Scheduled Maintenance of Zoho Services

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The big moment is at our doorsteps and the mother of all Zoho updates is to happen from today. As announced earlier, we will be moving all of Zoho’s services to a new datacenter with more powerful servers over the next few days. The upgrade is to happen in a phased manner. There will be a downtime of a maximum of 8 hours starting 9 pm PDT for each of the Zoho services from today. The schedule to be followed for each of the Zoho services will be as follows :

First Phase: March 16, starting 9 pm PDT (Update : Completed)

  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Show
  • Zoho Creator

Second Phase: March 17, starting 9 pm PDT (Update : Completed)

  • Zoho Sheet

Third Phase: March 18, starting 9 pm PDT (Update : Completed)

  • Zoho Chat
  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Writer

Fourth Phase: March 19, starting 9 pm PDT (Update : Completed)

  • Zoho Wiki
  • Site24x7

You will not be able to access the respective Zoho services at the above said times. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. The benefits once the upgrade is over are huge compared to the downtime of a few hours to be experienced just once. We sincerely hope all of Zoho’s users will understand and take this in good spirit.

Zoho – Wallpapers

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I was looking for some fresh Mistubishi Evo wallpapers to fill my desktop, and suddenly I thought – ‘what about some wallpapers for zoho?’. So started my photoshop and created 3 sets of wallpapers. Each set has two wallpapers sized @ 1024×768 (standard desktop) and 1920×1200 (Ultra-wide desktop). Here they are available as downloads for those who love Zoho. :-) Drop me a comment.. if you like to give some feedback.
(To download, click the images or choose ‘Save Link as…’ using right-click)

Set 1 :


Wallpaper 3 - 1920x1200


Wallpaper 3 - 1024x768

Set 2:


Wallpaper 2 - 1920x1200


Wallpaper 2 - 1024x768

Set 3:


Wallpaper 1 - 1920x1200


Wallpaper 1 - 1024x768
– Dharma Integrates Zoho

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We are very pleased to announce that another online storage vendor that focuses on students, has integrated Zoho Writer using our API. Users can now open any Writer supported document such as .DOC, ODT, RTF or HTML from their myDataBus account in Zoho Writer, make changes and save it back without having to download the documents. When you click on Options for the document, the following screen appears with ‘Edit with Zoho’ link.

Brian Davis, in his blog post writes:

“….we are really excited to announce that we have incorporated ties to Zoho Writer (and will soon be adding Zoho Sheets!). “

Thanks Brian and BTW we recently released API for Zoho Show too. MyDataBus offers 5GB of storage space for free accounts. Other online storage vendors who integrated Zoho API include OmniDrive and

More information on Zoho Remote APIs is available here.

If you have any questions on our API, email us at

Raju Vegesna gets interviewed for UTR

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Zoho Evangelist Raju got interviewed for the upcoming ‘Under The Radar: Why Office 2.0 Matters’ conference to be held on March 23, 2007. From the interview :

Our motto is “Keep it simple”. So tell us in less than 20 simple words what you do.
We do online office. We offer a broad set of online applications for SMBs at affordable price.

Ok, so you have customers now. Queue the trite but required question…Now that Google is in the office 2.0 game and with all the interest from the other office are you going to stay relevant?
Our aim here is not beating the giants like Google. Our aim is to provide very good set of affordable applications and serving our customers well and building a profitable business. There is no market that is completely owned by a single vendor. There is always room for more smaller vendors like Zoho who offer good value to their customers.

What’s your biggest challenge today and what do you envision as your biggest challenge in 1 year?
Our immediate challenge is getting our applications well integrated and adding more functionality that are business friendly. Our challenge over time will be to evangelize the value of Zoho applications against the bigger players.

Zoho is one of the ‘Graduate Circle’ participants of the conference.

More Charts in Zoho Sheet

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We just rolled out an important update for Zoho Sheet improving our charting features. With this update, you can now create 21 different types of charts in Zoho Sheet (previously we had 4 types of charts).


Of course, all these charts are embeddable. I created a sample chart below from this page using our ‘link external data‘ feature.So the graph will be updated every hour if the data changes.

Historical Prices for AAPL -
There are more features coming…stay tuned. Please do give this a try and let us know what you think.

Zoho Mail

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If you visit today, you’ll notice a subtle yet important change there. What used to be called as ‘Zoho Virtual office‘ is now renamed as ‘Zoho Mail’.


‘Zoho Virtual office’ (currently in private beta) was perceived as an integrated suite of our office applications (Writer, Sheet & Show) by many users, bloggers & press which actually is not the case. We have some integration across Zoho applications, and more integration is on the way, but the Zoho Virtual Office name confused too many people. We were responsible for causing the confusion by calling it “collaboration suite”. The primary applications in Virtual Office are Email, Calendar, Document Management, Task Management, Contact Management etc. To avoid further confusion, we are renaming it as Zoho Mail. While ‘Zoho Mail’ may not do full justice to all the functionality, atleast it points to the core functionality of the application.

The change has been made on our home page and will eventually be made in all places.  It is still in private beta, but we are making rapid progress towards opening it up. We are increasing the user count steadily,  keeping in mind load and system responsiveness. As I posted earlier, a lot more hardware is on the way, which would allow us to offer it to many more users. Thanks for your patience & understanding.

Million Dollar Upgrade

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No, this is not a software update this time. It is a complete infrastructure upgrade (with the biggest check we ever wrote :)). Zoho is moving to a new home, a new data center with a complete hardware upgrade. This includes new security infrastructure, hundreds of 64 bit servers and lot more.

Our current infrastructure coexist with AdventNet’s (our parent company) infrastructure. This time, it is exclusive for Zoho and is built for future growth. We have been working hard for the last few months on this and I am glad our team managed to get everything in excellent shape. Thanks to different vendors and our operations team in getting our infrastructure ready. Over the next few weeks, we will be migrating our Zoho applications to our new infrastructure which is much powerful than our existing one.

We will keep you informed on the migration schedule of individual applications. While the existing applications will be migrated to our new infrastructure, our new applications (oh yea, we have more coming) will be deployed directly in our new home.

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