Introducing Zoho Inventory – Managing orders has never been this easy

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For most small business owners—both retailers and online sellers—simultaneously managing a large number of orders can be time-consuming. Everything from making purchases to keeping track of stock and ultimately fulfilling orders can be a nightmare; especially, if you’re using a manual and inefficient process.

Fortunately, we have a solution. You can now simplify your order and inventory process and grow your business with the newest Zoho app, Zoho Inventory.


A lot of businesses that sell physical goods require a system to keep track of their orders and stock. Along with handling your CRM and accounting needs, our new inventory management software is the perfect addition to our growing suite of finance apps. With Zoho Inventory (and the other Zoho apps), you can now streamline operations and run a more efficient business. 

Zoho Inventory offers a combination of powerful features that makes the entire ordermanagement cycle as effortless as possible.

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Zoho Recruit Goes Mobile

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You’re flying out for a HR conference tonight, but as a ​Recruitment Manager there’s a lot to do before you leave. Reviewing candidates, monitoring the progress of job openings, scheduling interviews, responding to emails and keeping track of your task list can be overwhelming.

The good news is Zoho Recruit lets you take care of these tasks wherever you are. With the new Zoho Recruit Mobile App you no longer have to worry about finishing everything on your to-do list​ before you leave. You can now work on-the-go.


Stay updated with the dashboard

Stay on top of everything with a simple glance at the app’s dashboard. View and navigate between scheduled Interviews, To-Dos, Job Openings and new/updated Candidates so no task goes unfinished ever again. Read more

5 Ways Zoho Recruit Can Bring Recruiters and Hiring Managers Together

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If you were a child of the late 90s like yours truly, there’s a good chance you owned a “___ is Life. The Rest is Just Details” T-shirt.

Mine was baseball. It was off-white by the end of its tenure, soft to the touch from hundreds of washings and hung to my knees fulfilling the unwritten rule that under no circumstance should a parent buy a shirt that actually fits his or her child.

I thought about this T-shirt the other week. I was in Denver listening to John Vlastelica—Founder and Managing Editor of Recruiting Toolbox—speak to a room of recruiters and staffing professionals when he said something that caught my attention.

“Hiring managers care about two things,” he said. “Speed and quality.”

Speed and quality. That’s it. They don’t care how you get there or how many other companies you recruit for or what job board(s) you use. They want positions filled quickly and with the best candidates.

The rest is just…details.

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Here’s What’s New in Your Zoho Docs App

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From checking email to collaborating with your team and even catching up on the news, if you’re anything like me, you probably spend most of your time working on your phone or tablet. Now you can add a few more activities to that list thanks to the latest Zoho Docs update.

The newest Zoho Docs update for iOS and Android lets you quickly create a document to jot down an idea, edit that all-important presentation, and retrieve your files from the cloud, all from one app.

Here are the new additions you will see in the updated app:

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Geofencing: A virtual fence for Zoho Creator’s custom applications

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Geofencing is the practice of closely targeting users based on their current location. To improve customer experiences and offer them better location services-based benefits, you can make use of geofencing. It combines awareness of the user’s current location with awareness of the user’s proximity to other locations to provide relevant information.

Zoho Creator lets you build custom applications. So, why not extend its location specificity? Add geo-fencing to your application by simply marking a location of interest, and specifying its latitude and longitude.

Here are a few common scenarios where you can employ a geofencing feature in your custom application.

Scenario 1:  Location-based Recruitment

A recruitment firm in California posts a job requirement. They wish to hire candidates from Sacramento and near by locations for a specific job role at Zylker Corporation. Collecting resumes and filtering candidates based on location may turn out to be time-consuming. The easiest way to do this is to set the geographical boundaries in and around Sacramento. This prevents the submission of application forms from candidates outside the preferred location. The maximum number of applicants for the job can also be limited by using a simple validation in Zoho Creator’s form properties.

Geofencing Setup


Geofencing Data Entry

Scenario 2: Online Store Free Location-based Delivery

A New York based online retail store celebrates its 5th anniversary. As a part of their celebration they offer free shipping to customers near their warehouse for an entire week. It is tedious to manually verify the delivery location and purchase date of each shipment to provide the offer for just a week. However, this becomes simple when the store uses the geofencing feature to enable the offer to customers of a specific location. Additionally, a simple condition can be set using the script-builder to display the offer to these customers only for a week.

Scenario 3: Location-based mobile ordering

Imagine a popular burger joint which always has long waiting times. They also allow their customers to place orders using a mobile application. Because it becomes difficult to manage take-away orders, the burger joint restricts mobile-orders to a 3-mile radius. By setting the preferred location within their mobile-ordering application, the geofencing feature comes immediately in handy.

The possibilities are endless with Zoho Creator. By combining geofencing with a bit of creativity, you can open up a whole set of new opportunities for your business. Try the geofencing feature in your custom application and let us know what you think.

Disappointed by the LastPass acquisition? Switch to Zoho Vault for free!

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FREE forever for personal use. One-year free subscription to Enterprise Edition for businesses

Ever since LastPass announced its decision to join the LogMeIn family, users have been expressing their disappointment and distress over the acquisition, on different mediums. This was definitely NOT what LastPass was hoping to hear from its customers: 

LastPass user comments over LogMeIn acquisition

Yes, we know you are not as thrilled as LastPass is with this trust-transfer transaction. Acquisitions are intrinsically unsettling and raise questions about pricing, data privacy, security, development, vision, values, and other core issues. Since businesses usually tend to recoup the acquisition costs from the newly acquired customer base, acquisitions generally scare users. 

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