Rolling Out Candidate Review Form for Zoho Recruit

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The age old story of the tortoise and the hare is passé; today it’s a rat race and the slow and steady often fall behind to give way for the faster ones. It’s no different in the recruitment world too! The finish line is not drawn when you find the perfect candidate; you are still a long way from snagging them. It is a tight race, from spotting the candidate, communicating with them, evaluating them, getting them approved and finally on board. Many a recruiter has lost valuable candidates due to the cracks in the system – unimaginative user interface, manual processes, and complex workflows; the list is many.

With every new feature that Zoho Recruit rolls out, we hope to maintain our lead in the race and make the customer’s work life easier. The latest to come out of the Recruit lab is sure to put a smile on the face of both the recruiter and client. Introducing the new Candidate Review Form.

Candidate Review Form for Zoho Recruit

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Set right expectations to your clients and then surpass them using SLAs

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The fundamental equation of happiness proposed by Baucells and Sarin in their book ‘Engineering Happiness’ goes:


If you are a business that wants to make its clients happy, what does this mean to you? If the service you provide — the reality — merely meets expectations, you create zero happiness! You have to surpass expectations even to begin making people happy. Your marketing team, by loudly trumpeting your strengths, may get you several loyal customers. But this has an effect that doesn’t look so pretty given the above equation: high expectations‘Engineering happiness’ may thus seem a daunting task, but fret not; we have it all sorted out! Allow us to present Service Level Agreements and their automation.


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Working on-the-go just got easier: Introducing the all new Zoho Writer app

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Work is no longer confined to the four walls of an office. You can get called by your manager to review a file while you are at the movies or asked to share the latest copy of the sales report when you are shopping in the market. Sometimes, you also get hit by the ‘Eureka’ moment for the blog idea that you have been thinking for weeks when you are stranded in a middle of a lake, fishing!

So, what do you do? How do you get to your files without dropping everything you are doing and rushing to your office or home?  We have the perfect solution –  a brand new Zoho Writer app. And yes, your very own pocket online document editor is now available on your iPhone too!

zoho writer for iphone

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Why the Right Applicant Tracking System Will Instantly Improve Your Company’s Candidate Experience

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recruit_finalimage_blog (1)

In the expanse of the Hotel Irvine grand ballroom—nestled in the heart of sunny Southern California—recruiters move from booth to booth like tourists along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They’re laughing and shaking hands and telling stories; formalities and rituals before business begins.

It isn’t long before the conversations shift from small talk to real talk. The, how have you been’s?” and so great to see you’s,” become, I need to enrich my pipeline and reach more candidates…show me your applicant tracking system…can you parse resumes with it?”

One thing you deduce at a staffing and recruiting conference is the air of excitement when recruiters talk about their career field. They want to stay current and understand how software solutions benefit them. They want to go home better than when they arrived.

And it is here where our journey ends. Not California like some Steinbeck-cliche or Manifest Destiny creed of the American West, but realizing that when recruiters gather together, their ambition is contagious.

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How Dave manages all his contacts like a symphony

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It was around noon, on a normal workday, and Dave was at his desk as usual, designing a floor plan for his new client, while ​humming along to a song that ​was playing on his stereo system (Dave is a successful architect and runs his own design studio). It was ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles. As the guitar solo played along, he dropped the pencil and started acting as if he was holding his guitar. He was pretty good with the guitar, and used to jam with a couple of friends on the​ weekends. Dave was so engrossed in the song, that he was pulling riffs on his ruler, imagining it to be his guitar’s fret board. As he came out of his fantasy, ​he began to ponder about taking the plunge, and starting a career as a guitarist. But he loved architecture way too much to let go of it. So he mulled taking up a dual career; architect at day, and guitarist at night. It was not long before he became famous in the music circuit. Gradually, he began performing at local concerts on weekends.

He used to meet new people everyday; people like fellow musicians, vocalists, audio engineers from the music industry and people like realtors, interior designers from the architecture & design industry. Keeping track of so many people was turning out to be quite ​a herculean task. After all, he was pursuing a dual-career, and both these professions revolved around people. As time passed by, he felt the need for some ​to manage his vast list of contacts. Initially, he felt that an address book ​would fit his needs. As he began evaluating some of the most popular address books​ on the market, he started to realize that they offered very limited functionality. The next option was to try a sales automation solution, but he felt such a tool would be overkill for his modest needs like managing contacts, scheduling tasks and tracking work assignments.vibhav_image_blog2

The search for an ideal solution came to an end when he heard about ContactManager, which was suggested by a fellow musician during an open jam session. Dave was delighted when he tried his hand​s at ContactManager. It was just the right mix of simplicity and functionality.

Why did Dave love ContactManager, and how did he use it?

1) He classified and sorted all his contacts using Tags. Contacts were classified by profession into architecture or music. Contacts from the architecture industry were classified as realtors, designers, carpenters and engineers while contacts from the music industry were classified as composers, pianists and vocalists.

2) He collaborated with fellow musicians using Feeds. Music notes and sample recordings were uploaded directly from the cloud. Everyone involved in that music album could easily collaborate online and bring about a symphony.

3) He marked all ongoing music assignments and architecture projects as Deals. He also scheduled tasks and reminders under each of these deals ​so that he wouldn’t lose track of anything.


Sometimes a CRM system is way too overwhelming for your small business, while a simple address book is completely inadequate, resulting in missed opportunities. ContactManager is the perfect fit. Find us here:

While all characters in this post are fictional, whatever we mentioned about ContactManager is extremely real!

Just In: New Features in Zoho Writer

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It’s always exciting to bring the What’s New stories to our customers. The newest additions, the most sought-after enhancements, or the upcoming features – they have always made you love the product even more!

Today, I am happy to introduce some new additions to our online document editing tool – Zoho Writer. Because we understand the growing need for collaboration in an organization, we have added a few important features in Zoho Writer to help you work smoothly with your team inside or outside your office.

Here are some new features from the development desk:

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