Integration Between Zoho Apps: Part III

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This year we have focused a lot ​on contextual integration. This includes integration between Zoho Apps as well as integration with external apps. I want to briefly highlight some of the new integrations between Zoho Apps​ (also check Part I, Part II).

Zoho Wiki Integration with Zoho Projects

Zoho Wiki & Projects are two different types of collaboration tools. But when you have a need to collaboratively create content, then our Zoho Wiki integration with Zoho Projects can be really handy. Content can now be created in the context of the project you are working on. More details on this integration is available ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​here.

Zoho Chat supports Jabber

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Zoho Chat is one Zoho app that is integrated across all our applications. With its integrated chat bus, Zoho Chat enables instant messaging across all our apps. Starting today, Zoho Chat will support Jabber protocol. This means, if you have a Jabber client, you can login with your Zoho credentials to chat with your colleagues. This obviously works with multitude of Jabber clients including desktop, web and mobile clients.

In our 2.0 release, we supported Jabber on the client side allowing you to connect to other Jabber networks from Zoho Chat client. With this release, Zoho Chat supports Jabber protocol on the server side allowing you to connect to Zoho from any chat client (we currently support only encrypted connections). This opens up many interesting use cases.

If you are like me, who prefers to be constantly connected, you can login to your mobile client and run the app in the background. You’ll be notified whenever someone tries to contact you (if the mobile app supports push notifications).

On your Jabber clients, you can view the status of other members, view their profile photos, receive typing notifications, set your status and more. Here are some instructions on how to configure Zoho in some Jabber clients. As this is pretty standard, it should work in most of the standard clients.

Idle detection is also supported with this release (currently supported only with Jabber connections). One of the major feature in our Jabber Support is you can fetch the Zoho Groups (Personal groups) from your client and can start a group chat from your favorite desktop client.

Website Support
One of the most requested feature from our customers is the ability to support their customers from a desktop client. As you may know, Zoho Chat can be embedded on your website to receive support requests.

With this release you can receive notifications from your website visitors in your desktop client (currently supported only in psi). Once you receive the invitations, you can accept the invitation to start a chat session with your website visitors.

Zoho Chat has a notification system which alerts the user when a document is shared or when someone responds to a topic in Zoho Discussions or when you missed a chat etc. This notification system is now available on your desktop client as well.

Here is the generic info you’ll need to try Zoho Chat on your favorite chat client.

Protocol: XMPP/Jabber
Username: Zoho username
Password: Your Zoho Password
Jabber ID:

We hope you like these new features. Please let us know your feedback.

Zoho Services in Tamil

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Zoho participated at the recently concluded ‘World Classical Tamil Conference‘ that happened from June 23-27 in the southern city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. To coincide with the conference, we released the UI of four of our services – Zoho Mail, Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Chat – in Tamil. A slide show of the Zoho services’ screens in Tamil below.

You can choose Tamil as your language by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button in this page here – And you’ll have to set the language preference of your browser to Tamil (in Firefox, Tools -> Options -> Content -> Languages).

Zoho services are available in multiple languages already and we are continuously working on having the UI in more languages.

Zoho Meeting Integration with Zoho CRM, Chat & Show

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Meeting is our Web Conferencing solution which lets you host meetings
and remote support sessions. This is another app that we use extensively
internally as well. While you can host a meeting from,
the application is integrated contextually with other Zoho Apps to
quickly start a meeting from other app. Lets us look at some of the

Zoho Meeting in Zoho CRM

If you maintain all you contacts in Zoho CRM and would like to start a
meeting with your contact, Zoho Meeting is contextually integrated in
CRM. When you view a contact in Zoho CRM, you’ll notice a ‘Meet Now’
button on the right. Clicking on this will start a Meeting session with
that user. It’ll automatically send out a Meeting invite to that user.

Zoho Meeting in Zoho Chat

If you use Zoho Chat, you’ll notice the option to start a meeting session right from Zoho Chat. Again, a meeting invite will be sent automatically to the user.

Zoho Meeting in Zoho Show

This is one of my personal favorites. If you do many presentations over
the internet, this will come in handy. Many times, you just need slides. But
occasionally, you’ll have to demo something from your screen. In such
cases, Zoho Meeting integration in Zoho Show is very handy. While doing
a remote presentation, you have an option to start a meeting directly
to share your desktop. Attendees will view your slides as well as your

Note that all these three are contextual integrations. You don’t have to go to Zoho Meeting to start a meeting session.

Are there any of other Meeting integrations you’d like to see? If so, please drop us a line.

Zoho's Notification Feeds

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The chat bar you see at the bottom of applications like Zoho Mail, Zoho Business, Zoho Docs does a lot of useful things. Most of them has got to do with your presence status and the bar helps you in chatting live with your contacts who are online. But there’s one other important feature – notifications. The little bell icon adds a number to itself whenever there is a new notification.

You get notified for a good many work instances.

1. When you are offline and someone sends you a chat message
2. When someone shares a Zoho document, spreadsheet or presentation.
3. When you upload a file to Zoho Docs
4. When you make a post in a Zoho Discussions forum and someone responds to it. You get notified when you watch someone or a forum too.
5. Users can send a direct notification message (instead of a chat message) to their Contacts / Groups from Zoho Chat

You can see the past notifications history by clicking on the Feeds link.

So, watch the little Notification icon at the bottom-left when you login to Zoho the next time. It might have some important notifications for you :) The chat/presence bar itself will continue to evolve as we have planned for more useful features to be delivered through it.

Integration between Zoho & External Apps: Part I

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As you may know, we have been focusing a lot on integration between Zoho applications. For a end user, it is important that Zoho
applications fit well into his workflow and integrate well with third party applications/services as well. Apart from integrating Zoho
applications, we have also integrated Zoho with many third-party
applications. Infact, we have too many such integrations. So I’ll split
this into multiple posts and expand on some of our integrations with non-zoho applications

Integration with Google/Yahoo

us start with login. We don’t mandate you create an account with Zoho
to try our apps. If you are reading this, you probably have a Yahoo
or a Google account, right? So we figured, we’ll just let you login to Zoho with you existing accounts. This way, you don’t have an
additional username/password pair to remember.

EchoSign Integration in Zoho Writer

If you are working on an agreement or any other document and you need to get it signed/approved, EchoSign is a great service to use for electronic signatures/approvals. To
make the process seamless, we integrated EchoSign into Zoho Writer. So you work on a document and with a click or two, you can send
the document for approval. You’ll find EchoSign integrated as ‘DigiSign’ option under the ‘Share’ MenuTab in Zoho Writer.

Flickr & Picasa Integration in Zoho Show

When you try to insert an image in Zoho Show, apart from uploading the
photos, you’ll notice two options – Flickr & Picasa. If you already
have your images uploaded in other sites, why re-upload them to Zoho.
So we integrated Flickr & Picasa into Zoho Show to let your embed
those images into your presentations.

Paypal, Google Checkout & integration with Zoho Invoice

Sending out invoices is just one part of the story. If you want to
receive payments, your invoicing system needs to have multiple options
for your customer to choose. Zoho Invoice integrated multiple payment
gateways to receive payments – Paypal, Google Checkout and

Integration with multiple IM Networks in Zoho Chat

With Zoho Chat 2.0, we added multi-protocol chat support. This lets you
chat with users from other IM Networks including Yahoo!, Google, MSN,
AIM, ICQ or any network that supports the Jabber protocol. As Zoho Chat is integrated across mutliple Zoho Apps, you’ll be able to chat with members from other IM Networks no matter which Zoho App you are in.

There are just a few examples of external services integrated into Zoho
Apps. I’ll talk about other integrations in follow-up posts. Meanwhile,
if are there any third-party integrations you wish to see in Zoho,
please let us know.

Zoho Chat 2.0 Launches with Multi-Protocol Support and more

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Zoho Chat is one of our key applications that enables conversation between Zoho users. Our Chat bus integrates many Zoho Applications under the hood. Today, with 2.0 version, we are taking it couple of steps further with multi-protocol support and many other new features.

Multi-protocol support

With Zoho Chat 2.0, you can now login to multiple Instant Messaging networks. You can login to Yahoo!, Google, MSN, AIM, ICQ and any network that supports Jabber and simultaneously chat with members from other networks. You have options to save your login credentials of other networks within Zoho Chat and automatically login to multiple networks when you login to Zoho.

The mini-tabs at the bottom let you login and view status of members from other IM networks. You also have an option to view the status of all users from all networks from the ‘All’ tab.

Application Integration

Chat clients supporting multi-protocols is nothing new. There are many standalone and online apps currently available. Uniqueness of multi-protocol support in Zoho Chat 2.0 is our integration with Productivity, Collaboration & Business Applications.

Zoho Chat is the common bus that runs across most of Zoho Applications. It is currently integrated with our productivity & collaboration
applications like Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show, Mail, Notebook, Docs and
even our business applications like Zoho Meeting, Business etc. This
means, when you are logged into multiple IM networks (like Yahoo,
Google, AIM etc) in Zoho Chat, you will receive chat messages no matter
which Zoho application you are in. You could be working in a document
in Zoho Writer and chat with a Google or Yahoo user in the same tab and
all your chat transcripts are archived and available for a future search.

When messaging apps are integrated with productivity apps, it can be really powerful and when you combine it with features like multi-protocol support, we believe it is going to be further useful.

Zoho Meeting Integration

Zoho Meeting is integrated with Zoho Chat 2.0 which lets you share your desktop with other users. As we support multi-protocols, you can share your desktop with users from any IM network. For now, windows users will be able to share desktops. If you are viewing another user’s desktop, you can be on any operating system.

Option to share your desktop is now available in the chat window.

Zoho Calendar Integration

In Zoho Chat 2.0, you’ll notice a small bar on the bottom right that lets you view your events from Zoho Calendar. You can also add a new event by just typing it into the text box. Say something like ‘Meeting with John at 2PM’ and it’ll appear in Zoho Calendar.

You’ll also notice a feeds section which is basically a notification area.
This displays your unread chat messages, document sharing messages

You can also send out quick messages to other Zoho users using the quick message option (on the top right). This will send out the message as a notification to Zoho users. You can also send these quick messages to offline users.

More Goodies…

Zoho Chat 2.0 comes with more goodies. You can now choose your background image in Zoho Chat. We also added Audio notifications which are configurable.

If you are chatting with other Zoho users, you now have an option to send
files through chat. If you are sending images, we also show you a
preview of sent images. You can also wake up the other user using our
new ‘Buzz’ option.

Zoho Chat also lets you chat with groups. If you have groups created in Zoho Business, you can start a chat session with all members within the group with a single click.

We have other good features from our previous versions intact like the History section that lets you
review/search all chat transcripts with all users and the Embed options that
let you embed your chat boxes on your website/blog.

Our team has been hard at work for this update. This is an important
milestone for us and we hope you’ll find this useful. As always, we are
looking forward to your feedback. Try Zoho Chat 2.0 now.