Introducing Doc Scanner for iPhone

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Very often, we come across a printed article or a document that makes us wish it were available in electronic format. We end up taking a photo of it and saving the image, but the content itself remains un-editable.

We are excited to announce a new mobile app, that can help with such documents – Doc Scanner.

This app lets you take a photo of a document and extracts the content as editable text and can be saved as a document (.docx format) in Zoho Docs as well as Google Drive. Of course, if you just want to save it as an image or a PDF file, that’s possible too, with both Zoho Docs as well as Google Drive.


When you take a photo of a document to extract the content, you have an option to crop the image before the extraction process to ensure better quality. You can also scan multiple pages as part of a single document.


The app can extract information from documents in multiple languages including English (US & UK), French, German and Spanish.


Please note that data extraction quality depends on lot of factors (lighting conditions, the angle at which the photo is taken, images in documents) which will have an impact on the extraction quality, so it cannot always be 100% accurate. In cases where we are not too confident about the accuracy of the extracted text, we display it in light gray color allowing you to make necessary corrections.

Text extraction works best while scanning text documents. Documents with lots of images or tables can be saved as images or PDF files.

The goal of the app is to offer an easy way of extracting content from printed material and we hope you’ll find this a valuable addition to the other utility apps on your iPhone.

The app is available for download in the App Store for $4.99.

The android version of the app will follow soon. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Connect With Your Colleagues On-the-Go With the Zoho People iPhone App

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Consider this scenario. You are away from your desk and you urgently need to reach out to one of your colleagues. That person not being a frequent contact, you do not have the phone number. Now you have to get back to your desk to pull out that information.

“Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface”

said Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally renowned educationalist. This reminds us about the importance of the need for people in an organization to reach out to each other. This is exactly what the iPhone App for Zoho People is meant for.

zoho-people-iphone-app Read more

Get More Done While On the Go With the Free Zoho Projects Mobile App

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Do you love the new design for Apple’s iPhone iOS? Do you hate it? Everyone seems to have an opinion about it – and a very strong one! That highlights the important role that mobile phones play in our daily lives.

And that’s exactly why we decided to make our Zoho Projects Mobile Apps free – both our iPhone and Android Mobile App are now free for all users.

Free Projects Mobile AppHere’s a typical request from one of our customers:

The (Free) Mobile app only gives me limited options, Feeds and Settings. I’m not able to update timesheet or anything. Doesn’t even show those options for me. Why?

When we launched Zoho Projects 4.0 the Free Mobile edition did have limited options to use while the rest of the features like tasks, documents and timesheet were available only as part of the paid edition.

You asked; we listened. Today the Zoho Projects Mobile App is free – even the more advanced version that was previously only for paying customers. We want you to start using the Zoho Projects Mobile App to the fullest extent possible for your work even while on the go.

What are you waiting for ? Just go to iTunes or Google Play store install the Zoho Projects Mobile App right on your mobile device.

Introducing Business Card Scanner App for Zoho CRM

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Card Scanner App IconEntering data manually into any CRM app is not fun. Any solution that helps automate data entry is a win for CRM users. That is the idea behind our new mobile app for Zoho CRM – Card Scanner.

Card Scanner is an iPhone app that extracts contact information from business cards and saves it into Zoho CRM as Contacts or Leads. Take a photo of a business card and the app extracts information from it and automatically populates the information into the appropriate fields. You can save the extracted information as a CRM Contact or Lead if you are logged into your Zoho CRM account within the app. Read more

Zoho Invoice V 1.7 arrives in iTunes

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There’s a gathering of all invoice apps in town and they have just one topic to discuss. The arrival of Zoho Invoice iPhone App –Version 1.7

Chieftain: All updates are same. A few bug fixes and tiny little makeover. No panic whatsoever.

All : Didn’t you hear about V 1.7??

Chieftain: Updates his memory and shakes himself and says … No

All: With a sigh, outdated as always . WAKE UP Chief!!

Zoho Invoice iPhone app version 1.7 arrives in the iTunes bringing three important updates. Our primary focus was to reduce effort when you are invoicing via mobile and to save your time.​

One touch– Add a contact you want from your iPhone address book to your Zoho Invoice customer list in just a few taps. Not just that, data like email address, phone number and other details will be moved automatically. You don’t have to enter SAME data again..EVER.

Add contact from iPhone address book

All at one go – Now add a new customer from the new invoice screen itself. No more swinging back and forth.

More power – Don’t go hunting for a desktop computer to edit your organization details. Do it right from your iPhone app. Remember.. With great power comes great flexibility… ahem and responsibility.

​Do ‘Smart Invoicing’ with your Zoho Invoice iPhone app.

Want to check the app? Tune into itunes

Time Tracking on the go!

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The Zoho Invoice iPhone and Android apps now include

time tracking, a simple, no-fuss way to track time. This

one of the most requested features since we launched these apps, and we
are glad that we can check this off our agenda, with a smile.

Here is a run down on all the cool things you can do with this feature:

  • Record the time taken for a task right when you are done with it. No excuses here, now that it’s available on your phone :)

  • Add notes and capture any lapses in schedules

  • Time your tasks and see how well you stick to timelines and forecasts
  • Make life uber simple with the inbuilt timer, a single tap timing option. Once you are done
    timing, tap again and select the task that’s timed.

  • One tap access to timer, projects and time entries

Saying too
much isn’t going to satiate your need to try this out. Visit the

iTunes store
 or the

Google Play Store; upgrade your app to the latest
version and track time away. Our FAQ section has answers to some basic
questions that you may have.

Comment below if you would like
to see some additions to the app. We’ll be back soon, with another new feature. Until then, invoice happy, invoice more and invoice
on the go.

Zoho Invoice: Stepping up our iPhone game

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We’ve listened to every little thing you had to say about the invoice iPhone
app. Based on what we heard, we recently glammed
up our iPhone app with some new features and a couple of noteworthy

Here’s a list of features you will be swiping and tapping to on your Zoho Invoice iPhone app:

  • Now
    you can print invoices right from the app. If you are on an iPhone, iPod or iPad that supports AirPrint, a single tap can print your invoice out. Supporting AirPrint was inevitable, considering that users on the go may want to issue a hard copy of an invoice to the
  • We’ve
    given the listing of invoices a complete overhaul. Now they are listed
    based on the statuses and you can filter them based on a specific
  • One click conversion from estimate to invoice.
  • Set estimate and invoice preferences right from the app.
  • The most requested option to add taxes and tax groups is now available.

been making gargantuan efforts to make our iPhone app a mobile replica
of our web interface. Comment below as to what features you’d like added first to the app.

This update is available in the

iTunes store
it is free for users, new and old. Did we hear you say Android app?
Pssst…. updates coming up soon.