Building Trust in Your Sales Team: 5 Takeaways from TED and HBR

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Simon Sinek’s inspiring TED Talk about why good leaders make you feel safe got me thinking about the implications when it comes to running a business and a sales team. In his discussion, Sinek points out that the military gives awards to those who give their lives for others. We call them heroes, honor them with ceremonies and reward them with medals for their bravery and selflessness. Of course, these folks deserve to be recognized for their contribution.

Those who serve in the military understand that trust is what binds a team together. They’ve got each others’ backs and without that, they wouldn’t be able to carry out an assignment successfully.

When we talk about teams in business, it’s a different story. Often, those who are most outspoken are recognized and those who self-promote (even at the expense of others) are rewarded. Read more

Introducing Zoho Expense: Transforming Business and Travel Expense Reporting from Drudgery to Delight

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As you read this, an employee in some part of the world is struggling to submit his expenses in order to get reimbursed. And his manager is having a miserable time going through a stack of expense reports that aren’t making her day any better. Finally, an accounting department is waiting on employee expense reports to close the books.

Zoho Expense

The expense reporting ritual has been the bane of many organizations. The frustration and lost productivity due to expense reporting is draining. Employees come back from business trips tired and tapped with action items from the trip – completing their expense reports is the furthest thing from their minds. After procrastinating for months, inevitably, the envelopes of receipts they saved from the trip are less than comprehensive, and they are unable to fully and accurately complete their reports.

Managers have an equal disdain for expense reports. Managers know they are the gatekeeper for reimbursements and feel the pressure from anxious employees to complete them. Yet, carving out several hours a week to review and approve expense reports is several hours they don’t have. Read more

9 Quick and Easy Tips Every Zoho Docs User Should Know: Part 2

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In our previous blog post, we covered some exciting tips from Zoho Docs to help you be more productive. Today, we are delving a bit deeper to explore one of our online editors – Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer is an online word processor built and designed to help you create beautiful and professional looking documents easily. While Zoho Writer is intuitively crafted to make every user experience a breeze, the following tips will be extra helpful in boosting your productivity next time you work on Zoho Writer.


Read more

Dashboard design – Part 1: Types of dashboards

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A car’s dashboard shows its driver all the essential info she needs to know. Typically, it’s the car’s speed, engine RPM, fuel level, miles run, location on a GPS enabled map, cabin/engine temperature etc. A business dashboard draws heavily from a car’s dashboard. However, unlike the car’s dashboard which is limited to only its driver, a business dashboard has multiple consumers. Also, a business can have multiple dashboards, instead of just one.

A business dashboard can mean a lot of things. The best way to design it is to know who is going to view it. Based on that, your dashboard can fall under one of the three categories.

  • Strategic
  • Analytic
  • Operational

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Introducing: Zoho Show Slideshow Viewer for Android and iOS Devices

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Did you know that almost 29% of the global workforce is mobile? These employees work from various locations, access office tasks on multiple devices and rely on a spectrum of apps to get their work done. One year ago, most of us would have only had basic apps for email or file storage on our mobile devices. Today, with more people migrating to a mobile ecosystem and working outside of a defined physical location, office documents are increasingly being viewed on smartphones and tablets.

This shift is mainly driven by the increasing use of mobile devices to complete routine office tasks. With a lot of marketing and sales professionals taking this route, it’s hardly surprising that a mobile edition of a presentation software is heavily sought.

We realize the need to support this changing work behaviour and help you in your  day-to-day business while you are on the move. So, we are pleased to introduce the Slideshow Viewer version of our presentation app, Zoho Show, for both android and iOS devices.

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5 Reasons to automate your HR

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Behind every successful business is an effective Human Resource department. They ensure that your goals are reached by engaging your company’s most important asset – your People!

The HR staff is responsible for hiring the right candidate, managing employee details, tracking time, handling employee benefits, measuring employee performance and much much more. If you run a small or medium sized business, the use of an HR software for these activities might seem expensive. In reality, it’s not!
Automating your HR can help you save time and money in a lot of ways.

1. Make your first impression count

Recent research indicates that an employee decides to stay or leave an organization in the first 90 days. In Fortune 500 companies alone it has been estimated that close to 50% of the outside hires quit in less than 2 years.

Onboarding ensures minimal attrition. However, it includes many forms, induction programs, salary contracts, IT system allocations and new hire training. With automation, you can structure workflows to trigger multiple actions. For instance, automatically send out requests for IT equipment, ID cards and provide employees access to directly add or edit their personal data. This streamlines new hire onboarding and reduces the time taken to induct a new employee.

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Reconciliation gets easy as Stripe goes ‘Intrinsic’ with Zoho Books

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The last few years, we have been on an integration spree; we’ve integrated with Stripe, Paypal, BrainTree and others in the past. Integrating payment gateways with your accounting software is absolutely essential for you to track payments that have been made through online invoices.

While it’s easy to get paid instantaneously, the reconciliation of (non-Zoho Books) deposits and refunds can be a nightmare! And the fact that the money isn’t immediately deposited to your bank account can give you a convoluted picture of your financials.

 Would it not be wonderful if the implementation between a payment processor and an accounting software were such that you can monitor deposits and refunds, get a clear picture of the processing fees, how much the gateway owes you and above all, how much actual money you’ve got – all at one place!

Jinx! That’s exactly what we thought! And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

stripeIntegration_V2 (1)

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