5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

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In early 2014, Forrester Research predicted that there would be an increased number of organizations who would adopt a more disciplined approach to customer experience transformation.

In December, Gartner released its 2015 predictions in CRM.  One of the key findings is that the number of organizations that receive 100% CRM functionality from the cloud will increase and that the digital disruption will cause you to win or lose customers. Zoho CRM

Don’t let your CRM initiatives become stagnant. Use it to bring life to your business. Help your sales and marketing teams be successful in 2015 with these New Year’s resolutions: Read more

Bridge the Gap between Google AdWords and Zoho CRM

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Like any passionate marketer, you rely on Google AdWords for online marketing campaigns and a CRM to track your website’s leads. But at the end of the day, it can be hard to know if your campaigns are really worth the time and money. Sure, your AdWords campaigns may be increasing your website traffic, but how many of those clicks convert to potential customers? And when you win and record an offline deal in your CRM, do you know if that deal was initiated by one of your online ad campaigns?

Put an end to this guessing game and get the answers you need with Zoho CRM for Google AdWords: you can now measure how each online click contributes to offline sales.

Ready to bridge the gap between your online ad campaigns and lead generation process? Here are five ways to use Zoho CRM for Google AdWords:

From Click to Leads – Understand Your AdWords Costs

You can now ask John Wanamaker to eat his words:  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  With Zoho CRM for Google AdWords, you can follow the complete sales cycle from “click to lead” and finally measure the ROI on your AdWords spending. Find out exactly which campaigns and keywords are generating  the most revenue for you, so you can spend more on keywords that generate the most business and stop using keywords that simply don’t work.

googleadwords-campaigns Read more

Analyzing Google Ad Groups Performance with Zoho Reports

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In the last post, we saw how Zoho Reports helps in providing a more comprehensive analysis of your Google Adwords campaigns than what’s provided by Google Adwords in the form of reports. In this post, we’ll see how to use Zoho Reports to analyze the performance of your various Ad Groups within a campaign. Our featured example is for a Mountain Bikes campaign which is having 4 Ad Groups –
Adult Bikes, Kids Bikes, Athletic Bikes and a Common Keywords Ad Group.

The below report shows how the CTR has varied for the different Ad Groups over the months.

To get a more recent analysis, the time period can be changed to see how the CTR has varied over the last month alone.

Pivot tables can be made too. The below pivot lists the monthly conversions for all Ad Groups since Jan 2007.

You can also analyze how the various parameters within an Ad Group has performed. For example, you can compare the number of conversions vs the number of clicks.

A scatter plot can be plotted to see which Ad Group is more effective, say in terms of conversions for the ad impressions got.

The above are just a few report samples. The whole set of data and reports are available at
http://reports.zoho.com/ZDBPublicDBView.cc?DBID=4000000176044. And this set of Ad Groups-level reports are readily available for your Google Adwords analysis too. All you have to do is to follow the easy steps as mentioned in this page and you can have the same reports as above for your Google Adwords account as well.

It is easy and powerful to analyze your Google Adwords Campaigns and Ad Groups (you can analyze for ads etc too) by importing the csv data files provided by Google Adwords into Zoho Reports. As said in our earlier post, we are working on a Google Adwords connector which will let you do this more readily. Stay tuned.

Analyze your Google Adwords Campaigns with Zoho Reports

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Google Adwords has become a very important advertising medium for all advertisers & marketing professionals. As one using Google Adwords, you should be analyzing your various campaigns, adgroups, ads etc constantly. But the readymade reports provided by Google Adwords are pretty rudimentary and have the below disadvantages.

  • There aren’t actually many report options. The report consists of rows of data which you can see as HTML or export as a csv/xls files.
  • The only chart option given plots only one metric (CPM, Clicks, CTR etc) at a time.
  • The chart and the data are separate and this means you can’t drill down a chart to see the underlying data.
  • The reports don’t allow you to compare how two different campaigns are performing. Or how a campaign in July 2009 (current month) performed as against June 2009 (previous month) or July 2008 (same month, previous year).
  • The charts cannot be saved for referencing anytime later.
  • The charts cannot be shared or collaborated upon online.

With Zoho Reports, you can do a lot of analysis with the data provided by Google Adwords. Multiple metrics can be plotted and studied. Comparisons between campaigns can be done and a campaign can be compared to how it had performed across different time lines (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly). Based on such analysis, you can take actions to reduce costs and get higher returns for the money you spend on Google Adwords.

Let’s see in this post how Zoho Reports can help you analyze various campaigns & allow you to get the maximum bang for your buck (lower costs, more conversions etc). Embedded below are charts with real data from a Google Adwords account that we have set up. The campaigns have been renamed generically as for mountain bikes. There are 3 campaigns being run, one in the US, one in Europe and one comprising of other countries in Australasia and Africa since Jan 2007.

The above chart shows the avg cost / conversion trends across the various campaigns.

This chart shows how the CTR has varied over the months for the three campaigns. The above two examples compare how various campaigns are performing with respect to each other. We can also compare how a campaign’s various metrics have performed over time.

The above chart plots the impressions vs clicks for the Europe campaign over the past year. If pretty charts aren’t your cup of tea, you can make pivot tables. Like this one for example, which plots the quarterly conversions for the campaigns.

The embedded reports above are just a few samples. The original database with a slew of reports for the three example campaigns are available here – http://reports.zoho.com/ZDBDataSheetView.cc?DBID=4000000163350. You can play around the data, create as many reports as you want and see for yourselves how flexible and powerful your Adwords Campaign data
becomes, when using the right business intelligence tool.

Most importantly, all these set of campaign-level reports are readily available for your Google Adword analysis. All you have to do is to follow the easy steps as mentioned in this page and you can have the same reports as above for your Google Adwords campaigns as well. We are planning to make this easier further by providing a direct Zoho Reports connector to your Google Adwords account soon.

Next, we’ll see with examples how to analyze your Google Adwords campaigns at the Adgroups level.