Inserting and updating records on Zoho CRM automatically from Zoho Creator

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Zoho Creator forms can be embedded on webpages for data collection. Upon submission, a copy of the data can be inserted into any module on Zoho CRM associated with the same account. This is done using the dedicated DELUGE Tasks for Zoho CRM. But what happens if the data already exists on Zoho CRM? Will it be duplicated? Will it be overwritten? Will it be merged?

Well. That which you want, happens.

Take this simple contact form that can be embedded on a website. Presume, for every new contact, you want an entry in Contacts module of Zoho CRM. But if the contact already exists, then you want to update the record. For every new entry, this form fetches records from Contacts Module in Zoho CRM, and checks if the email address already exists. If a match is found, then the other fields are updated. Else, it is added as a new contact on Zoho CRM.

You need to ensure that the field names specified in the script have to be the same as those on Zoho CRM Contacts module. Install this sample application on your account to view the script.

The Future of Mobile CRM

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Everyone agrees that a mobile CRM strategy is critical, yet so few are doing it. Instead of trying to find people who are using mobile CRM, I decided to ask people what they wanted out of mobile CRM. It was simply a free form discussion trying to understand what people’s ultimate desire was for mobile CRM from the perspective of employees using the tool in the field, and customers engaging with the company from their mobile device.

At the opening party at the CRM Evolution 2012 conference in New York City, I asked people, “What would you like mobile CRM to look like?” Here are their answers.

Embarrassing Things Happen When You Don’t Use Zoho CRM With The Mail Add-On

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I’m not going to preach about the benefits of Zoho CRM, or why you should use it with our Mail Add-on.

Instead, I’m just going to highlight what happens when you don’t.

Below is an email, a real email, I just sent to the VP of Sales or a company that was trying to sell us some service. Fine company, but they are not using Zoho CRM with the Mail Add-On.

This is not the first time, in the recent past I’ve had the same experience with other companies trying to sell me stuff. From now on, they’ll get similar emails. I just made this a template in Zoho Mail.


ps. I changed the names  to protect the innocent ;) Everything else is verbatim.


============ Forwarded message ============
From : <my email>
To : <VP of Sales Email>
Date : Wed, 29 Aug 2012 14:56:37 -0500
Subject : Fwd: Re: New Partners
============ Forwarded message ============

<VP of Sales> –

Hello! We have never spoken before, but I’ve spoken to two of your sales reps – <Sales Rep 1> and most recently, <Sales Rep 2>.

The reason you’re getting this email is because, see, after some lengthy discussions with <Sales Rep 1>, I decided not to sign-up with you guys, and we left it there, amicably.
Then, <Sales Rep 2> contacted me again this week – starting from scratch (I understand <Sales Rep 1> left).

Now, this is not the fault of your sales guys. It’s just they don’t have the right tools.

The most valuable communication between you and your prospects/clients is stored in your email. When you combine your email with your CRM, not only you can avoid embarrassing situations like this, but most importantly you can provide better service to your customers; and everyone in your team can stay informed about what’s going on with each prospect.

Zoho CRM allows you to combine your email (any email you’re using) with your CRM. Painlessly. No BCC:, no nothing.

Yes, I understand you’re currently using Salesforce, but well, we just saw how that is not working too well for you guys!

Let me know if you’re interested in learning more and I’ll connect you with one of our account managers.



Who’s Benefitting from Integration and Mobile?

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Companies that are more strategic in nature, meaning they look at how their actions affect the whole organization and how they can bring it together for a common good, are more likely to be integrating social at the application level. They’re bringing social into CRM, marketing automation, and customer service, said Brent Leary, Partner with CRM Essentials, in an interview at the CRM Evolution 2012 conference in New York City.

What’s more important is those that are integrating social into their applications are 2 to 3 times more likely to see benefit from social tools. That’s because a strategic organization is, by its nature, working more collaboratively, said Brent Leary, referencing a social business study he conducted in partnership with the SMB Group about companies’ integration of service applications and use of mobile technologies.

Leary’s analysis tried to see if there was a dividing line between those companies that were using social and mobile strategically versus those that were far more informal and not integrating the services into their existing systems.

The strategic integrators are 40 percent more likely to predict increased revenues in the upcoming year as opposed to those that are more adhoc in nature. The ones who aren’t even using social from a business perspective are even further behind, said Leary.

Strategic players are also leveraging mobile. Not just from a productivity standpoint but also from a marketing and brand building perspective. They know they have to create content that looks good on a mobile device. If they want to build relationships and sell things they have to include mobility in their strategy, Leary said.

Integration and mobile are both costly endeavors. So I asked Leary if he only had a little money to spend, where would he place his dollars?

“If you really want to build relationships and get the customers eating out of your hand you really have to get into the palm of their hand first. So you have to come up with a mobile strategy, engage them where they are, and build from there,” said Leary.

Your Customers’ Dependence on Mobile Begs a Mobile CRM Strategy

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A mobile CRM strategy is absolutely vital, said Paul Greenberg, Principal of The 56 Group and Chairman of the CRM Evolution 2012 conference where I spoke to him about the importance of developing a mobile CRM strategy.

Think of it this way, a significant percentage of the population, the ones with the most spending power, literally lives on their devices, said Greenberg. They can’t help themselves from looking at it. When Greenberg presents at conferences he makes a joke about our reliance and compulsion towards our phone. He asks how many people are going to make it through his entire presentation without looking down at their phone? While it’s a funny anecdote, it’s more importantly a powerful reality.

People that are critical to your business live a significant portion of their lives on their devices. For example, salespeople who use the company’s CRM application, your customers, and people who decide to make purchases on the spot. When developing your mobile CRM strategy, don’t think about how people can interact with the device, said Greenberg. Instead ask yourself, what is the customer-facing strategy we need to interact with people using these devices?

Greenberg gave an example of L’Oreal cosmetics’ mobile CRM strategy. Wherever a L’Oreal customer may be, they can maintain communications, use their loyalty points, access user reviews of products on the greater web, and purchase products with their credit card all through the mobile application. In essence, they can participate in the L’Oreal relationship and purchase experience via a reliable tool that’s with them wherever they go.

While you might not have a mobile CRM strategy right now, that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. In fact, Greenberg advises everyone start working on their mobile CRM strategy immediately after watching the above video.

Customer Spotlight: Payment Tracking Not A Chore Anymore- Cookie Department

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Order a cookie and a coffee. Bring them together and you get “Awaken Baked” – caffeinated espresso cookie, the creation of Akiva Resnikoff.

Akiva bakes functional cookies. And that means that every cookie of his creation has a purpose. The owner of Cookie Department, Akiva, was fascinated by the concept of adding a functional attribute to the cookie that will make it something…more than just a cookie.

He started his business venture in 2009 and did everything right from baking to packing to getting more orders and to delivering. Word of mouth spread around the city and now he’s known as the Cookie Guy of Berkeley. With fame came more opportunities and so did more business.

With scarce time on hand, he decided to invest in an invoicing software to manage his customers and payments. His search ended with Zoho Invoice. Having used Zoho Invoice for some time now, he says the language is simple and user-friendly. More importantly, tracking of payments is no longer a chore.

What does he like about Zoho Invoice?

Zoho Invoice is a lot easier to explore and move around compared to other applications. I use it to track customer sales and inventory. I also have their app on my phone and use it frequently for invoicing.

Read more about Akiva’s story, a young entrepreneur who got an overwhelming response from the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.

New in Zoho Reports – Combo and Smooth Line Charts

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There are situations when you would want to plot two different metrics over time. Say how your sales have trended against your website traffic or, leads got. Until now, the options in Zoho Reports was to have a multi-bar or multi-line chart. Now, you get the best of both worlds with the Combo Chart (also known as Combination Chart or Bar-Line Overlay Chart). One of the metrics can be plotted as bar and the other can be plotted as line, as in the example below.

The other new chart type that’s been added is the Smooth Line Chart (also known as Spline Chart). This chart comes in handy when you want the data plotted to look continuous or when there is some data interpolation involved. Instead of the data points being connected by straight lines, a smoothened curve results.

What scenarios will you be using the above two chart types? Do leave your comments.

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