Introducing Resources: your built-in knowledge base module in SalesIQ

On any average day, your agents have a lot on their plate, including attending chat sessions, audio calls, screen sharing, and follow-up emails all day. So why add hunting for frequently used information to their list?

Ease your team’s workload by having all the necessary data right within Zoho SalesIQ!

Introducing Resources, a built-in knowledge base to create, edit, and store all your information ranging from template responses (Canned Replies), Articles, and FAQs to Small Talk and Business Terms that even your chatbots can use to converse.

Let’s take look at everything in detail.

Canned Replies

Don’t type the same thing twice!

Typing something over and over can be monotonous, not to mention it can eat up time that could be used productively in another way. Keep a record of your frequently used responses and access them with a simple slash key!

You can also add dynamic suggestions that can change according to the person you talk to, associate the responses to a specific department, and add tags to group them. You can even make it all accessible to the other agents in your team by making it Public, or you can choose to keep it your own.



Keep the questions coming!

Tired of answering the same questions time and time again? Try FAQs in SalesIQ. Enter multiple variations of a question that has a single solution so even your chatbot can answer them without a hitch!

Your agents can also use these while conversing with prospects and customers from the chat window in just a few clicks. Edit the responses and questions any time, and disable and delete the obsolete ones.


Keep your customers up to date

Every visitor landing on your site wants to know more about your products and services, be it a first-timer or a faithful customer. Providing ample documentation of your products and services and being upfront on major announcements saves you from many support tickets.

Create and share articles in SalesIQ’s Resources and let your audience find what they’re looking for from the chat widget on your website. Your agents can also refer to and share these articles with them in a few simple clicks.

Small Talk

Train your bots to be more human

While bots can be charming on their own, you can add a personal touch by incorporating pleasantries as part of their vocabulary to make them more engaging.

To get you started, we have a default package of Small Talk you can activate in SalesIQ’s Resources module. While it covers basic responses your bots can use, you can also add custom sentences and replies by duplicating the package and putting your own spin on it.

Business Terms

Let your bots talk business

Add terms and words your prospects and customers might use in context with your products and services—along with similar terminologies—to increase the accuracy of your bot’s responses.

These terms help your bot identify and reply to your customers with the right article or FAQs even if a visitor uses similar and alternate words in their queries.

Unanswered Questions

Your perfect query tracker

How many times have you wished you could keep track of every unanswered question on paper? Well the solution is here—and a sweet one at that, because you don’t even have to do it! SalesIQ’s powerful automation can auto-record all the questions and queries left unaddressed by your team and/or bot so you can seamlessly add or associate the solution—whether Articles or FAQs—to these questions.

We’re excited for you to try the Resources module in SalesIQ 2.0 and its powerful features to enhance your productivity. So get started on building your knowledge base in SalesIQ today!

We’ll be back soon with another post on SalesIQ’s Answer Bot. In the meantime, feel free to comment and tell us which is your favorite feature in Zoho SalesIQ 2.0! 🙂


2 Replies to Introducing Resources: your built-in knowledge base module in SalesIQ

  1. These features are great. For customers that use Sales IQ and Zoho Desk it can be hard to duplicate content across both systems. Are there any plans to integrate t the existing KB features in Zoho Desk with Sales IQ?

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