Customer Spotlight: How Zoho Assist simplified Ross Garner’s daily life?

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Ross Garner runs a software solution business named Xinfo in Melbourne, Australia that caters to the needs of a niche market, the local building industry. His company offers an office management solution, XINFO Building Information Manager to address the needs of his customers.

Zoho Assist Customer Spotlight

The Challenge

Garner has been in this business more than 15 years. Once the customer base started growing, the need for support and training his customers became a demanding task. He had to travel extensively, and it started consuming all his time and energy. So he started exploring options to support customers remotely to save time and money.

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Customer Spotlight: Zoho CRM edges out Salesforce and Microsoft, brings big success to Universal Financial Consultants

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UFC logoWhen important sales data began falling through the cracks in 2011, Universal Financial Consultants (UFC) knew they needed to find a new way to manage their sales pipeline.

“In order to continually improve, we measure the activity of our salespeople on a frequent basis and monitor the business that we are able to broker with our agents,” said Operations Director Natalie Vasacas. “Up until 2011 we were trying to keep track of this data with Google Docs and Excel spreadsheets, (but) we struggled because we had no viable way to update the most important information. We knew something had to change.”

So, UFC, based in Clearwater, Florida, and one of the largest brokerage general agencies in the country, explored the CRM options on the market. The platform needed to be straightforward, easy to use, and one that the sales team could adopt without an arduous training process.

We looked at everything, from Salesforce to Redtail, and initially decided to go with an internal recommendation (because) the vendor of our agency management system was developing a CRM with Microsoft Dynamic,” she said. “In the beginning, we made a decision to try their system, as it integrated with  what we were already using, (but) we soon discovered this choice was a big mistake. Read more

Convert visitors to subscribers — Zoho Sites introduces the Newsletter Subscription Form

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Email marketing is an inexpensive way to retain more of your current customers and sell to more of your prospective customers. That’s why we are happy to introduce the all new Newsletter Subscription Form that integrates Zoho Sites with Zoho Campaigns and MailChimp. Let your website’s visitors subscribe to your newsletter and you can keep them connected to your business with news, updates, and promotions.


It’s easy to add a Newsletter Subscription Form to your site. Just drag it on, choose which mailing list you’d like to connect it to in Zoho Campaigns or MailChimp, and start increasing your revenue.

To learn how to connect an email list to your website, visit our user guide or write to us at

How World Education eliminated their expense reporting woes using Zoho Expense

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In a period where brick and mortar college courses are often increasingly difficult for students to manage in tandem with busy lives and schedules, online courses are starting to make a lot more sense in terms of value for money. More and more students are choosing to opt for online courses, due to the fact that they are always available and can be scheduled at convenient times.


World Education has been a visionary in the field of online education and job training since the early 1990’s. World Education offers thousands of e-learning courses in the areas of Career Training and Professional Development, available in multiple languages, through several renowned University and College partners.

A happy customer of Zoho CRM, World Education was glad to move from manual expense reporting to Zoho Expense to get rid of their expense reporting woes.  “Having a system that can control and manage the reports, send them for approval, and track that progression from employee to accounting is much easier and more reliable than sending emails and attachments around the organization,” says Kathryn Browne, VP Operations at World Education.

Learn more about how eliminating their expense reporting woes with Zoho Expense helped World Education on their mission to enhance the professional skills of their students.

How a Company Closed a $500K+ Deal Using Zoho SalesIQ

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the-farm-website-banner2John Hood, owner of audio/video company The Farm AV is always looking for easy ways to bring in more business and increase profits. As such, Hood was excited by the possibilities of Zoho SalesIQ when it was rolled out last year.

Since implementing Zoho SalesIQ The Farm AV has been able to passively collect leads and analytics, deliver exemplary customer service to anyone visiting their website, and even close a $500K+ deal as a direct result of implementing Zoho SalesIQ.  Watch how they did it.

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