Enhancements: Add Bug Comments via Email, All Milestones View and Reorder Milestones

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Here’s a quick rundown on the recent feature enhancements to Zoho’s Project Management Software

Collaborate via email, now for the Bugs module!
We’ve enhanced the bug comments feature. Previously, you had to login to Zoho Projects and post comments directly under each bug. But now, you can add a comment by just replying to the bug notification email you get. Also, you can attach files to a bug by email too.

A sample screen grab of the unique bug email address.

Here’s the bug comment added via email.

Set Notifications for Reporter / Assignee of Bug Comments

Whenever you add a comment to a bug, you can set email notifications for the Reporter / Assignee. When a comment gets added to the bug the next time, the Reporter / Assignee will get notified by email.
Get to know more about the email collaboration in Zoho Projects at

Reorder your Milestones
You can now reorder your milestones using the Reorder button.

All Milestones View

We’ve now furnished an All Milestones view which shows Upcoming, Overdue and Completed milestones across all projects of your portal. This view is available for you in the My Home tab. So, you will no longer be limited to viewing milestones for a single project alone.

Visit Zoho Projects, to try out the new feature enhancements. And of course we love to hear your views. Write in at support@zohoprojects.com or drop a comment right here.

Zoho Projects Enhancements: Email Collaboration and Create Custom Fields for Bug Tracker

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Enhanced Email Collaboration

We love listening to our customers, and quite a number of you told us that the email collaboration wasn’t flexible enough to let you add a task, file a bug or upload a document. Today, we’re delighted to announce the

enhanced email collaboration
feature which makes things easier for your whole project crew. From now on, you can directly add tasks, file bugs and upload documents in Zoho Projects simply through an email.

Where can you find the email alias for a project ?

Go to your dashboard tab and you will find a list of unique email addresses listed for Tasks, Forums and Documents module. Grab the relevant email address and start shooting tasks from your email. It’s simple. Isn’t it? This is a fun, lively way to add tasks, upload your files, post a forum topic and let the conversation take the lead – brainstorm, negotiate, laugh.

See the presentation below and find quick ways to collaborate with projects via an email. Have a look and let us know your thoughts.


Add Custom Fields for Bugs

In developing the email collaboration feature, we also took the opportunity to include custom fields with greater flexibility for a better way of

tracking bugs
. You’ll now find various options stocked to create custom fields for bugs module. Start creating your own text, numeric and date field – just like the way you wish!

Organize Project Tabs

Nothing can be more frustrating than to see lots of tabs displayed and there is no way to remove the unused ones. We’ve implemented the Organize Tabs option which is very useful when you are using only few tabs for a project. It provides an option to conveniently disable unused tabs and prioritize other tabs according to the way your project works.


Portal administrator is
the one who can remove tabs for the entire portal while rest of the
users have a privilege to only reorder tabs.


Option to change first day of a week

A recent tweet from a Zoho Projects user:

@zohoprojects #zohoprojects should have a customization option to change the first day of the week from sunday to monday. We miss it!

We did it! Go to Settings tab, click on Date/Format Settings and there you’ll find the option to change the first day of a week to Sunday or Monday.

It’s not just about a new feature addition or an enhancement – it’s how you thoughtfully apply it. So find ways for your project team to work with all these new enhancements. We hope you’d start using these features in

Zoho Projects
and share your experience with us at