More Formatting Options in Zoho Writer

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The latest update to Zoho Writer brings in some new formatting options

Change Case
You can now change the case of a block of text. Three options are available – lower case, UPPER CASE and Capitalize (also known as Title Case or Start Case).

Font Size
You now have a lot more font sizes to choose from. And we now have relative font sizes. This makes the document more accessible and easier to read as one can easily increase/decrease the text size by changing the document’s body text size (under Page Setup -> Page Format).

Borders and Shading
Background colors and borders can now be applied to text (text in a table cell, div or paragraph) easily. You can choose the border’s type, width, style and color.

Spacing and Indentation
There are quite a few spacing and indentation options available now.

You can choose the spacing before a paragraph, after a paragraph,
spacing between words and spacing between lines. Also, one can have a 1.0 (Single) spaced text line in a document where
the main body of the text is 2.0 (Double) spaced. There are
indentation options too. They include left indent, right indent,
indenting the first line of a paragraph and hanging indent.

Here’s a sample Zoho Writer document illustrating the various formatting options discussed above.

Try the new features in Zoho Writer and let us know your comments.

Brainstorming using Web 2.0

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Only when there is a need to do a presentation, and the resources to be used are stored at different people’s terminals, and the deadline is a few hours ahead, do I begin to love the “Share” button in Zoho Writer. I can simply give “Read and Write” permission to my friends who are a part of the team and whose computer terminals, unfortunately are separated by a great distance from mine, and wait and watch while the ideas pour in. If ever there is a group of people who’ll be most benefitted by such Web-based applications, it’ll be the student community, who unfortunately cannot all afford a laptop to carry around.

Previously, when I had to do similar kind of work, I’ll have to send the document as the text of an e-mail, for the college terminal doesn’t have MS Office installed, contrary to most domestic PC terminals, and e-mail it to myself. Then open the e-mail and do the necessary formatting and take print outs. With web-based Word Processor, it becomes a lot less clumsy. “Share’ and more specifically “Read & Write” is now (exploited and loved) by several friends of mine for various purposes – college homework and otherwise where several heads, instead of one are involved.