Introducing Zoho Business Apps for Apple Watch

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Apple Watch. Enough has been said already. 

With the Apple Watch coming out later this week, we are excited to launch three new apps. Apps that complement your phone apps just like your phone apps complement your web apps. More importantly, apps that work harmoniously with their phone and web counterparts, enabling unique use cases for each form factor.

These are our three apps for Apple Watch:

Zoho Expense

Doing expenses is a pain. If there are tools available to ease the pain, we embrace them. The Zoho Expense app for Apple Watch is one such tool. 

Mileage tracking and entry is an important part of expense management. Manually tracking and calculating mileage, though, is something we can live without. With the Zoho Expense app, you can automatically track and record your trip mileage right from your watch. 

At the start of your trip, simply tap the “Start Tracking”  button within the app, and tap the stop button when after you reach your destination. The mileage is then automatically calculated – with help from the GPS on the iPhone – and the entry is recorded in the Zoho Expense mobile app, which of course is seamlessly synced to the cloud.  A unique use case optimized for a unique device.

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9 Quick and Easy Tips Every Zoho Docs User Should Know: Part 4

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We love beautifully crafted presentations. We all talk about the presentation that left us in awe, but what’s less discussed is the effort that goes into creating one. Remember the moment when you just couldn’t find the right tool to edit an object? Or realized that a feature you assumed never existed, actually exists, tucked away in one corner of the presentation software? If only we had sufficient tips and tricks up our sleeves!! This week, we give you some really handy tips to create and deliver smart presentations using Zoho Show, our online presentation software.


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Why You Should Recruit Like the Judges on “The Voice”

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For over 13 years, the reality singing competition has captivated, dare I say hypnotized, American television audiences. It started in 2002 with American Idol, and—as far as TV networks are concerned—won’t stop until they’ve forced every last person with any ounce of talent into our car stereos and Spotify playlists.

So when NBC introduced The Voice in 2011 I was…skeptical to say the least. Why did we need another prime time karaoke competition?

But The Voice was different. Not only did the celebrity judges “draft” singers to their respective teams instead of judging their performances alone, but they also had to pick singers with their backs turned to them. They couldn’t pick on appearance, hair color or gender. They had to choose based on what the name of the show suggests. The person’s voice.

So what does this have to do with recruiting? Until a few days ago…I assumed nothing. As I’ve alluded to in recent posts, human nature wants us to make poor hiring decisions. It wants us to choose people like ourselves and wants us to make judgments early in the interview process—like 10 seconds into the interview early.

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3 Reasons to NOT do Social Media Marketing for your Business

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That’s right. You didn’t read the title wrong. Don’t get started with social media marketing for your business.

Or if you’ve already started, stop and rethink.

We’re not saying social media marketing isn’t necessary!

In fact, it’s super important. Just as important as owning a website and an email address for your business. However, what’s even more important is that you bring your business to social media for the right reasons.

Your reasons for choosing social media marketing will define your goals as well as your strategy for meeting those goals. If you start with social media marketing because of the wrong reasons, you’re likely to spend time and effort chasing the wrong goals.

Don’t do it.

Here are 3 really wrong reasons for choosing social media marketing for your business:

Wrong Reason 1: Because it’s cheap

Let’s face it – there’s no such thing as a free or cheap way to market your product or business. While you don’t necessarily need to pay money to get started with social media marketing, there’s still a cost involved.

No such thing as free social media marketingFor one, you’ll have to be prepared to spend a lot of time listening to your audience, interacting with them and creating unique content to engage them. All of these activities need time and focus. Creating that time and focus would mean cutting down on some of the other stuff you do.

But time isn’t the only cost that you’ll have to incur. Read more

You’re Invited to Our Biggest Event of the Year: Zoholics Sales and Marketing

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In a technology-driven world, connecting face-to-face is something that rarely happens, but it’s still our favorite way to connect with our customers.  This is why we want to invite all of our customers to join us for a three-day event at our headquarters in Pleasanton, CA.

Zoholics Sales & Marketing 2015Zoholics: Sales and Marketing only happens once a year. It’s a reunion where we make product announcements and give you early access to new product features and integrations.

 It’s also important for us to hear from you. These three days give us the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with you where we can answer your questions and, hear the good, bad and ugly moments you’ve had using our products. This helps us continue to provide fresh and useful improvements to the products you’re using.

Please consider this your formal invite to join us at May 19th-21st, 2015.

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