Can a cloud-based CRM system reduce “technical debt” of constant upgrading?

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Do you ever get bogged down by your software? Is the management
of the software itself becoming more taxing than actually using it for its
purchased intention?

At the CRM Evolution Conference in New York City, I got a
chance to chat with Alex Eldridge, Director of Project Management for


who has been taxed with the project
of finding a new CRM solution for the company. They are currently using the
desktop-based CRM/contact management solution, Goldmine.

I chatted with Eldridge about his process of what he is
looking for in a CRM solution. He boiled it all down to these four criteria:

  • Reduced complexity
    Systems are currently too difficult to manage. There is a major technical debt
    of upgrading systems.

  • Less burdersome change
    : Changes in browsers and operating systems have become a source
    of failure.

  • Less specialized
    : Instead of locking the understanding of a system into a few
    people’s heads, Eldridge is looking for simpler systems for which development
    can be extended to the end users. He wants them to be empowered to do more on
    their own.

  • Improved quality of data
    Does not want data in different formats where they are out of alignment. Looking to
    create greater synchronicity on data.

If C-L-O-U-D were an acronym, what would it stand for?

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We asked. You answered. Most interesting responses from Facebook and 


“Collaborate Live On Unsurpassed Development”
– Mark Brutus Thurman

“Computing Leveraged Online for Users Devices”
– WireSpeed Systems

“Computing Levitated Out of yoUr Desktop

– Emil Chackot

“Computer Located OUtside Datacenter”
– @skipbogsan

“Come-Lets-Organize-Upload-Distribute / Download” 
– @warriorvibhu

And the funniest of them all…

“Children Like Oranges Upside Down”
– Jack Kerr

Got any other interesting answers to contribute?  Leave us a comment here.

Cloud Software is to Desktop Software as…

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How do you think Cloud Software compares with Desktop Software?

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans and twitter followers to come up with their own analogies to describe this comparison.

Here are some of the interesting responses we’ve received so far:

On our Facebook wall:

“ to”
Adam K Dean ‎ (This one got 6 likes on our wall)

“A tap is to a dried up riverbed”
Marty Neill

“A renault 4 is to a mercedes benz”
David Castillo

“Meditating is to yawning”
​ – Josh Ward

“Man Vs Cave man”
Arif Ali

As twitter @replies:

“as Asteroids were to Dinosaurs”@caps_phisto

“credit card is to cash”@alvarofelipe

“as smiley cookies are to regular cookies”@adamgolomb

“as wings are to boat anchors”@DortchOnIT

So, which is your favorite analogy from these? Can you come up with some of your own?

Humor on the cloud: Snowmen

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Speaking of snow, here’s a recent tweet from Zoho user, Dave Holowiski:

      Thanks to Zoho Assist I fixed my customer from my toasty warm home, instead of having to drive an hour in the snow! Woohoo!

If you’d like to share any experiences of how Zoho helped you when you were snowed in, please drop us a comment here. We’d love to hear them!