Zoho Invoice featured in ABC News App Chat Show

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Zoho Invoice mobile app gets its share of fame in ABC News’ App chat show. Independent e-business consultant Francie Black, showcased the invoicing app for iOS and highlighted its usefulness for small business owners who are on the move all the time.

Francie talks about her favorite features in the Zoho Invoice app and demonstrates how it makes invoicing absolutely hassle-free.

Check out Francie explain how business owners can manage their business on the go using our mobile apps!

Want to try our apps? Download them here on iOS and Android.

Go Global – Check out 2Checkout!

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We have now made it really easy for you to receive online payments from your customers – from even the ones who are not in the same geographical area. Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice recently integrated with 2Checkout Payment Gateway. Apart from supporting multiple currencies, it is also multi-lingual. Transacting in global currency and getting paid has never been this easy.

2Checkout offers up to 15 languages that your customer can choose from during the payment process, thus giving them a better online payment experience. And great experiences lead to happy customers which means prompt payments always.

It takes only a few simple steps to configure your 2Checkout account in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books. All you need is the 2Checkout Account Number and the ‘Secret Word’ (word you see in the site management section under Accounts). To know exactly how to configure 2Checkout account, just follow the steps given in our documentation.

With Stripe and 2Checkout added this year, we now have SIX payment gateways that you can choose from to accept online payments from your customers.

Would you want to hear some more good news?

For those who are eager to sell international, quickly sign up for a free 2Checkout account and enter the promo code ‘ZOHO2CO’ for a waiver on your application service fee (a savings of $10.99).

Like it?! Give 2Checkout a try and tell us how it worked for you!

Customer Spotlight : Sebastien Loves The Most Efficient Invoicing Software

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Over the years Zoho Invoice has proved to be an efficient invoicing software for small businesses. Sebastien Guardiola, the co-founder of KAPT, an award-winning mobile apps start-up in Southwestern France, has been enjoying using our invoice software for a long time.

Sebastian, who loves skiing in Alps had a lot of things to share about his company and experience using Zoho Invoice. KAPT which has been always innovating since its inception has come out with marvelous applications. Ou Dormir, an accommodation finder app and KAPT Touch, a communicating kiosk are those i can think of as of now.


KAPT has been able to easily organize its billing and streamline its invoicing process using Zoho Invoice. A mobile apps lover himself, Sebastien uses Zoho Invoice’s iPhone app to invoice his customers on the go.


As Sebastien says “Most of the times, we travel to our client places by bike or train. That time the iPhone invoice app comes handy. The app is easy to use and is very much efficient.”

If you’re interested to find out more about Sebastien’s love for Zoho Invoice, click here to read the complete story.

Customer Spotlight: Sam loves user friendly invoicing

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You never know when life is going to throw you in a spot where you have to save someone’s life. Sam Thomas has worked with Red Cross for more than a decade. He now runs Philly CPR Classes, his own venture, where he trains workplace responders, students and many more to be prepared for that moment. He instructs individuals on First Aid, CPR, AED and other life saving techniques.

Sam at training

With people all over the country calling him and numerous training sessions that keeps him busy all day long, he wanted a robust and user friendly invoicing software to help manage his business. His friend suggested Zoho Invoice and Sam says ‘it just clicked!’  He manages his clients list, their payment history, credit owed and tons more on our invoicing software.

He loves the invoice template and the fact that he can create an invoice in under a minute saving valuable time. In his line of work, he needs to add that personal touch to every form of communication.

In Sam’s words, “You can draft out your own thank-you letter and its not forced fit.”

Read ahead to know Sam’s tryst with Red Cross, running a business and invoicing.

Zoho Invoice: Stepping up our iPhone game

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We’ve listened to every little thing you had to say about the invoice iPhone
app. Based on what we heard, we recently glammed
up our iPhone app with some new features and a couple of noteworthy

Here’s a list of features you will be swiping and tapping to on your Zoho Invoice iPhone app:

  • Now
    you can print invoices right from the app. If you are on an iPhone, iPod or iPad that supports AirPrint, a single tap can print your invoice out. Supporting AirPrint was inevitable, considering that users on the go may want to issue a hard copy of an invoice to the
  • We’ve
    given the listing of invoices a complete overhaul. Now they are listed
    based on the statuses and you can filter them based on a specific
  • One click conversion from estimate to invoice.
  • Set estimate and invoice preferences right from the app.
  • The most requested option to add taxes and tax groups is now available.

been making gargantuan efforts to make our iPhone app a mobile replica
of our web interface. Comment below as to what features you’d like added first to the app.

This update is available in the

iTunes store
it is free for users, new and old. Did we hear you say Android app?
Pssst…. updates coming up soon.

Just in: Custom Fields for Invoices and Estimates

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“All good things come to he who wants and asks”. 
Ask you did. That’s why Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books now support “Custom Fields” for invoices and estimates. Come along as we run you through this much requested for feature.

Before Custom Fields:

had to make do with the notes section to include any additional
information to your invoices & estimates. This means, you may need
to enter them manually invoice by invoice, there’s a good chance that
you may miss out adding that information.

Now that there are custom fields:

get to add custom fields to your invoices. The custom field could hold
any information like the name of the sales person associated with an
estimate; the delivery date for the items on an invoice; the discount
code used on the invoice; or even a personalized tag for that customer. 

Setting up custom fields is as easy as a pie:

to Settings and you’ll see the option to add “Custom Fields” for
invoices & estimates. You can set up three custom fields each for
invoices and estimates. In the example here, let’s set up a custom field called “Delivery Date”.


The new custom field “Delivery Date” will now appear on all new invoices that you create.

Enjoy using custom fields while we get our elbows greasy on another feature that’s been on our minds for the longest time.

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Online Payment Gateway Usage Statistics

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Zoho’s tagline. As a corollary to this, the Zoho Invoice team is fanatical that small businesses invoice.online and get paid.online. When your invoicing software was released, it was integrated with PayPal and we quickly added Authorize.net and Google Checkout to our repertoire. With that, we completed the troika of payment gateways to provide our customers a complete online invoicing experience. It is over two years since our customers have been accepting electronic payments and it is time to introspect and to gain interesting insights into to which payment gateway most of our customers turn to. So let’s talk some real numbers.

Payment gateways – How they stack up against each other?

Unsurprisingly, PayPal leads the pack as it is well entrenched in the market  and in the last one year we saw a lot of small businesses outside the United States where it is the only option available using Zoho Invoice. Furthermore, PayPal standard (their only offering we support currently) is pretty easy to setup. Arguably, PayPal has played the role of an anchor tenant here. However, viewing this infographic in binary (one gateway wins, everyone else loses) would smack of short sightedness. We have observed a similar pattern of growth for payments via all three gateways and customers have shared similar experiences  across the spectrum. 

Let me add a caveat. The above statistics should not influence your decision to choose a payment gateway. There are factors beyond mere popularity like the location of your business, your average and median invoice amount, the number of invoices, etc. that should be considered before zeroing on a payment gateway. We will throw light on all these and more in forthcoming posts.

That is pretty much what we have for now. T
his is just a teaser and watch this space for more posts where we demystify online payments, share some interesting trends accompanied by evidential reports and of course help you choose the best way to get paid. 

Until then, Happy Invoicing :)