3 Ways Zoho Docs Can Save You from the Perils of Book Publishing

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Four years ago, I ​started working in a publishing house as an editor. Soon after I joined, it became clear to me that a key part of my job was to collaborate with multiple players. ​Working with people to publish a single book is a mammoth task. It takes up a lot of time and is exhausting. At the end of each day, you feel you didn’t get any editing done at all because you spent all your time making sure everyone was ‘on the same page’. Pun intended.

When I started using Zoho, it changed the way I edited. I felt more productive and got more done in less time.

ComicStrip-UpdatedHere are three reasons I’m ‘​booked on‘ Zoho Docs: Read more

Collaboration (Sharing & Publishing) Options in Zoho Reports

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Being a SAAS BI offering, Zoho Reports provides many advantages when it comes to collaboration. Instead of emailing spreadsheets around, data and reports can be shared online and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime from a browser.

Zoho Reports provides many fine-grained options too, of what a shared user can/cannot do with the data/reports
shared – like read only access, exporting of data, viewing the underlying data etc. Not just that, you can also provide permissions for your colleagues to upload/add data and to analyze & develop the reports shared, thus enabling true collaborative analysis. Below, we explain how to go about with the different collaboration options available in Zoho Reports.

The first slide show explains the various ‘Sharing’ options available in Zoho Reports.

And the second slide show explains the ‘Publishing’ options.


Hope you liked the powerful collaboration options available in Zoho Reports. Try them out and do mail your feedback to support@zohoreports.com.