New features in Zoho Notebook

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We recently added search capability in Zoho Notebook and now we have
added few additional features, mostly the features you requested.

Move Objects between pages/books

Ability to move objects between pages/notebooks has been one of the most
requested feature in Notebook after Search. We now added this feature
in our recent update. Under object options, you’ll now notice the
‘Move’ option. This option lets you choose the target book/page you want to move the object to.

HTML Export

We added HTML Export capability. You can now export either individual page or an entire book as a HTML page. As you may know, we already support export to MHTML format which means you can open these notebooks in MS OneNote.


When you delete a notebook or a page in a notebook, there was no way to
restore it previously. In our recent update, we added the ‘Trash’
feature. You can now restore your deleted pages/books from Trash. All
deleted books/pages will be moved to trash automatically. To delete the
pages/books permanently, you’ll need to delete it from the trash.

We hope you’ll like these new enhancements.

New: Search in Zoho Notebook

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One of the most requested feature in Zoho Notebook is search. In our recent update, we included the search option. You’ll now be able to search for notebooks, pages and also the content within your notebooks.

Search results are displayed as a tab on the right. When a search keyword is present in a notebook, the results display the notebook name followed by the page name which contains the keyword. Search results also display the author of the book along with the last modified information.

When you click on a search result, the notebook is opened in a new tab with the focus on the page containing the search keyword. Apart from searching across all your notebooks, we also provided an option to search within the current notebook. This is particularly useful for notebooks with multiple pages.

We hope you find this useful.

Google Notebook Import, New Zoho Notebook Plug-in & more…

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After we rolled out an update last week with several enhancements to Zoho Notebook, we got several requests from users asking us to further enhance the app with some specific features. We now updated Zoho Notebook with some of these new features which we think you’ll find them useful.

The key new features in this update include…

  • New Zoho Notebook Plug-in (beta)
  • Google Notebook Import
  • New Text Page

Let us look at each of these in detail.

New Zoho Notebook Plug-in (beta)

We completely redid the Firefox plug-in for Zoho Notebook. The new Firefox plug-in is available here. After you install the new plug-in, you’ll see the Notebook icon appear in the bottom right corner of the status bar. Clicking on the icon, you can view all your existing notebooks or create a new notebook, add a page and add text within the page. The content added to the plug-in will automatically be synchronized to the online version of Zoho Notebook.

To aggregate content from external sites, just select the text, right click and choose the ‘Add to Zoho Notebook’ option. This will add the content to your Notebook which will be visible in the plug-in.

Currently, the plug-in displays text-only content. If you have other types of content in your existing Notebooks (like video, audio, embeds etc),you’ll not be able to view these in the plug-in. The plug-in will work when you don’t have Zoho Notebook open in your browser.

The new plug-in also has the option to take screenshots of web pages and upload these images directly to Zoho Notebook Page. You can also take screenshots of portions of web pages and have them automatically uploaded to Zoho Notebook. To take screenshots, you need to have Zoho Notebook opened in one of the browser tabs. You can then right click on any web page and take a screenshot.

Please note that this new plug-in is currently in beta. We’d love to hear your feedback on this for further improvements.

Google Notebook Import

Last week we received several requests from many users asking us to import Notebooks from Google Notebook. We think we have come up with a great way to import your Google Notebooks into Zoho Notebook in three easy steps and less than five minutes. After you login to Zoho Notebook, you’ll see an ‘Import Google Notebooks’ option on the top right. Click on this link will get you started.

Here are the three steps to import your Google Notebooks

  • Install our new Zoho Notebook Plugin (the one I mentioned above) and restart your browser
  • Login to Zoho and Google Notebook
  • Go to this URL – chrome://zoho-notebook/content/g2z.html – and click on Start

This should import all your Notebooks to Zoho Notebook.

We hope this works for you. We are looking forward to your feedback.

New Text Page

Some of you have asked us to provide a simpler/familiar way to add text notes in Zoho Notebook. To address the needs of Google Notebook users, we added a new page type called ‘Text Page’ which essentially lets you add text to the page, ordered vertically. You can reorder the text objects in this page by dragging the text objects vertically. To add additional text to the page, use the ‘Add Text’ object on the left.

The content added to Notebook using the new plug-in will be added with this new page type.

We hope you’ll find these new changes useful. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Multiple Enhancements in Zoho Notebook

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Our Zoho Notebook team rolled out several enhancements to the app making it even better. I’d like to highlight some of the new changes.

Linking between Notebooks

Linking is one of the most requested features. In the text object, we now added the link option. You can not only link externally to any URL, but you can also link to pages with your other notebooks. This linking will also work in published books and pages.

Audio & Video Recording

We had to take down Audio and Video Recording capabilities (offered through a partner) earlier. We are glad to say that the recording capability is back in Notebook. You can now record Audio & Video within Notebook. Your previous recordings will continue to work fine.

Zoho Chat Integration

You might have noticed our char bar in the bottom in other Zoho Apps like Mail, Business, Docs etc. This Chat bar now makes its way into Zoho Business as well for consistency. We hope you’ll like this.

No more Custom Scroll bars

This is not a feature addition, but a feature removed for better experience. If you remember our previous design, we had custom scroll bars on the side and at the bottom. We replaced these custom toolbars with standard browser scroll bars. Removing the vertical scroll bar leaves more space on the right. So we now use that space to display all your notebook pages on the right instead of restricting to 4 pages we had earlier.

Additional Changes

  • If you use our RSS Object, it now accepts ATOM feeds as well.  This object previously suppored 0.91, 0.92, 1.0 & 2.0 versions of RSS.
  • We added additional buttons in the text object for Font Color & Background Color.
  • For basic text object (the one on the right) we added Font Color, Font Size, Font Family & Background Color

We hope you like these changes. There are many other exciting changes coming to Notebook. Stay tuned.

Zoho Notebook for your Stock Research

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Some users like managing their portfolio using a simple spreadsheet like this one (it uses our recently launched VB Macros, BTW).

While a spreadsheet is good one for such use, research is a different story. Apps like Zoho Notebook comes in handy in such cases. Good news about Zoho Notebook is, you can even include such spreadsheets inside your notebook.

Mike Hogan from Barron’s talks about using Zoho Notebook (and Google Notebook) for your Stock Research.

BOTH NOTEBOOK SYSTEMS make it easy to sort out the HTML-bound text, pictures and videos you want to keep from those you want to lose. Yes, popular desktop applications accept hyperlinks, graphics and other HTML gingerbread, but not with anything approaching predictability. Web elements can change a receiving file’s formatting; and, if your mouse stumbles over an embedded link, you can find yourself transported to an image or video application or some other Web page.

Google Notebook is better at selectively stripping out Web links and other formatting, or turning a big note into plain text with the click of an icon. Zoho Notebook is more oriented toward page-building than text conversion. It has standing menu options that let you create multimedia notebooks by mixing images, RSS feeds, spreadsheets, presentations and other non-text elements, or even record audio and video directly to a notebook. In addition to text- editing tools, it has a drawing toolbar for page layout and object manipulation — and a truly impressive ability to deal with disparate Web-page elements.

Google Notebook’s strength is in on-the-fly research, where the fewer mouse clicks, the better. But Zoho’s multimedia elements make for greater comprehension, and facilitate sharing. In this age of social media, being able to bounce your research and ideas off other market speculators is an important part of investing.

Both services let you create public folders online — including password-protected ones accessible only to approved collaborators. But Zoho Notebook has more version-control and collaborative features for group projects, as well as chat access via Skype’s ( instant-messaging and phone service. Both can be included as toolbars in Mozilla’s Firefox browser ( With a right mouse click, you have the option to capture a Web page’s URL to Google Notebook or the entire Web page to Zoho Notebook.

Full article here.

Research is obviously the core usage of Zoho Notebook. We have been making some good progress towards it for the next version to further simplify the research process with a better plug-in etc. More on that later.

Export/Backup Options in Zoho

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We get this question quite often –

Does Zoho offer a backup function which will let me download all my data?

We have various options depending on each Zoho service.

Zoho Writer : Offers a variety of different formats that you can export a document to – doc, docx, pdf, odf (odt), latex, sxw, html, rtf & txt. Click on Export to see the options.

Also integrates with Google Gears. Offers upto 50 documents to be downloaded to your desktop. You can access these documents from Click on Go Offline to download Google Gears and your Zoho Writer documents

Zoho Sheet : Click on Export. Again offers a wide variety of options from xls to pdf to ods to xml. There is also a batch export option available from the sidebar.

Zoho Show : Open a presentation. Click on Export and you will see the options available (ppt, pdf, pps and odp)

Zoho Projects : Export all your tasks as an xls or csv file. Under Tasks and Milestones, click on Export button

Zoho Creator : Export all your data as xls, pdf. Also as RSS, JSON feeds etc.

Zoho Wiki : You can download all the pages of your Wiki as a zip file. Available under Settings -> Click to download the backup

Zoho CRM : Choose the module (Leads, Contacts etc) and click on Export. You can also export all your CRM data in one go also. We charge a nominal fee of $10.

Zoho DB & Reports : Export your reports as csv, pdf or an image file

Zoho Invoice : Export each invoice, estimate as pdf. Export customer’s info as VCard (vcf).

Zoho Notebook : Has an Export as mht option. The exported page can be viewed in Internet Explorer.

We will be coming up with more export options in upcoming updates.