Introducing ‘Zoho Reports for Google Apps’

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Google Apps marketplace celebrated its

first anniversary
last week. And at Zoho, we have had much fun putting our services out there for the past one year. It all started with Zoho CRM and we now have 5 Zoho apps in Google Apps Marketplace. In keeping with the

promise we made last week
, we’re kick starting the unveiling of 5 more Zoho apps for Google Apps marketplace today! The star of today’s announcement is Zoho Reports.

Zoho Reports
is now available for users in Google Apps marketplace.

Zoho Reports is a powerful online reporting and business intelligence service that helps users get new insights on their business information. One can easily create and share powerful reports and dashboards in minutes with no professional help.

Zoho Reports – Google Apps integration points

Zoho Reports has several integration points with Google products. Here are some highlights:

  • Single Sign On (SSO)


    If you’re a domain admin for Google Apps, you’ll now have an option to add Zoho Reports to your domain through

    Shop the marketplace
    link in Google Apps. Once the app gets added to the domain, all the users within the domain will have access to Zoho Reports through Google’s Universal Navigation bar.

    Clicking on the app from the universal navigation bar opens Zoho Reports in a new browser tab. The single sign on lets the users to directly login into Zoho Reports, thereby streamlining the workflow for both Google Apps and Zoho Reports.

  • Import Google Spreadsheets into Zoho Reports for analysis and reporting


    Zoho Reports integrates with Google Docs too. Google Apps users will now be able to analyze the data in their Google spreadsheets using the powerful reporting and analysis features in Zoho Reports.

  • Share the reports to your Google Contacts/Org users


    The users can then go on to share the reports & dashboards created in Zoho Reports to their Google Apps domain users or Google Contacts.

  • Publish Zoho Reports gadget


    And what’s more, it is possible to publish the reports & dashboard you create into iGoogle too.

While the points above summarize the integration in a nutshell, do take a look at the video and the Zoho Show slideshow below that explain this integration in detail between Zoho Reports and Google Apps.

Try Zoho Reports for Google Apps now from Google Apps Marketplace. We love your feedback, keep it coming!
Our special thanks to the Google Apps team for staying with us right through this integration!

To learn more about Zoho Reports for Google Apps, check out and for our existing Zoho – Google Apps integrations, check out
. And don’t forget to mark your calendars – there are four more Zoho apps on their way to Google Apps marketplace. Stay tuned till next Tuesday :)

Fine-grained Sharing Permissions in Zoho Reports

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As you may know, you can share the reports and tables with your colleagues & contacts in Zoho Reports, your effective online reporting & business intelligence service. And this makes collaboration a lot easier. Zoho Reports now provides fine-grained permission options while sharing. When you share a report or a table, you now have the choice to specify what can be done with the table/report by the user to whom its shared. Let’s illustrate this with an example.

The following example consists of US GDP data (in actual and chained year 2000 dollars) over the years. For sharing the chart, click on Share -> Share this View to New Users.

Sharing a report

In the dialog box that opens, give the email addresses of those you want to share the report with.

Specify sharing email addresses
Now comes the exciting part. In the Permissions tab, you can specify what the shared users can do with the report you share with them. Whether they can Export the report’s data and whether
they can view the underlying data etc.

Specify sharing permissions
Similarly, there are permission options when sharing a table too. Like
you can specify whether a table’s data can be exported or modified
(appending or modifying rows etc).

Specify sharing permissions for Tables
Supposing you want to share a number of tables/reports, you can do so from the Share option
in the Explorer view. Check the Tables and Reports that you want to
share, click on Share -> Share this View to New Users and choose the appropriate permission options.

Share from Explorer view

Whether the sharing notification email is to be sent can be specified too.

Sharing notification email

Also, such fine-grained permissions can be provided when sharing with the Database Group. You can define a Database Group consisting of a set of email addresses. This feature comes in handy when sharing reports & tables to the same set of users (than sharing to the individual email addresses each time).

Sharing from Explorer view
Try the new fine-grained sharing permission options in Zoho Reports & do let us know your feedback.

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More Powerful Reporting with Query over Query feature

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The latest Zoho Reports
update brings in the ‘Query over Query’ functionality, which has been
one of the top request from our users. You can now have SELECT queries
that combine already existing Query Tables. Let’s see an example of how
this comes in handy. Say you have a Sales table with sales figures for
various customers, products, regions etc across years.

Say you would like to know who your Top 10 customers with respect to sales value were in 2006. Your query table would look like,

The above Query Table in ‘View Mode’ with the top 10 customers arranged in alphabetical order.

And now you want to
know how much you sold to those top customers of 2006 in 2008. This is
where the new functionality will come in handy. You will arrive with
the required data by joining the base Sales table with the above top 10
customers of 2006 Query Table. The new Query Table will look like,

The above Query Table in ‘View Mode’ with the customer names in alphabetical order.

You can save the resultant query table and create the necessary reports over it.

this new “Query over Query” feature, you can create very powerful
reporting queries on your data and use it for your report generation
and analytics. It also helps in organizing your queries into reusable
functional units. To know more about how to create a Query Table,
checkout this video.

Other Enhancements
Previously, direct import was restricted to CSV files. And you had to do a copy-paste from Microft Excel (XLS) files. From now on, you can directly import XLS files too.

Also, for xls, html files larger than 3 MB, you can now zip them and import into Zoho Reports.

Try these new features in Zoho Reports and let us know your feedback comments.

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