Yes, notify me of new features in Zoho Sheet!

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You can now sign up for our new notification service at our service’s home page!


Just fill in your e-mail ID using the simple one-line form, and we will send you a (very) short notification e-mail once in a couple of weeks – updating you of the latest features added to your Zoho Sheet web service.

This way, you can easily keep track of features / functionality added to Zoho Sheet, as and when we roll them out – without having to keep checking the What’s New section upon your every visit.

Needless to say, we will NOT sell / share your e-mail ID with any other party, and we will NEVER spam you.

Happy spreadsheets to you! :)

Zoho Spottings

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Some excerpts from blogs around the net mentioning Zoho :

… from what I’ve seen, Zoho kicks Google’s ass in terms of features and usability. Zoho feels a lot like Microsoft Office, something which millions of computer users are sure to appreciate. Also, Google’s suite only offers two applications (word processing and spreadsheets) while Zoho has much, much more (presentations, planner, project management, instant messaging, etc.) and most of them are free.

I’d really like to see Zoho win this battle of the online office suites just so Google doesn’t dominate everything on the web.

Mark Punzalan, The RubeCube

… there is never a day without something new from the folks at Zoho. If you’ve never checked out the many web-based tools that Zoho provides (all free) they are MORE than worth a look.

– Gary Price, ResourceShelf

… seems Zoho wants to be everything, offering writing, spreadsheet, presentations, and many other tools. Among the most distinctive and potentially useful is Zoho Creator, which allows one to import a spreadsheet, create attractive forms based on the spreadsheet, and have an online database application up and running in ten minutes or so.

– Jonathan Eunice, Illuminata

… there are so many options here from sharing, to creating templates to seeing the documents history (Psst — If mess up and save over an older version, I can revert back easily to the original too!) that I can really see why web applications are becoming so popular. They just make stuff so easy … and the best part is —– I don’t need to install any software!!!!! smile\

Try out Zoho! See for yourself —- It’s Free!

Helene Blowers,

Ken [Kenneth Hamma, keynote speaker at the Museum Computer Network conference] asked the audience to consider how much their institutions could save if they didn’t have to purchase, install, maintain and troubleshoot the Microsoft Office suite of products alone, and instead replaced it with online applications such as Zoho.

… these programs are slick, very user friendly, and definitely have me psyched about the possibiliy of a ready to go AJAX/Web 2.0 application and office suite.

They also include a very neat tool/option for small businesses and individuals called the Zoho Virtual Office, which acts a lot like your own desktop area to launch any of the previously mentioned Zoho Office programs, a calendar, scheduling items, a work space, and more.

Bryan Allen, GatorBat’s Ed Tech Perspective

Here is what I am thinking: Next time when a frustrated library patron comes to me and ask where to work on his paper/presentation on our library public workstations, I may ask them, do you have a zoho account?

Catch Up Library Learning 2.0

Also, Zoho forms a part of nice and huge list titled “Computer Tools that Support Learners“. And this post has colorful logos of different Zoho services pasted all over it.

Undo/Redo your actions in Zoho Sheet

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Many of our users had been asking for this one – you can now undo / redo your actions in your Zoho Sheet!

For ease of use, we’ve retained the long-standing keyboard shortcuts:

– to undo recent actions one at a time, press CTRL + Z

– to redo recent actions one at a time, press CTRL + Y

These are now supported upto 10 levels – which means you can undo / redo your changes upto 10 iterations back and forth.

The ‘Preview’ option now includes charts too, so that you can also preview charts in your sheet before printing them. Changes have been done to the ‘Preview’ option such that it will show only the current sheet.

Users would recollect that we’d recently made quite a few performance-improving changes to Zoho Sheet – most notably moving our service to a new technologically superior architecture. We’re now happy to announce that we’ve made further changes this week which should henceforth make your sheets load even faster. Do let us know if you can feel the difference – we’ve noted loading times of sheets decrease considerably.

Also, you can now import a file to your account from a public URL – a feature which was earlier available in our Online Excel Viewer. You can now avail of this feature from inside your account too.

“Your Online Office” at PCWorld

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Michael S. Laskey at the PCWorld has a good article titled “Your Online Office“. Some excerpts :

The sites clearly have something Microsoft currently does not: the ability to create easily shareable documents, spreadsheets, and calendars on any Internet-connected PC, regardless of OS–and without your having to install expensive software. After creating or editing your doc or worksheet in Google’s offering, for example, you can use one-click publishing to put it on public display at a unique Google-created URL. Or you can collaborate by sending an e-mail to workmates containing a link to edit a particular document. Both ThinkFree and Zoho offer similar sharing options.

All the suites largely mimic Office’s interface with familiar menus and toolbars, and create a desktop-app feel with Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Largely credited as the magic behind the more interactive “Web 2.0” approach, the popular Ajax style of Web programming means that users don’t have to wait for a page refresh after making changes, and it can also enable right-click menus specific to the online application instead of to the Web browser.

Though the online apps are currently lacking in comparison with Office, they’re developing fast. …one advantage of a fully online app is that you don’t need to download (or pay for) updates to obtain newly added features or fixes–next time you log in, they’re already there.

Zoho also offers fee-based products, including a “Virtual Office” suite with e-mail, documents, and calendaring that a company can run on its own servers, along with other productivity tools. The Virtual Office on-premise version is free for up to ten users.

The online suites that do stick around will no doubt continue to evolve quickly.

The online office apps from Zoho continue to evolve (followers of this blog would know it) and we have come a long way since we launched Zoho Writer Alpha in September 2005. Already there are students, teachers, lawyers, writers and people of all professions around the world using Zoho. If you haven’t yet, do give Zoho a try. You don’t even have to register as we have quick create and demo options for you to give a feel before you can jump into the online office bandwagon.

Children’s Day Celebrations

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For the non-Indians reading this post, a short primer. India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, was very fond of children and they affectionately called him ‘Chacha (Uncle) Nehru’. So Nov 14 his birthday, is celebrated as the Children’s Day every year in honor of him.

AdventNet is a young company and the average age is around 25. We have a lot many folks just into their 30s who have married recently & have kids (that includes me ;-)). And remember, AdventNet also funds the site named Jambav targeting children of all abilities and their parents.

So, with this background, hope you all can see how well Children’s day would have been celebrated. We chose Nov 18 (a bit late but then it was the nearest weekend) as the day to celebrate this year’s day with the kids.

There were fancy dress competitions, dances, song recitals, mimicries and much more. And the highlight of the evening was the amazing performance given by the kid drummer, Siddharth. He is a prodigy of sorts, having already won many an accolade not only in India but across the world. He is just a fourth grader and he had the crowd on their feet. Just watch him perform below.

Update : WordPress isn’t accepting the YouTube code to be embedded here. To see Siddharth’s performance, click here. (turn your speakers on)
Some snaps from the evening, of course as a slideshow in Zoho Show 😉

As you can see from the snaps, we parents had lots of fun too! Looking forward to next year’s celebs already.

The Nintendo Wii Excites this Non-gamer

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A few weeks ago, I was in an electronics store, more to just browse around than to buy anything. I saw an inviting booth to check out the Xbox 360, so I decided to sit down and try it. After about 20 minutes playing or rather trying to memorize the A-for-this, B-for-that mapping, I gave up. A couple of 10 year old boys who were watching my effort, took ever, started playing the same game, and gave me one of those what-is-the-fastest-way-to-commit-suicide moments. Video game consoles are never going to be my thing.

The irony is that my wife works in the game console industry. She brought a Nintendo Wii home this weekend to play with. I wasn’t too thrilled to try it at first, but I was blown away once I did. The “wand”, which is a simplified remote/controller that you actually “play with” (so in a tennis game, you actually pretend that the wand is a tennis racket) is amazing. I could master it in a couple of minutes, and within 10 minutes, I was even winning (OK, I set it at the lowest possible skill level, I have to build up my self-esteem, right?) My father-in-law, who is 63, tried it, and he could do play passable tennis too. In fact, I got so sucked into it my hand started hurting after some time, because of all this waving this imaginary racket around. May be it detected that too because it gave a helpful “Time to take a break?”

Nintendo Wii is product strategy executed right. Rather than getting beaten in the ultra-cool-graphics pissing contest, they have focused on getting non-gamers into the market. From the first appearances, they have succeeded admirably. Great show, Nintendo.

You may have noticed the URL redirections …

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In the last week, you may have noticed that when you type in it goes to This is a change we are making to all Zoho services. The old URLs will continue to work, so your bookmarks, embedding etc. are all fine, because they are all redirected to the new URLs.

Why did we make this change? It turns out that both IE7 and Firefox 2 now don’t automatically log you in to, if you are already logged in to Due to new security changes in the latest browsers, services have to be on the same domain. With this change, single sign-on should work smoothly in the new browsers now.

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