned to one of your senior support representative. You can as well handle, different requests from the same person in different ways.

These are just dead-simple examples. There are so many ways in which you could use this feature to your advantage.

To set this up, you can simply follow the usual steps to create a workflow. But remember to choose your desired field under contacts or accounts, while creating a workflow rule for requests.

George S Patton once said “Always do more than is required of you”. We believe in exactly that. And, with this feature, we hope you’d believe in the same for your customers as well.

Do give it a spin and tell us what you think about it. We’d love to hear from you.

Zoho Support & Zoho CRM Are Now Closer!

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On a daily basis, various people get in touch with your business. Auto-Import of Contacts & AccountsThey could be leads, prospects or customers. It’s only fair that your software understands each of them in the right context. Zoho CRM helps you manage your leads and prospects while Zoho Support allows you to support your customers. They’re both really brothers in arms, in a sense. They both go hand-in-hand.

But then, how can they work together for your business if they don’t manage your contacts well enough. Earlier, Zoho Support let you import contacts from your Zoho CRM account manually. Since then, we’ve only wanted to make it much easier for you. How, you ask? Automatic, that’s how.

We’re happy to announce automatic import of your Zoho CRM contacts to your Zoho Support portal. For all practical purposes, your Zoho CRM contacts database would be your master database. And, when we say ‘contacts’ we necessarily mean ‘accounts’ as well.

All you have to do is setup the interval at which the import has to be performed regularly. And, Zoho Support will then faithfully perform the import for you. It’s really that simple.

In fact, if you’re a Zoho CRM customer who’s just signed up for Zoho Support, you can setup auto-import of your contacts once and strike it off your to-do list forever.

We hope this would reduce a lot of your effort towards managing contacts between the two apps. Try it today and tell us what you think. In the meantime, we’ll try to make your life simpler in some other way!

Automate the job of your Helpdesk Coordinator – Setup Request Assignment Rules

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The typical day of the Helpdesk Coordinator here at Zoho Support is pretty exciting… Receiving hundreds of requests everyday, it is he who manually assigns ownership to each one of them. Though this can be accomplished using Workflows, we realized it was not an obvious solution for our customers. Also, it is quite common for us to receive a request related to Zoho CRM in the Zoho Support department which often required a manual move.
We committed ourselves to find a solution for these productivity guzzlers and so is the release of a simple, yet powerful automation feature – Request Assignment Rules.

So what is Request Assignment rules and how can it replace your helpdesk coordinator?

Request assignment rules can be used to move a request to an appropriate department and further assign ownership to it in the new department. Everything is automatic and works on pre-defined conditions which when matched with, would trigger an assignment rule and ensure the associated actions are accomplished.

Look at how things changed for us with request assignment rules:

Moving & Assigning Request

The above rule helped us move a request received in Zoho Support to the appropriate department and further assign ownership to it in the new department.

Also assignment rules are exclusive for our Professional and Enterprise users and it can be found under Automation in Setup. Meanwhile if you see your business in the above mentioned scenarios, it’s time to set your own rules.

Do you have a similar story? Then go ahead and share it with us. We are waiting here…

Bridge the Gap between your Customer Support and Engineering…

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Don’t stop with tracking your tickets to closure. Now submit a bug for a ticket and track them too.

We are glad to announce that Zoho Support is now integrated with Zoho BugTracker. Organizations using Zoho Support and Zoho BugTracker can ensure seamless communication between your customer support and engineering teams. Your support agent can file a bug for a ticket which can be tracked till closure by staying within Zoho Support. Also both the teams can collaborate on a bug/ticket by leaving a comment in them, which stays synchronized between the applications.

The Zoho Support + Zoho BugTracker Integration: Our Story

Lawrence our customer support executive, receives a ticket for a glitch in our feature. He quickly goes through the ticket and files a bug for it. Hooray! the bug is now routed to our Support Management project in Zoho BugTracker. And thanks to the business rule created in Zoho BugTracker, the bug is auto assigned to John, our dedicated developer.


John needs more information about the bug in question. So he leaves a comment on the bug which simultaneously gets posted onto the ticket in Zoho Support. Yes, it’s all synchronized. Wait there’s more. Besides collaborating, Lawrence stays abreast on the developments happening on his bug. As and when John updates the status of the bug in our Support Management project , it updates the status of the ticket in Zoho Support.

Do you have a similar story?. Do share it with us and remember this integration is exclusively available for our Enterprise subscribers at no extra cost.

We believe this integration would add bastion to your helpdesk and ensure you provide an awesome customer support as ever. Let us know what you think at

Zoho Support: Monitor your helpdesk with Time based Actions

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We at Zoho Support continue to concentrate on just one aspect. Helping your business to provide an awesome customer support. In this endeavor, we have come up with a slew of value adding features & enhancements to entice you as usual. Let’s start with the first big thing.

Do you want to be notified when a new ticket remains un-assigned for extended number of hours? Similar, when your agent hasn’t responded to a ticket since first assignment. The wait is over! With time based actions you can supervise your helpdesk every hour and trigger notifications for actions like mentioned above. Besides sending notifications, you can assign tasks and update fields as well.

Here is a demonstration of one of the most common uses of time based actions. Specify the following criteria under time based action:



This time based rule would automatically close tickets in 48 hours after they have been re-solved.

Do you have more automation in your mind? Explore time based actions today. Click here to get started with the setup.

Besides time based actions, we have released Macros. You got it! It’s not a brand new release though. Earlier you can configure a workflow for manual application under our regular workflow settings. However, we have now renamed the same as Macros and moved it alongside other automation options in Zoho Support. Ain’t it sound to be a good move!?!

Here is the last one. We hate spam as much as you do. So, we built spam filtering right into Zoho Support to keep spam away from genuine support tickets. Click on the check box next to a ticket and select Mark Spam. It’s that simple.

We hope these feature would take you a bit closer towards providing awesome customer support. There’s lots more cool features coming soon, so stay tuned.…

The New Zoho Support: Close Tickets Even Faster

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At Zoho Support, we strive to build and maintain quality helpdesk software. Our development team is relentlessly working on rolling out new features that help simplify the process of providing customer support.  In this endeavor, we have released a sleek new UI that offers improved usability and faster navigation.

Let’s take a look at the enhancements and additions in the new UI.

The Interface

The new UI is an effort towards unifying the vast range of Zoho products so that users enjoy a consistent, smooth experience while navigating between products. Our intention is not only unify the Zoho experience, but also to cut down scrolls, increase ease of access and make it more spacious.


To be honest, our old UI was probably not that great in terms of ease of use.  We received feedback that one needed to scramble across the UI for updating a ticket property, creating a view and searching for it in the drop-down was tedious, recently visited views were located on to your right etc.

Now, with the new UI:

  • You can edit the properties of a ticket from the right panel without even clicking on edit.
  • Properties which are frequently edited are placed at the top followed by those less visited. So closing a request; changing request owner, status, priority etc., is now much easier.
  • You can find the views placed more prominently on the left panel. They are arranged one below the other grouped as recently visited, pre-defined and custom.
  • Also, we now carry the actions tab while you scroll down a page across all modules.

Brand New Additions

There are some new additions in the latest UI. You are provided with a filter-by option for requests, which can be used to quickly filter and view requests assigned to a specific agent. You can even filter requests by status, priority, channel, and due date.


You can also view requests based on the time frame they were received in Zoho Support. This would help you quickly locate a request or to assess request load during a specific period. You can view requests received for the last 15 days, 30 days and 3 months.

We hope that our new UI helps you provide that awesome customer support much faster than before. As always we encourage your feedback and suggestions. So help us by sparing a few minutes in providing feedback about how the new UI panned out for you.

We are also working on integrating with Facebook & Twitter so that your posts and tweets would be created as requests in Zoho Support. Expect to see it released soon.