Connect project management and issue tracking with our Task and Bug Linking feature

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When it comes to building and distributing software, both development and testing go hand in hand. To put that in project management terms, both tasks and bugs go hand in hand. A developer has a set of tasks to be ticked off before a feature can be released. And during the development stages, code issues are discovered either by the developer or by the tester and are logged as bugs. But the problem is that there’s no way to relate tasks and bugs, making it difficult to keep track of which bugs affect the completion of which tasks. Here is where we come in and give you our new Task and Bug Linking feature that couples your task management with bug tracking.

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3 Habits Guaranteed to Transform an Ordinary Sales Person into a Trusted Advisor

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Zoho CRM


We’ve all experienced a salesperson who acts a little too…desperate at times. The one who follows you around the store suggesting you try on those shoes or that blouse. The one who gives you too much attention. The one you just don’t trust. THAT is the salesperson we aren’t going to talk about here. That’s because we want you to be the opposite of that salesperson. We want you to be the salesperson who make a difference to your clients. Read more

Customer Success Story: How My Home Doctor Used Zoho CRM to Boost Patient Outreach

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My Home Doctor provides patients with 24/7, non-emergency medical attention
when going to a doctor’s office is not an option.​

With close to 70 advanced registered nurse practitioners and board-certified physicians on staff completing visits throughout the state of Florida, information flow and scheduling can be quite a challenge.

As business began to grow, Scheduling Coordinator and Project Manager for My Home Doctor’s Wellness Visit program Alex Haynes, knew that they needed a way to organize and track the increasing amount of data they were dealing with, so he set about finding an application to do the data organization for them… Read more

The Power of Building on Mobile

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mobile form builder

In the business world, it’s stressful to find time for a proper break. Your mind keeps drifting back to your office, to your desk. No matter how much you work, and no matter how closer smartphones bring you to your work, there’s always something: a poor Internet connection, or an unresponsive website that makes it hard to work on mobile.

That’s why we created the Zoho Forms iOS and Android apps. So the next time your Internet connection bails on you, you can still create the perfect form for your business — offline.

Our app keeps you notified no matter what. Whether you’re away on a holiday, rushing down the subway to meet a client, or just waking up for some freshly pressed coffee, we’ll deliver your notifications right to your device.

So, take a stress-free break from your desk. Zoho Forms keeps you updated. On mobile.

Learn more about building on mobile.

7 Reasons to Implement a White-Labeled / Embedded BI Solution

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Although critical for business operation, reporting can be challenging. Especially when the software solutions provider doesn’t have the expertise or resources to build an effective reporting tool internally.

When this is the case, businesses should think about opting for a ready made, re-brandable (or white-labeled) business intelligence (BI) solution to complement their existing product or service.

So let’s go ahead and look at some of the key advantages of integrating a white-labeled BI solution.

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Zoho Assist: Empower your Application with Remote Support!

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It was the late Steve Jobs who said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” ​At Zoho Assist, we have taken this idea to heart. It inspired us to connect Zoho Assist with some of the popular Zoho and ManageEngine products so you can harness the power of multiple products working together for you and your business.

Integrate Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist integrates with Zoho Projects, BugTracker

Suppose you are using Zoho Projects or Zoho BugTracker and a customer or colleague reports a ​bug. Simply reproducing the bug at your end might not always give you a clear picture of the problem.

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Work Effortlessly: Spreadsheet View in Zoho Creator

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Every business transaction generates data. In fact, the integral aspect of a company’s profitability is not only capturing the data, but also analyzing it to discern patterns and record it for future action. No matter how much data your business has, converting it into useful information is easy using a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, spreadsheets come with a set of problems: no role-based access permissions, error-prone data entry, different versions and inability to collaborate with coworkers in real time. Bottomline, spreadsheets were not built to manage your database.

Let’s assume Mark is the owner of ‘TastemyWine’ — a winery with a medium-sized inventory of red and white wines. His stock manager, Paul takes care of winery operations and constantly updates their wine database using a spreadsheet. He collaborates with stock managers across different locations by sending spreadsheets back and forth. This results in different versions  and many errors costing TastemyWine winery millions of dollars.

Zoho Creator’s spreadsheet view eliminates these problems by combining the strengths of regular spreadsheets with database management. So let’s take a look at how Zoho Creator’s simple alterations with the spreadsheet view changes Paul’s data management from tedious to effortless.

Import and Export Data:

When Paul initially sets up his database in Zoho Creator, he imports the spreadsheet and changes the view type to a spreadsheet. The user experience of this view in Zoho Creator is no different from his original spreadsheet. With the help of this view Paul could see his data in rows and columns and make necessary edits, just like he did in his original spreadsheet.

Auto-adjust field size:

Paul expects his data to be in one place and in a format that helps him view everything he needs. Using the auto-adjust field size, he views every piece of information without missing a single detail. This feature gives him the flexibility to store and display more information in a single field than he could on a standard spreadsheet.


We all know data is vital to a business, but data entry? Entering and re-entering numbers all day long can be exhausting to say the least. With Zoho Creator, Paul now has a few options to speed up his data entry process. The Cut, Copy, and Paste feature lets Paul update data faster than he could with a standard spreadsheet. As a bonus, he types faster because he uses the keyboard shortcuts.

Zoho Creator Copy- Paste.gif

Additionally, the auto-fill feature gives Paul the convenience of entering the same value for adjacent records and if he makes a mistake, he can simply use the ‘Undo’ or ‘Redo’ feature to delete or repeat the previous action.

Zoho Creator autofill.gif

Zoho Creator undo-redo.gif

With the flexibility of the spreadsheet view in Zoho Creator, Paul’s workday got much easier. If you too would like to make your workday easier, explore the spreadsheet view in Zoho Creator for your database, and share your experience with us.

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