Zoho – Chrome Notebook Promotion

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The tag line under the Zoho logo says “Work. Online”. This is because we believe you can be more productive in getting your work done using online tools like Zoho. Infact, we run Zoho on Zoho AppsWhen Google announced Chrome OS, we were excited about hassle free computing on the cloud. We have been playing with Chrome notebook and we loved it

Today, we are excited to announce a joint promotion with Google. If you love Zoho Apps and use them all the time, you will probably enjoy a Chrome notebook as much as we did. So we are giving away some Cr-48 notebooks to Zoho users through a special promotion that starts today and lasts for a week.

How to Apply

This promotion is available in several Zoho Apps – Zoho Writer, Creator, Books & Invoice. After you visit one of these apps through Chrome Web Store, you might see a banner on the top with an ‘Apply Now’ link. Click it to apply! Selected users will receive a Cr-48.

Update: Here is the blog post from Google on this promotion.