Gunning for Gold: Why Owning a Business is Like Training for the Olympics

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As a small business owner, one needs to stay inspired at all times. Everything around you motivates you to follow your dream and do anything you can to keep it alive. Watching a sporting event like the Winter Olympics, is a great reminder to stay committed to your business goals.

When we watch the Sochi events on YouTube or read about it in the news, rarely do we think about the preparation, the intense training these athletes had to undergo to be eligible for competing at the greatest sporting event in the world. We remember only the winners, the people who performed exceptionally well. We forget about the years, the decades of hard work that come down to just a few seconds.

Ever thought what you and a sportsperson training for the Olympics have in common?

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London 2012 Olympics: Stats & Dashboards

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Plotting and visualizing data can be fun. And if the data involves the ongoing Olympics, it can be doubly so! As with previous Olympics (Vancouver 2010Beijing 2008), we have compiled some interesting dashboards for London 2012 Olympics too. The dashboards are powered by Zoho Reports and hosted on Zoho Sites.

We plan to add new data and reports as the Olympic games progress, and we will keep you updated. If you like to see any other report added, do leave your comments.

London 2012 Dashboards

Zoho Reports: Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Dashboard

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We had earlier made a live dashboard for the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008. A good many sports enthusiasts visited it and many of you had good things to say about it. For the ongoing Winter Olympics at Vancouver, Canada, we found there are a good many sites offering live updates with lots of cool info. However, a single page where you get to see the results and trends at a glance was lacking. So with that in mind, we collected information from different data sources and built a dashboard using Zoho Reports. It is available at
Some of the reports that form part of the dashboard

  1. Medal standings till now
  2. Medals won today (by athletes & by nations)
  3. Top 5 performing countries (classification by men/women also available)
  4. Progress of top performing nations till now
  5. How the top countries have performed across the various sports disciplines

We are updating the dashboard as often as we can, so that you can get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening at Vancouver. You can also access the entire data set from the Vancouver 2010 Database and Reports hosted on Zoho Reports. Other than the dashboard for the ongoing Games, we collected data for all the past Olympics and did some analysis on them as well.

Creating and sharing of reports & dashboards using Zoho Reports is easy and fun. You can make use of the intuitive, drag-and-drop interface and other powerful capabilities of Zoho Reports for getting in-depth views out of your diverse business data. Get started with Zoho Reports now.

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