New in Zoho Challenge: Comprehension Questions

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Today, we are announcing a feature that will be very useful for both our academic and business users alike – Zoho Challenge now has support for comprehension questions. In Zoho Challenge, a comprehension question is one that first presents a paragraph, a passage, a graph/image or maybe a combination of them, and then makes a series of follow-questions about that introduction. Typically, these questions measure how good the test-taker is at comprehending what is being discussed in the introductory part, how well he can extrapolate based on information presented, or, for example, his abilities to analyze and arrive to conclusions based on some information being presented.

So now you can get that psychometric test for your [potential] employees or you can you include graphic interpretation questions – that test a candidate’s ability to answer questions that involve more comprehension or broader skills than normal, single questions. Here is a video that illustrates the workflow. You can also refer to the online help documents

Some users in the academic space have been using form-generators to solve the online testing/quick problem, but that’s not the best way to go around it. And with Zoho Challenge’s Free plan, it has never been so easy to get started! Comprehension questions now make the experience even better. Several passionate educators have been in touch with us via email or blog posts and have been offering incredible feedback – and we will be releasing another round of community-driven features shortly.

What better way to experience this feature than to take a test? Below is a comprehension passage based test that is embedded right into this blog.