Time Tracking on the go!

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The Zoho Invoice iPhone and Android apps now include

time tracking, a simple, no-fuss way to track time. This

one of the most requested features since we launched these apps, and we
are glad that we can check this off our agenda, with a smile.

Here is a run down on all the cool things you can do with this feature:

  • Record the time taken for a task right when you are done with it. No excuses here, now that it’s available on your phone :)

  • Add notes and capture any lapses in schedules

  • Time your tasks and see how well you stick to timelines and forecasts
  • Make life uber simple with the inbuilt timer, a single tap timing option. Once you are done
    timing, tap again and select the task that’s timed.

  • One tap access to timer, projects and time entries

Saying too
much isn’t going to satiate your need to try this out. Visit the

iTunes store
 or the

Google Play Store; upgrade your app to the latest
version and track time away. Our FAQ section has answers to some basic
questions that you may have.

Comment below if you would like
to see some additions to the app. We’ll be back soon, with another new feature. Until then, invoice happy, invoice more and invoice
on the go.

Zoho Loves Android: Announcing our first Android App (for Zoho Invoice!)

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It’s been almost a year since we released our very first native mobile app, Zoho Docs for iPhone. We’ve continued to make progress providing easy access to the Zoho apps when using mobile devices both with native and mobile web apps. But so far we had limited ourselves to iPhone apps. Android’s rapid ascension in the market has not gone unnoticed and, in fact, an Android app has been the most request feature in Zoho Invoice for some time now. So today we’re happy to cross one big item of our list with our very first Android app for Zoho Invoice.Zoho Invoice for Android is a mobile app that allows you to easily create, send and access invoices, estimates and expenses wherever you are, right from your mobile phone.

For example, you can instantly view details about your customers, including contacts, notes and any amount they might owe you. You can as well access and edit the items (i.e. those things that you sell) as well as their price and any associated taxes. Handy when you’re on the go and a customer just asked you for a custom project.Create and send invoices and estimates with just a few taps on the screen: select terms, due date, items being invoice and voilá… your invoice has been created. A couple taps more and you can send it via email to your customer right after finishing your meeting. Not only you get a nicely formatted preview of your invoice on your phone, but it goes out as a PDF, using the professional-looking template you have configured in your account.

Zoho Invoice for Android also allows you to manage travel and other expenses. This is particularly convenient when you are working on a project for a client and the expenses are billable. Enter those expenses on the app as they happen, and they will be included in the next invoice you send to the customer.

Zoho Invoice for Android is available starting today at the Android Market. The App is free, and you can use it with any of the Zoho Invoice plans (including the free one!). Isn’t life good?

Make customers happy, look professional and get paid fast with Zoho Invoice – right from your mobile phone.


ps. Last week we announced the Zoho CRM App for iPhone, we got many comments from people requesting an Android app. We heard you loud and clear. Bear with us and stay tuned!

Looking for more than invoicing? Accounting is here!

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The much awaited Zoho Invoice to Zoho Books migration is here. We are
very glad now that our Zoho Invoice users can graduate from invoicing to
accounting with ease. Ever since we launched Zoho Books, we have been
bombarded with requests for a simple migration option. We were forced to
break ground on this due to the volume of requests we were getting by
the day.

We’ve created a step by step guide to help you with the migration, which is available here.

you haven’t tried Zoho Books yet, this is a good time to try it; considering
that you can move your data over at the click of a button. We’ll
curiously wait for your feedback on this migration option. If we win your approval on this one, we’ll make way
for some more easy migration tools in times to come.