Cloud Software is to Desktop Software as…

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How do you think Cloud Software compares with Desktop Software?

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans and twitter followers to come up with their own analogies to describe this comparison.

Here are some of the interesting responses we’ve received so far:

On our Facebook wall:

“ to”
Adam K Dean ‎ (This one got 6 likes on our wall)

“A tap is to a dried up riverbed”
Marty Neill

“A renault 4 is to a mercedes benz”
David Castillo

“Meditating is to yawning”
​ – Josh Ward

“Man Vs Cave man”
Arif Ali

As twitter @replies:

“as Asteroids were to Dinosaurs”@caps_phisto

“credit card is to cash”@alvarofelipe

“as smiley cookies are to regular cookies”@adamgolomb

“as wings are to boat anchors”@DortchOnIT

So, which is your favorite analogy from these? Can you come up with some of your own?

Faster and smoother connection process for Remote Support

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A few weeks back, I had a personal remote support experience with my dad, more specifically helping him out with transliteration in gmail by showing him how it works as I directly controlled his computer’s mouse and keyboard. I had to take this drastic step after about 1 hour of trying to explain how it is done over the phone, continuously countering his ever present ‘I don’t understand computers’ attitude. Prior to this, when I had initiated this remote support effort and directed him to the join web page, he demanded,

 Why do I have to type in my name, email and all that ? Don’t you know it already? Why can’t I just click on something, like it is usually with computers and be done with it.

After such personal experiences that I shared with the team and intently paying attention to requests on improving the user experience in establishing remote connections, we have been vigorously working on making it as simple as possible for your

remote support
needs. Many unhappy feelings were posted to support in writing (some polished, some strikingly straight forward) about having the remote user type in information like their email address at and delays in the connection process through email invitations.

Well, no more delays, time to get set and go! All that a remote user needs to do now is run the little (just 111kb in size) join executable when they type in
at the browser’s location bar and key in the session id in the little edit box that is as simple as this:

Join Session Box



and that’s it! A progress bar runs for a few seconds…

Remote connection progress

…and the remote connection is complete.

With email invitations or sending session link via chat, the remote user does not even have to key in the session id which is incorporated with the invitation link. Just running the join executable will do. We noticed that people who are already aware of this change, currently using

Zoho Assist
are pleased with this current setup and the remote connection process has become faster and smoother. So, to all those who had reservations with our previous join process, give our new method a try.

This is just an initial effort at improving the overall user experience and more updates are coming up in this regard. Stay tuned! If your thirst for ease-of-use in getting things done online without leaving your seat isn’t yet satisfied, post your comments
on your expectations for a better remote support experience. We are determined to quench it!

Note: This update is effective only with Windows PCs.