Powerful ’sheet-level’ sharing with your Zoho Sheet

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Did you know that Zoho Sheet’s ‘sheet-level’ sharing options can be a powerful tool in enhancing your ‘online collaboration’ experience?

Whether it is

  • Sharing different sheets in the same workbook among a group of power users with different access privileges (for example: preparation of an organization’s typical quarterly financial statement which may contain multiple worksheets like balance sheet, schedules, income statement, cash flow statement – each individual sheet with different access privileges for different users based on their ‘need-to-know’ status) or
  • Sharing the entire workbook among different users withe options to control access to each individual user or for the entire group (for example: a project activity tracker, with ‘modify data’ rights to managerial users and read-only access to others).

You can share entire workbooks with users, hide individual sheets from users whom you don’t want it displayed while displaying it to others at the same time, or just form your own group of users granted with different access privileges depending on your specific needs.

As soon as you’re done creating a spreadsheet that is ready to be shared, you can find that Zoho Sheet contains an easy-to-find menu option called ‘Share’ (placed conveniently in the top menu bar – you can’t miss it).


The ‘Share’ option offers you a small controls platform using which you can allow/restrict people to access your spreadsheets.


You can choose between multiple options – marking your whole workbook (Entire Document) as ‘Shared’ – with ‘Read Only’ access to some users and ‘Read/Write’ access to others, or marking individual worksheets as ‘Shared’ with different privileges for different users.


On clicking the ‘Share’ option, we find that it contains two tabs – ‘Share’ & ‘Shared Details’. The ‘Share’ option helps us set the above-mentioned sharing privileges, while the ‘Shared Details’ contains information about the sharing levels set & helps us view the share options we’ve set for our spreadsheet when we return later.


You can change/remove your settings from the ‘Share’ menu or access it even from the sheet name tab.


The potential uses for such sharing are many and can be used by users across all walks of life – whether you work in an organization where multiple users need to process/work on the same worksheet with different access levels provided to each user depending on hierarchy or responsibilities or you are a Marine Biologist performing research with collaborators across continents or you are a University Lecture Assistant who needs to collate intra-department/class results internally with other departments before publishing collated results to students – Zoho Sheet’s ‘sheet-level’ sharing is for you! :)

How to embed your spreadsheet into any webpage/blog

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William Davidson, a new Zoho Sheet user, created an online spreadsheet today about his favorite topic – Films! (may we add that we love movies too!)

William made a simple sheet of the ten highest-grossing international movies (non-USA box office) of all time using IMDb’s list as his source. He shared this sheet with us, and wanted to know how he could embed this sheet into his blog.

We showed him how easily it could be done.

First, create the spreadsheet (you can create a new one or import an existing spreadsheet).

Next, use the ‘Make Public and Embed’ option to provide you the HTML snippet of your spreadsheet.

Finally, just use the HTML code in any of your web-pages or your blog – you can embed it in any of your Zoho Writer or Zoho Show documents also! Here’s a sample!

William, there you go! :-)

Amit Agarwal, the brain behind the Digital Inspiration weblog, has written this clear and concise tutorial/article about how Zoho Sheet can be used to embed interactive online spreadsheets into any HTML page, whether it’s your blog or your website!

Thank you, Amit. We’re glad to note that you found us easy to use! :-)