Boost your holiday sales with these 5 email marketing tips

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For many businesses, the holiday shopping period is critical for generating revenue and garnering brand awareness. With the annual sales spike quickly approaching, businesses are planning new promotions and targeting their marketing efforts on customer appreciation. But even if your business does not directly profit from the holidays, you can still lean on the ubiquitous hype of the season to get creative with your email campaigns.

If you’re vying for a piece of the sales pie this season, you have to compete with the 55% of brands using email as a top communication channel for promotions and lead nurturing. Make sure your content stands out by using these gifts from us – more timely tips to help jump-start your email campaigns:1
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Customer Spotlight: How JusCollege Increased Their Sales from $1 Million to $20 Million in Only 2 Years

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JusCollege_LVGEA_Article FINAL_

“Each of our sales was averaging between $10,000-$200,000 and we badly needed a CRM to help manage these large groups!”

It was mid-2012, and JusCollege, a startup hospitality company focused on booking vacations for large groups of college students was just beginning to get traction.

As co-founder Allan Teruel recalls, it was an internal incident which prompted the search for a CRM solution.

“We were using Google Docs for sales tracking and one day we accidentally deleted a very key Google doc that had important customer information – this was because Google Docs was not really meant to be used as a sales tool. At that point I decided we need to make an investment into some kind of a software to manage our sales pipeline and began what turned out to be a very brief search before I found Zoho.”

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Big Business with Small ideals

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For many, an ideal business would be one which grows steadily year after year, chasing the dream of monopolizing their market. They would love to become an irreplaceable constant for their customers in an ever-changing world. However, in the process of growing, many businesses lose what they were loved for. In the long run, this loss would become a key factor in their downfall. For businesses, it might be better to be the king of a small kingdom, rather than a large collapsing anarchy. Would you prefer a slow steady stream, or a large unreliable downpour?


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7 Nifty Tips for the Efficient Marketer

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​The alarm shrills, the tap burps, coffee steaming, quick bites, rush hours, jammed elevators, card swipes, inbox full. With a long day ahead, Julia gets plagued with the question, ”Why am I in marketing?” Definitely not to send files back and forth for review or dabble between multiple folders to search for a file.

Fresh into the world of marketing, Julia is very enthusiastic about giving it her creative best. But some hiccups on the way has her worried, which she wishes can be handled better to make her work faster. So, let’s take a sneak peek at one of her typical days at office, and check what she does and wishes for.

Julia Online!

As usual, she takes her daily dose of caffeine and settles down to start the day. She starts scanning her emails, checks for updates on various pending assignments and has many emails that require her immediate attention. But one thing that is really tiring for her is downloading all the attachments she has gotten over the weekend, and collating it in the respective folders.


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Surveys with Personality! Introducing Fully Customizable Themes in Zoho Survey

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Who says professional surveys have to be boring? With Zoho Survey’s customizable themes, you can send your personality with your surveys. Add your company logo to the background or header, or simply choose the colors that represent your brand. There is absolutely no coding involved.  So, roll up your sleeves and get creative with design!

Select  your background and change the font, create a border, add a shadow and align to reflect your style or create a theme that correlates with your logo colors. Pick the color, intensity, shadow, tile your background or stretch it. Play with the themes and watch your surveys become more colorful and lively. You can customize every part of a theme, right down to the submit button on your survey.
Fully customizable themes

To increase brand awareness customized themes can work for you in a couple of ways:
Recognition – your brand is reaching out to people and it shows you care to communicate with your customers.
Reaction – people identify your logo and quickly respond to the survey since they know who it is from.
Professionalism – Adds personality to your survey.

To any individual or a business, presentability is important. Couple brand personality with good looking surveys and you have the power to grab attention and get better responses. Surveys help you engage with customers for feedback so let your personality shine through in your surveys to connect with the people that matter to your business.

After spending time creating your amazing design, you can save your theme to use again on future surveys. To know how to customize a theme visit the help section here.
Getting creative and designing a survey is absolutely fun. Go ahead, customize your theme and tell us what you think in the comments.

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