Lifehacker Poll: Zoho vs Google

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gzpoll.pngLast week, Lifehacker had a post comparing Zoho and Google with a poll asking users which suite they prefer between Zoho and Google. The results looks interesting….

Overall, more than 43% of the users prefer Google just because they already have an account with them. More than 18% of users never heard about Zoho.

From a total of 1417 votes, 361 people tried both these services and chose one to other based on their experience. Of these, close to 70% preferred Zoho to Google. We find this stat particularly interesting and encouraging as we see more users seeing better value after trying our apps.

Other stats (like having an account already) change overtime and its a matter of time and value offered by a new vendor like us. I am sure Google had the same stat once upon a time against Yahoo and Microsoft. We know how that changed over time as they stacked more value to the user. Similarly, over time as users see value in these services, they’ll have a reason to create an account. If the current version of Zoho is not compelling enough for you, one of our future versions will be.

On a separate note, InformationWeek has an article comparing Zoho and Google to MS Office.


Zoho CRM – Usability feedback

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We wish to know your frequently faced issues pertaining to the following list in Zoho CRM.

  • Accessibility (some features buried deep into modules)
  • Navigation ( unable to reach a screen or module quickly)
  • Too many clicks
  • Complex screens, etc

Click here to submit your feedback.

Thank you,
Rajesh Sundaram

APIs for Zoho Creator

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Zoho Creator API . With this users can now build their web application in PHP, JSP, ASP, Perl or any other programming language while the data is stored in Zoho Creator.

The API opens up lot of avenues for external websites and developers to colloborate with ZohoCreator Database. Zoho Creator has both REST and RPC style API’s. It also has JavaScript Client APIs.

Zoho Creator REST APIs enables users to Add, Delete, Update and View Records. It also has support for Sharing Applications, Forms and Views. In addition there are APIs to list Applications, Forms, Fields, and Views.

Using JavaScript Client APIs users can embed Zoho Creator Forms in external websites with more options to control the style and placement of the fields.

You can read more about Zoho Creator APIs at API Docs

To show case the API usage, a sample Expense Tracker application is built in PHP using Zoho Creator and Zoho Creator APIs. You can access the application at Expense Tracker. It uses the Zoho Single Sign On for Login. The Overview elaborates on how the Expense Tracker application is built.

This Expense Tracker application is also available in FaceBook. This application is built using PHP with the data stored in Zoho Creator.

If you need help in building a mashup using our API, do write to us at support(at)zohocreator(dot)com

Recent Buzz on Zoho

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Lifehacker has a post up comparing the Zoho Suite with Google Apps. From the post :

Both the big G and the little Z offer completely browser-based office applications like a word processor and spreadsheet, as well as communication tools like chat and email, as well as collaboration tools like project managers and wiki’s. But the business-oriented Zoho and the consumer-oriented Google applications differ a little bit in offerings, and probably a whole lot when it comes to active users.

Every time we visit Zoho, we’re impressed by the wide range of available applications, and their depth of features.

PC World Beta Watch profiled Zoho DB & Reports :

Zoho DB & Reports: Online Data Analysis

Zoho already has one database app: Creator, which provides lots of options for making a database. Its new app, called DB & Reports, has fewer creation options but gives you lots of ways to graph and analyze the data you have (you can build a database from scratch or import data from a spreadsheet). Creating pivot tables, pie charts, and custom queries is relatively simple, though this free beta still has some annoying bugs.

As with other Zoho services, Zoho DB & Reports will iron out the bugs in the upcoming updates and keep adding new features. Thanks to Gina & Edward N. Albro!

Zoho Creator : Earth-Shaking Usability Advances

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That’s what Jack Bellis at is saying :

I clicked on Zoho and never looked back at the other links. Ho ho ho… in 10 minutes my school-age daughter had a database in her home page without my fingers touching the keyboard. Zoho has all sorts of served, office-style tools, and I can’t figure out what their cost basis is other than free, but who cares.

I’ve labeled this a “usability” advance, but that’s a provocative point. The usability of Zoho’s App Creator isn’t the items in its interface, but the premise of the tool itself. (Mind you, it is full of spectacular usability… its scripting tool is in fact a huge usability model, a very strongly menu-supported command syntax, as are many other items in the interface.) I suppose my point is that the usability of the web has increased. I continue to maintain that online database apps are on a par with the technology advance of the Xerox machine and publishing in general, with the ability to facilitate mass movements of popular action… social upheaval… change… revolutions.

Viva la Revolución! Try Zoho Creator now.

Zoho Business: Scheduled Maintenance on Oct 28

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We’ve scheduled a maintenance for Zoho Business on Sunday, October 28, 2007 between 10.30 PM and 11.30 PM PDT. During this time, access to Zoho Business will not be available.

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause and appreciate your patience.

[Update @ 11.30 PM PDT] Maintenance has successfully been completed. Access to Zoho Business is available now. Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Office vs Online Office : Telephone vs Mobile Phone

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Many users consider online office applications as a replica of their offline counterparts. While the purpose of these applications is the same, their usage mode is significantly different.

The right analogy here is to compare offline office suites to traditional wired telephones and online office suites to mobile phones. The core function for both the devices is the same, but the mobility adds a new dimension to cell phones. Attaching a camera to your land line doesn’t make sense, but now that the phone is mobile and is available wherever you go, it makes perfect sense. Mobility adds this new dimension. Similarly there are other dimensions (like collaborative editing) which are unique to online applications. You’ll see some interesting use cases like this emerge which are traditionally not possible.

But then, lets be practical. Online office applications do have their limitations and they don’t yet offer whatever their offline counterparts offer today. That doesn’t mean they won’t get there. Its a matter of time. Online office suites are just 2 years old which probably can be compared to early versions of mobile phones. Over the next few years, you’ll see greater improvements. Going forward we might see similarities between adoption of online office suites and mobile phones where some users will solely depend on mobile phones, some users using both and some sticking with their wired line.

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