Download Deluge Script Help Document

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A user sent us this

” Hi, I want to learn Deluge to be better at scripting, is there anywhere i can download the file from so i can read it offline and learn it?”

I think that’s a great way of learning. Though we had thought about this while releasing Zoho Creator2.0. We were unable to take this up owing to other small, big and large tweaking works which creeped up at the last minute. But when users started asking for it, we made it ready.

So here is the link to download the Help Document . Hope this helps you to get to know about Deluge Script at your convenience.


Coming back to users, we are really excited to see some of the excellent apps created in Zoho Creator using the power of Deluge Script. But the app which Pete Thomas of Share Tactics has created is something extraordinary. He rightly calls this system as “Collecting data without human intervention”. He has an extensive blog about the app in Share Tactics.

Thanks Pete for exploring Zoho Creator to such an extent.

Document vs Web Document

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Many people consider online applications as a replica of offline applications and documents created using these online apps are similar to the ones created using the offline counterparts. They are NOT the same. Let me explain.

Documents created using offline apps lack additional information, meta data and context which their online counterparts provide which makes online docs more valuable than the current documents most people use.

So, what are the specific advantages of web documents against traditional documents? Here are a few…

  • Mobility
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • Presence & Communication
  • Auto-Versioning, Auto-save
  • Access & Edit History etc

Lets look at each of these.


This needs no explanation for web documents. Because the documents are on the web, they can be accessed from any location/device.

Sharing & Collaboration

This is one of the key advantages of web documents. You can simply share your document without having to attach. This way, you need not worry about the software availability (often the same version of software) for reading the document at the other end. Also, web docs can be collaboratively edited by multiple users at the same time without having to go thorough multiple email threads and merging of contents across multiple versions.

Presence & Communication

When a document is shared, online applications provide the presence information of the users to whom the document is shared. If the other users are online, you can instantly start a chat session enabling instant communication

Auto-Versioning, Auto-save

Documents evolve. When a document is created/edited by multiple users, it goes through multiple iterations and it is always useful when these documents are auto-saved and auto-versioned based on the user. You get this by default with web documents and more importantly a web document captures all this information permanently.

Access & Edit History etc

Web Documents also have information on when and how many times users accessed/edited the documents etc. This is useful information if you want to know if other users looked at the document you shared etc.

When an online document is exported in standard formats, all this useful information has to be stripped from its native form and delivered for its offline usage loosing useful information. But as more and more document reside online, the document formats become irrelevant.

The presentation below talks about some of these concepts.

TechRepublic: Can tiny Zoho beat Microsoft and Google in online office apps?

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Jason Hiner from TechRepublic has a great article “Sanity Check: Can tiny Zoho beat Microsoft and Google in online office apps?” asking users if Zoho can beat Google and Microsoft. He has some great discussion going on there. In the article Jason mentions…

In taking on Microsoft and Google in the office application arena, Zoho sees itself in the same mold as Microsoft taking on IBM in PCs in the early 1980s and Google taking on Microsoft and Yahoo in search in the past decade. It would be easy to wave off Zoho as a bug destined to be squashed, but judging by the quality of what Zoho has created so far, I wouldn’t count it out.

Jason rightly points to the three main weaknesses of Zoho as Business Model, Security and Full Offline Capability. We acknowledge these and its just a matter of time, these will be addressed.

Also, we believe that the online office apps market doesn’t belong to one or two big players. It is perfectly possible for small players like Zoho to build a profitable business by offering compelling products without “beating” the larger players.

Thanks for a great article Jason.

Zoho Wiki : Incoming Links & Notifications

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The Zoho Wiki update that happened during the weekend introduced a couple of nice features. A Wiki page can have links pointing to it from other pages of the Wiki. All these pages are now placed as links in a separate “Incoming Links” column in the side panel and this helps in improved navigation of the Wiki.

The owner/administrator of the Wiki is now notified by email once a day of the changes done to his/her wiki pages. This is a very handy feature. Assume you have your Wiki open to public. You will now know all the activity that has taken place over the course of the day in a gist.

Try these new features in Zoho Wiki and do share your feedback comments.

Opera Support in Zoho Notebook

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We rolled out an update fixing few Opera related issues in Zoho Notebook. With this update you’ll now be able to use most of the functionality of Zoho Notebook in the latest version of Opera. I am saying most of the functionality because we know there are still some pending issues (like Chat inside Notebook) which still needs some work. This is just a start. We will keep enhancing Opera support.


If you are an Opera user and face any issues, do let us know.

Zoho Mail recent update

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In the recent update that we had for Zoho Mail, we rolled out some of the most requested features. These features include:

Documents Tagging
In addition to existing folders way of organizing files, you can now assign as many tags as you’d like to your documents. This feature gives you the option to choose your preferred way of organizing files – folders and/or tags. Our goal is to provide common tags across all the components of Zoho Mail and as the first step to go ahead with this, it is implemented in the E-mail and Documents component.

Writer, Sheet & Show integration
Integration of Writer, Sheet and Show with Zoho Mail lets you open and edit your mail attachments (.doc, .xls, .ppt & .pps) directly without having them downloaded into your local computer. You can also open, edit and save files of .doc, .xls, .ppt & .pps type with versioning in Documents component.

Auto Reply
One of the most requested features, vacation auto reply has been added with this update. With this feature, now you can set up Zoho Mail to automatically generate and send vacation auto reply email messages to all or specific incoming emails. You can find this under Mail Options.

Private Messaging
Get your mail URL from Settings -> General -> Mail Accounts for your configured mail account, and use it in Forums, blogs, websites, etc., for others to send you private messages without exposing your email address to them.

Two types of aliases we introduced in this update. One for group and another for Contact category. With this new feature, now you can use group name or contact category name to send mail to all the members of the group or contacts of the category.

Other than the above-mentioned features, we have fixed a few issues too. Please do give these features a try and let us know what you think.

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