4 Ways Web Design can improve your Search Rankings

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Design, as we explained earlier, plays a major role in making a great website. A design which is simply visually appealing, however, doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good rank in a search engine. The internet is peppered with beautiful websites which do poorly on search engines. Websites need to adhere to certain guidelines to ensure great optimization for search engines.

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Zoho Recruit features Custom View and Bulk Update

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At Zoho Recruit, over the last few weeks we’ve been working on two new features – Custom View and Bulk Update. Today we are happy to announce the availability of both these features.

Custom View

Zoho Recruit’s Custom View helps you to filter data with multiple criteria and save it for future reference. For instance, lets assume these two scenarios that you often get requirements from your clients/department heads:

1. Candidates who are located in Newyork with 5 years of experience with Java
2. Candidates Age (no:of:days since the candidate is created/updated in Zoho Recruit)

In such cases, instead of keying in the details everytime into the Advanced search, you can quickly create a custom view by specifying these criteria, which will list all the related candidates. The custom view that is created is automatically saved, so you can quickly refer to it whenever required. And not only that, the custom view content is automatically updated each time when you open to find the details.


Zoho Recruit allows you to create multiple custom views, providing the edit, delete and clone options along with it. 
Let’s also take a look at the other options available in Custom View:

Displaying Custom Views
You can choose to display each custom view either in Gird or Summary with the required fields.

Specifying Criteria
Zoho Recruit allows you to create custom views with multiple criteria by specifying the field name, condition and value. You can also define the criteria using the AND OR combinations. The Criteria pattern helps you get a glimpse of the custom view result for the defined criteria.

Sharing Custom Views
Zoho Recruit provides three different custom view sharing options, which helps you to define the users accessibility. 
  1. Allow all users to access the custom view 
  2. Keep the custom view private to yourself
  3. Share the Custom view to users individually or based on the roles 

Bulk Update

The bulk update feature enables you to simultaneously update information to a group of candidates, job openings, clients and client contacts. 

For example, lets say you want to associate multiple tags for a group of candidates. To perform this action, previously you had to associate only one tag at a time for a group of candidates, but now with bulk update you can associate multiple tags for a selected group of candidates in one go. 

Apart from this you can also perform the Bulk Update action for 
  • Publishing and un-publishing job openings
  • Changing clients primary contact
  • Removal of tags
  • Changing the owner
  • Changing the candidate source and many more.  

Try these new features and let us know what you think!

Zoho Recruit: Power Search your Candidates' Details

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Zoho Recruit has enhanced the search capabilities in its Candidates module. HR professionals, recruiters and staffing agencies can more easily search across their candidates’ details now. The search now is carried out both in the form fields of candidates and also in the attachments section (typically, resumes and other documents associated with a candidate). And the below table lists all the search types and their respective operators that are available.

Search Type


 Wildcard Search

Question mark “?”
Asterisk  “*”

 Boolean Search

AND, OR and NOT 

 Exact Search

Double quotes (“”) 

 Combination Search

Parenthesis () 

  • Don’t know exactly what to look for? Don’t you worry. Our wildcard search will come in handy at such situations.
  • Like to customize your search by including or excluding a particular word or phrase? Check out our boolean search options and formulate your search items.
  • Want to find records that contain an exact match of a phrase or word? Well, simply enclose the search phrase within double quotes
  • Having a lengthy search term or phrase? Go ahead with our combination search option.

Getting yourselves updated with the latest advancements in Zoho Recruit‘s Candidates module is just a click away. Click here to know more on this topic.

New: Search in Zoho Notebook

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One of the most requested feature in Zoho Notebook is search. In our recent update, we included the search option. You’ll now be able to search for notebooks, pages and also the content within your notebooks.

Search results are displayed as a tab on the right. When a search keyword is present in a notebook, the results display the notebook name followed by the page name which contains the keyword. Search results also display the author of the book along with the last modified information.

When you click on a search result, the notebook is opened in a new tab with the focus on the page containing the search keyword. Apart from searching across all your notebooks, we also provided an option to search within the current notebook. This is particularly useful for notebooks with multiple pages.

We hope you find this useful.