How Wearable Technology Has Changed the Halloween Costume Game

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roberWhen it comes to holidays, it’s all about tradition. We eat certain foods, go to certain parties and practice certain rituals because that is how it’s always been.

Halloween is a perfect example. As kids, we dressed up in costumes and went door to door in search of candy without raising an eyebrow. We bought pumpkins, cleaned out the insides and carved scary faces on them. And for what? Because that is how we were taught to celebrate Halloween. It was tradition.

I say all of this to reiterate the point that for most people, Halloween in it’s very essence is a holiday to practice traditions and rituals, not a field for innovation. The game is set. There are witches, ghosts, monsters, zombies and vampires, but no room for entrepreneurial ideas.

Wrong. Enter Mark Rober, a former mechanical engineer at NASA turned wearable tech Halloween T-shirt and costume designer. For nine years Rober worked at NASA — seven of those years spent working on the Curiosity Rover — when he had an idea on revamping how realistic and modern Halloween costumes could be by simply using smart phones and tablets.

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