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Dan, who tried Zoho a couple of days back wrote:

However in using them [Zoho] I was very disappointed to find that each program had a *totally* different look-and-feel to them – they were, in effect, four entirely separate applications. They in no way felt part of a suite, and do not have any of the advantages outlined above.

Craig, who has been following Zoho’s progress, too wanted to know:

how serious is Zoho taking the UI experience of the users out there?

We do take in feedback from users on their experience with Zoho and are only too glad to hear what users have to say on the UI and how comfortable they feel while using Zoho.

That said, it is true that there is some lack of uniformity amongst the Zoho applications. Of all our applications, users might have noticed that Zoho Writer and Zoho Planner have similar UI. Zoho Projects, our latest offering too adopted the same. This is just so that they all look like a part of the same suite. The users can be rest assured that other services will soon follow the familiar Zoho Writer UI, as a part of hooking all the pieces of the Zoho suite.

Embedding zoho show presentations

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A cool feature added in recent Zoho Show update is the ability to embed presentations anywhere on the web. This can be powerful and there is nothing like it (based on my limited knowledge) on the web today that makes this functionality possible – unless you create and save your presentation as flash object.

To demonstrate this functionality, I created this sample document in Zoho Writer and inserted a presentation into it here. 

If you want to try this functionality, first make your presentation public (Actions –> Make Public) and then use Embed Slideshow option (Actions –> Embed Slidehow) and copy the code given and paste it anywhere. To set the slide show, use the ‘Set Show Timing’ option (Action –> Set Show Timing)

More on this later…



Zoho Show at BarCamp Vancouver

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Wanna present something in a BarCamp? What better way to do it than on Zoho Show? If this blog post is any indication, Mike Cantelon of Vancouver Open Business had a presentation at BarCamp Vancouver made in Zoho Show. Ok, we couldn’t attend BarCamp, Vancouver (sorry folks) but nice seeing Zoho Show representing us there :-)


Mike’s presentation of Django. (I came across it at this BarCamp Vancouver schedule page).

Zoho Show users, wherever you are, if you are using/have used Zoho Show for giving your presentations, do share the news with us.