Zoho Challenge: Export Questions from Question Bank

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Zoho Challenge users have this oft repeated query, “How do I export my questions from Zoho Challenge?” We have addressed this by introducing the “Export Questions from Question Bank” feature. Using this option, you can export all your questions as a CSV file and Zoho Challenge will send you an email, with the exported questions as an attachment. 

The above feature also solves the other requirement that Zoho Challenge users typically have – copying bulk questions from one question bank to another. For this, you can export your questions from one question bank and import them back into the other question bank.


  • Import/Export feature is available from the Standard plan.

  • You can import/export about 1,000 questions at a time. 
Try the new Export Question Bank feature in Zoho Challenge.

Challenge New Features: Email Results To Candidates, Rich Text In Answer Options

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Hello again from the Zoho Challenge team! As you might have known, we’ve constantly added new features to Zoho Challenge based on user feedback. Previously, we’ve added

bulk questions import


comprehension questions


embedded tests



. This holiday season, we’ve refreshed the application with a couple more features that we think you’ll find useful.

Automatically Email Test Results To Candidates
Previously, you were able to show your candidates the results of an assessment immediately, at a specific time or after test closure. From now on, your candidates will be able to receive an email with test results once they complete a test. All you need to do is enable the

‘Send results by email automatically’

option when you assign tests to your candidates.

The email that your test candidates will receive will contain the maximum and obtained marks, the test result (pass/fail) and a chart that shows correct vs. wrong answers. Students use email not just as a means of communication but also as a tool to archive important information. This new feature will be of great use to them and we encourage you to use it when delivering assessments.

Add Rich Text To Answer Options
Zoho Challenge’s powerful text editor that allows you to add rich, formatted and multimedia content to questions is now available for answer choices. You can leverage the same editor to add rich text to your answer options. We believe this small addition to the already existing power house of answer types and options will help you in providing improved and refined answer choices to your students.

We’re continuously improving Zoho Challenge based on what users have been telling us. If you’ve got anything to say, don’t forget to tell us. We’re always active in the



on Twitter


“Zoho Challenge is a dream come true” – Anand More, More Training Consultancy Private Ltd

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Anand More of More Training Consultancy Pvt Ltd. (MTCPL) has been an
ardent fan of Zoho Challenge for quite some time. More Classes, a unit
of  MTCPL, provides supplementary training to the students of Mumbai University, ICAI & ICSI. Over 750 students from his classes take
their assessments using our very own quiz maker app, Zoho Challenge.
Thanks to Zoho Challenge, almost all of them take these tests
from multiple locations.
Over the weekend, we talked to him about how Zoho Challenge has helped
him administer tests better to his students. Here’s what he had to say:

What made you look beyond the pen and paper based model of testing, for
an online testing solution? Was the traditional way of testing
inadequate for your needs?

We provide structured, supplementary coaching to students as well as
workshops to corporate executives. Our students appear for exams
conducted by external institutes. Our aim is to guarantee success in
such external examinations. The success of our coaching is determined by
the understanding of the students.

Many of the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), due to their schedules,
are either unable or unwilling to do the assessment of the candidates.
Lack of assessment reduces our ability to convince the parents or in
some cases even the corporate client about the effectiveness of our
training programmes.In such cases, it becomes all the more necessary for us to
help understand how the candidates understood their subject. It becomes
an indirect assessment of the SMEs too.

Further, when an experienced SME leaves,
we are left with no knowledge about how the assessment was done by him.
We suffer from lack of organizational knowledge bank, and our procedures
remain as effective as the SME only.

The traditional pen and paper method emphasizes on testing the
presentation skills and what we want is testing the level of

Elaborate arrangements just like examination [halls] involve considerable costs, are time consuming and are labour intensive
for us.
What we wanted was a solution which will give us:

  • total control over assessment, 
  • streamlined processes for initiating, conducting and assessing the tests
  • control over cost of printing
  • automated evaluation 
  • organizational knowledge bank of how to assess the preparation for a subject
  • collaborative and location independent platform for accommodating varying schedules of SMEs
  • search-able storage of student performance for future reference.
  • ability to deliver the tests at any location
  • ability to reuse the questions once created
  • empower the SMEs with a
    dashboard indicating KPIs of the students, or tests based on his choice,
    without spending his time on mundane work.

This is where
Zoho Challenge came to our rescue. Although our wish list is unending,
Zoho Challenge with its ever co-operating support staff has always come
with innovative and stable solutions.

2) How did you stumble upon Zoho Challenge? How long
have you been using it?

I am a member of the eLearning Guild. In one of the weekly newsletters, there was a mention of Google Docs and Zoho Docs. That was my introduction to Zoho. I got hooked to
both Google Apps and Zoho for my coaching activity. Somewhere in 2008 (to be precise on September 19, 2008) I stumbled
upon Zoho Challenge. At that time, Zoho Challenge 1.0 was at a nascent
stage. I was fascinated by the potential of this product. The
fascination is still continued.

3) Could you please
name 3-5 specific features that made you stick to Zoho Challenge?

  • Hosted solution
  • The structure of Question Banks: Multiple tests and test reusability
  • Importing questions
  • Multimedia enabled questions
  • Batch feature and IP restricted tests

4) Has Zoho Challenge helped you in administering tests
faster, quicker and more efficiently? What benefits have you gained out
of using our quiz maker?

Yes, my organization has benefited

on all the following counts

  • Reduced paper cost
  • Reduced efforts in coordinating with SMEs to get the question papers before test dates
  • Reduced pressure and costs in arranging the location for the tests
  • Providing error free and unbiased assessment

My subject matter experts have become decision makers rather than data gatherers. For students, testing has become fun just like online gaming. We are even planning to use Challenge to give scholarship to the most deserving candidates

5) What would you say to those teachers and schools
who are planning to switch to online tests, but haven’t jumped the gun
yet? Should they do it as soon as they can? What are they missing out?

is an old saying – when the pupil is ready the master appears. In our
case the master has already appeared in the form of Zoho Challenge, only
the pupils, (i.e. the schools) must be ready to work with the master.

For all the schools waiting to jump in, I can tell that the value proposition put by Zoho Challenge, i.e.

  • to enable the SMEs with student’s understanding
  • to give a hosted, subscription based solution to testing
  • to bring fun in testing & assessment
  • at a very low cost

is a dream come true. This is how technology should be used to make an efficient, productive and responsible society.

Zoho Challenge exists to make tests easy and we were thrilled to see yet another case of it being used to deliver tests to a large number of students in one go. If you’re another such passionate user of Zoho Challenge, talk to us on how you’ve been using it in your classroom or organization: email us at support@zohochallenge.com. We’re all ears!

New in Zoho Challenge: Comprehension Questions

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Today, we are announcing a feature that will be very useful for both our academic and business users alike – Zoho Challenge now has support for comprehension questions. In Zoho Challenge, a comprehension question is one that first presents a paragraph, a passage, a graph/image or maybe a combination of them, and then makes a series of follow-questions about that introduction. Typically, these questions measure how good the test-taker is at comprehending what is being discussed in the introductory part, how well he can extrapolate based on information presented, or, for example, his abilities to analyze and arrive to conclusions based on some information being presented.

So now you can get that psychometric test for your [potential] employees or you can you include graphic interpretation questions – that test a candidate’s ability to answer questions that involve more comprehension or broader skills than normal, single questions. Here is a video that illustrates the workflow. You can also refer to the online help documents

Some users in the academic space have been using form-generators to solve the online testing/quick problem, but that’s not the best way to go around it. And with Zoho Challenge’s Free plan, it has never been so easy to get started! Comprehension questions now make the experience even better. Several passionate educators have been in touch with us via email or blog posts and have been offering incredible feedback – and we will be releasing another round of community-driven features shortly.

What better way to experience this feature than to take a test? Below is a comprehension passage based test that is embedded right into this blog.

Zoho Challenge – new customers and new features

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It has been a month since we launched Zoho Challenge 2.0 and so far we are pretty happy with the response we’ve gotten. Our original target for the service was, as you’d probably imagine, the educational sector. But one of the things we’ve learned after going live with the service is that Zoho Challenge is well suited not only for schools, but also for the commercial sectors. We are (pleasantly!) surprised by the high uptake from customers other than education, including SMB customers – who are the mainstay of Zoho’s customer base are taking to the service pretty well.

So far, we have observed that businesses use Zoho Challenge for

  1. Training and assessment needs for customers – used by training centers
  2. Conduct knowledge assessments for employees
  3. Internal training, validation and continuous improvement
  4. Recruitment self assessment
  5. Recruitment screening

Most of these scenarios are new ones that, quite honestly, we didn’t think about before. We are glad to note that Zoho Challenge clearly addresses these requirements as well.

As a ‘thank you’ note to the business users, we have made iFrame embeddable online tests available right from the free plan. Not only did we make it free, but we also improved the level of customization for the embedded tests. We believe that this feature will help businesses and schools stay closer to their users and improve stickiness of their website. You can now create online tests, do limited customization and embed them in your website – all this in a few clicks and for free. Learn more here.

What better way to illustrate the feature than to put it to use? Find a quick online quiz that also outlines key additional features that have been added to Zoho Challenge in the last month.

In the meantime, we are keeping busy at perfecting and adding more features and are gearing up for another major update. Stay tuned!