Patient Information in the American Healthcare System: Zoho Creator Case Study

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Medicfusion has integrated Zoho Creator into their EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system to offer their customers the ability to design their own intake forms, questionnaires and basic patient surveys. Says Melisa Kirby Rottinghaus, Medicfusions’s CEO,

For the first time ever, fully custom intake, exam forms and patient research studies are integrated into an electronic medical record. Exciting “in the clouds” integration between Medicfusion EMR and Zoho Creator makes it possible. […] Until now, integration of a physician’s proprietary forms into an EMR wasn’t possible. Not without many thousands of dollars in custom form development and even then, not fully integrated. Now it’s possible, thanks to the roll-out of a revolutionary and very exciting integration between Medicfusion EMR and Zoho Creator. […] For Medicfusion and Zoho Creator, it represents an important technical advancement, utilizing “cloud computing” in exciting new ways with important market implications.

The videos below explain in detail how the custom forms built using Zoho Creator form an integral part of the Medicfusion system.

Thanks to Pascal Veilleux of NSI Solution, the man behind this integration, who is doing a great job as a Zoho Reseller, and to Medicfusion for using the Zoho Creator Platform. Pascal has a detailed blog about this project too.