Zoho CRM – Update

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It’s been a long time since the last post for Zoho CRM. Studies are going on for improving the calendar and other related modules for now. Also some of the previous usability and UI updates which were not implemented earlier might get into the application in the coming days. Will update more on the process later.

– Dharma

Sorting of poll results in Zoho Polls

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The sorting of poll results feature is provided in Zoho Polls. It applies to both vote polls and rate polls. You can sort the results based on votes in vote polls, rating in rate polls and you can also sort based on items. To restore back to the default view, click on the default view icon provided just below the hide link. Screenshots are provided for your reference.

Default view of poll result,

Shown is sample for the sorted view of poll result based on rating.

Zoho @ DEMO 2007

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We are happy to announce that we have been selected to unveil our new product at DEMO 07: a pinnacle event with the unparalleled reputation of identifying the best-of-the-best and the real trends-in-the-making.

The Launchpad for Emerging Technologies
January 30-February 1, 2007
Desert Springs, A JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Palm Desert, CA

We hope you’ll join us as we launch our latest product for the very first time. If you are not registered yet, you can do that @ www.demo.com/D7promokit (special offer with $600 off)

What is Zoho announcing @ DEMO 07? Well, you’ll have to wait till Jan 30th.

If you are attending DEMO, please drop me a line. I’d love to chat with you during the conference.

OmniDrive becomes perfect with Zoho

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Early last year I talked about Shortcomings of existing online storage solutions where the primary issue was upload/download. Once you have your documents uploaded to online storage solutions, you have to download them to view/edit them. This defeated the purpose of having online storage and hence online storage solutions were used more for backup than being your extended drive.

All of this is history today. OmniDrive, the online storage solution overcomes this limitation by integrating Zoho Apps. I call it ‘The Perfect Online Drive’. What does this mean? Well, if you have your documents online in OmniDrive, you can view/edit these documents just by double clicking on them. The documents then are opened in Zoho Applications. As of today you can open Word, HTML, txt and ODT formats in Zoho Writer. Next week this will also work with Zoho Sheet and Show as well.

Apart from viewing/editing documents online, you can also create new documents directly from OmniDrive.

It was really great working with OmniDrive on this solution. Look forward for more integration. Below are couple of screenshots.
od2.jpg od1.jpg
Here is the article on TechCrunch.

Here is the announcement from OmniDrive.

Zoho Projects Update

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Zoho Projects had an important update just now. Three most wanted features requested by you users are part of this update.

You can now attach notes to individual tasks. This brings in greater flexibility/benefit as you can now add description/comments for a task, keep track of task completion etc.

Administrators are now allowed to clear projects and start them afresh. This is an improvement over the past implementation where a project can only be archived. The new implementation will allow users a choice – either to archive their projects for later reference or delete old project data in one go This addresses user concerns of a simple delete option at the project level not being available in Zoho Projects before (hey Marty, this one is for you especially ;-)).

One oft heard feedback from users was that meetings can’t be set as recurring in Zoho Projects. Not anymore. Users can now schedule recurring meetings every day, week, month or year.


Other than the above, the current update includes the following features too – Users can now update their job title and contact details like mobile/phone number etc. Other than archiving projects, completed milestones can now be archived too to avoid clutter. And whenever a forum post is being typed, the user can see a preview of it at the bottom. Performance tweaks have also been done on select operations.

Try out the latest in Zoho Projects and have your say in the comments below or write to us at feedback(at)zohoprojects(dot)com.

Users participating in Zoho Writer Template Library

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A few weeks back we had announced a template library feature where not only users could pickup the readymade templates for drafting their documents but can also upload and share their own templates in their areas of expertise so that others can benefit from them. Well we have had many requests from users who had come up with their own templates to add to the template library and it is quite an assortment of categories ranging from resumes, proposals & multiple-choice test to musical concert tickets. Here are few of the users who have their templates featured in the Zoho Writer template library:

1. Ritesh Kashyap and Kalleanderson with their respective resumes.



2. Pat Hypia with a sample speech outline.


3. Andy Wallace with his fundraising proposal.


4. Ross Normy with his innovative multiple-choice test on quantitative & logical ability.

Multi-choice Test 

5. And last but not the least Chuan Pai with his concert ticket template.


Ritesh, Kalleanderson, Pat, Andy, Ross and Chuan thanks a ton for contributing to the zoho writer template library. We would love to have more users contributing to the template library here.

Link External Data, Comments and more

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Zoho Sheet had an update last week with some nice features:

1. Link External Data: You can now link external CSV files available in a public URL to a spreadsheet in Zoho. This spreadsheet will then automatically be in sync with the CSV file. Any updates in the CSV will be reflected in the spreadsheet with a max of 15 min delay. Just specify the URL of the CSV file, which cell to start and you get up-to-date information on your spreadsheet. With that data, you can then do some analysis, draw charts, publish them, etc. Ismael Ghalimi has an excellent post on this.

2. Commenting on spreadsheets: Apart from adding notes and comments to cells (which we already support), you can now even add comments / feedback on the spreadsheet as a whole. This will be very useful when working collaboratively on a spreadsheet. This will be further enhanced with email notifications, image verification while posting anonymously, etc in the future updates.

3. Semipublic Sheets: While publishing your spreadsheet as public, you can now specify whether to list it in Zoho public sheets or not. This will be very useful if you want the spreadsheet to be accessible in a public URL to a select audience but you don’t want others to land on your spreadsheet. This will also prevent search engines from crawling your semi-public sheets, unless you link to it or embed it on a public page.

4. Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks are now supported in Zoho Sheet. Just type in an URL and it will automatically create a link. You can also link the full text in a cell to an URL. Use the right click menu for this.

5. Auto versioning: Apart from manually marking versions, we now version the file automatically when you open it fresh and start editing. But we maintain only the last 25 versions. There are no limits to manually marked versions though. This is again useful when multiple people work on the same spreadsheet. Each one’s changes gets versioned automatically.

Apart from the above new additions, certain issues have also been fixed. Have a look at our What’s New page for detailed information.

We are working on some exciting features and are also giving high priority to performance. We will be improving the application performance in the next couple of updates.

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