Disappointed by the LastPass acquisition? Switch to Zoho Vault for free!

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FREE forever for personal use. One-year free subscription to Enterprise Edition for businesses

Ever since LastPass announced its decision to join the LogMeIn family, users have been expressing their disappointment and distress over the acquisition, on different mediums. This was definitely NOT what LastPass was hoping to hear from its customers: 

LastPass user comments over LogMeIn acquisition

Yes, we know you are not as thrilled as LastPass is with this trust-transfer transaction. Acquisitions are intrinsically unsettling and raise questions about pricing, data privacy, security, development, vision, values, and other core issues. Since businesses usually tend to recoup the acquisition costs from the newly acquired customer base, acquisitions generally scare users. 

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5 Ways to Build Credibility with Your Target Audience

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Building Credibility with Your Target Audience

“To be persuasive, we must be believable; to be believable, we must be credible; to be credible, we must be truthful.” — Edward R. Murrow

Although Murrow was specifically referring to the practice of good journalism, his shrewd statement can also be applied to the practice of good business, in which credibility and trust are the bedrock of every healthy relationship.

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Connect project management and issue tracking with our Task and Bug Linking feature

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When it comes to building and distributing software, both development and testing go hand in hand. To put that in project management terms, both tasks and bugs go hand in hand. A developer has a set of tasks to be ticked off before a feature can be released. And during the development stages, code issues are discovered either by the developer or by the tester and are logged as bugs. But the problem is that there’s no way to relate tasks and bugs, making it difficult to keep track of which bugs affect the completion of which tasks. Here is where we come in and give you our new Task and Bug Linking feature that couples your task management with bug tracking.

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3 Habits Guaranteed to Transform an Ordinary Sales Person into a Trusted Advisor

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Zoho CRM


We’ve all experienced a salesperson who acts a little too…desperate at times. The one who follows you around the store suggesting you try on those shoes or that blouse. The one who gives you too much attention. The one you just don’t trust. THAT is the salesperson we aren’t going to talk about here. That’s because we want you to be the opposite of that salesperson. We want you to be the salesperson who make a difference to your clients. Read more

Customer Success Story: How My Home Doctor Used Zoho CRM to Boost Patient Outreach

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My Home Doctor provides patients with 24/7, non-emergency medical attention
when going to a doctor’s office is not an option.​

With close to 70 advanced registered nurse practitioners and board-certified physicians on staff completing visits throughout the state of Florida, information flow and scheduling can be quite a challenge.

As business began to grow, Scheduling Coordinator and Project Manager for My Home Doctor’s Wellness Visit program Alex Haynes, knew that they needed a way to organize and track the increasing amount of data they were dealing with, so he set about finding an application to do the data organization for them… Read more

The Power of Building on Mobile

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mobile form builder

In the business world, it’s stressful to find time for a proper break. Your mind keeps drifting back to your office, to your desk. No matter how much you work, and no matter how closer smartphones bring you to your work, there’s always something: a poor Internet connection, or an unresponsive website that makes it hard to work on mobile.

That’s why we created the Zoho Forms iOS and Android apps. So the next time your Internet connection bails on you, you can still create the perfect form for your business — offline.

Our app keeps you notified no matter what. Whether you’re away on a holiday, rushing down the subway to meet a client, or just waking up for some freshly pressed coffee, we’ll deliver your notifications right to your device.

So, take a stress-free break from your desk. Zoho Forms keeps you updated. On mobile.

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