Zoho Support: Monitor your helpdesk with Time based Actions

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We at Zoho Support continue to concentrate on just one aspect. Helping your business to provide an awesome customer support. In this endeavor, we have come up with a slew of value adding features & enhancements to entice you as usual. Let’s start with the first big thing.

Do you want to be notified when a new ticket remains un-assigned for extended number of hours? Similar, when your agent hasn’t responded to a ticket since first assignment. The wait is over! With time based actions you can supervise your helpdesk every hour and trigger notifications for actions like mentioned above. Besides sending notifications, you can assign tasks and update fields as well.

Here is a demonstration of one of the most common uses of time based actions. Specify the following criteria under time based action:



This time based rule would automatically close tickets in 48 hours after they have been re-solved.

Do you have more automation in your mind? Explore time based actions today. Click here to get started with the setup.

Besides time based actions, we have released Macros. You got it! It’s not a brand new release though. Earlier you can configure a workflow for manual application under our regular workflow settings. However, we have now renamed the same as Macros and moved it alongside other automation options in Zoho Support. Ain’t it sound to be a good move!?!

Here is the last one. We hate spam as much as you do. So, we built spam filtering right into Zoho Support to keep spam away from genuine support tickets. Click on the check box next to a ticket and select Mark Spam. It’s that simple.

We hope these feature would take you a bit closer towards providing awesome customer support. There’s lots more cool features coming soon, so stay tuned.…

The New Zoho Support: Close Tickets Even Faster

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At Zoho Support, we strive to build and maintain quality helpdesk software. Our development team is relentlessly working on rolling out new features that help simplify the process of providing customer support.  In this endeavor, we have released a sleek new UI that offers improved usability and faster navigation.

Let’s take a look at the enhancements and additions in the new UI.

The Interface

The new UI is an effort towards unifying the vast range of Zoho products so that users enjoy a consistent, smooth experience while navigating between products. Our intention is not only unify the Zoho experience, but also to cut down scrolls, increase ease of access and make it more spacious.


To be honest, our old UI was probably not that great in terms of ease of use.  We received feedback that one needed to scramble across the UI for updating a ticket property, creating a view and searching for it in the drop-down was tedious, recently visited views were located on to your right etc.

Now, with the new UI:

  • You can edit the properties of a ticket from the right panel without even clicking on edit.
  • Properties which are frequently edited are placed at the top followed by those less visited. So closing a request; changing request owner, status, priority etc., is now much easier.
  • You can find the views placed more prominently on the left panel. They are arranged one below the other grouped as recently visited, pre-defined and custom.
  • Also, we now carry the actions tab while you scroll down a page across all modules.

Brand New Additions

There are some new additions in the latest UI. You are provided with a filter-by option for requests, which can be used to quickly filter and view requests assigned to a specific agent. You can even filter requests by status, priority, channel, and due date.


You can also view requests based on the time frame they were received in Zoho Support. This would help you quickly locate a request or to assess request load during a specific period. You can view requests received for the last 15 days, 30 days and 3 months.

We hope that our new UI helps you provide that awesome customer support much faster than before. As always we encourage your feedback and suggestions. So help us by sparing a few minutes in providing feedback about how the new UI panned out for you.

We are also working on integrating with Facebook & Twitter so that your posts and tweets would be created as requests in Zoho Support. Expect to see it released soon.



It’s Out! Zoho Support’s Brand New Setup UI.

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It’s been a year since Zoho Support was launched. Our customers used it, liked it, gave us feedback- positive and negative, asked for new features, made suggestions and proposed ideas. This is what we came up with: a new Setup UI, with a clean, compact look designed to help you set up your Zoho Support account easily.

What’s Changed?
Here’s a quick list of what has changed:
  • We’ve gone monochrome…kind of: We decided to go monochrome and retain the use of the Zoho colors. There’s no specific reason for this :). We thought that the yesteryears look will add some pizzaz to our UI. What do you think?

  • Better Organization: We have re-organized the options available in the Setup UI. We now have main options that comprise groups of sub-options. For example, we have an option called Rebranding. The sub-options available under Rebranding include LogoDomain Mapping and Portal Name.

  • Easier Access: It is easier to access the various options required to set up your Zoho Support account. When you click on a setup option, you can view all the options grouped under it. This allows you to switch from one option to another easily. You can also access the Setup options from the bar on the left-hand side of the Zoho Support UI.
  • Simplified SLAs and Workflows: Earlier, you had to create SLAs and associate them with contracts and support plans created for accounts. Now you can create SLAs and associate them directly with accounts. The process of setting up a workflow and associating alerts and tasks to it is much simpler in the new setup.
Check out our new UI and let us know what you think. You can leave a comment here or send us an e-mail at support@zohosupport.com.

Zoho Support’s Customer Portal – New Enhancements

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Zoho Support’s Customer Portal, the exclusive interface for your customers to submit and track their requests, just got better. A couple of weeks back, we introduced custom themes support for the customer portal. Today, we are happy to roll out a new set of enhancements to the customer portal, like allowing your customers to view their organization tickets, customizing the portal invitation and configuring the default language.

View Organization Requests in the Customer Portal

All this while, users logging into the customer portal could view and track only the requests submitted by themselves. Now, in the enhanced customer portal, they can also view the requests submitted by others in their organization. Apart from viewing, they can also post a reply and track the status of the requests. This would avoid duplicate requests about similar issues getting posted from an organization, which in turn will significantly reduce the overall number of incoming requests coming into your support portal.

You can enable this from



Customer Portal Settings


Customer Portal Access Settings


Customize Portal Invitation

Also, you can now customize the invitation email sent to your customers to join your organization’s self-service portal. You can select the From address, Reply to address, Subject and the Body of your invitation email. Best of all, you can preview the changes made to your invitation before you hit save. With this personalization, you can have all the content that you wish for in the invitation email that you send to your customers, providing them a seamless support experience.

To customize the portal invitation of your organization, goto



Customer Portal Settings


Customer Portal Invitation


Customer Portal – Language Setting

Till date, a user could access the portal in their chosen language only on signing-up with their login credentials. Otherwise, the portal would be displayed only in English as the default language. Now, an option has been provided to configure the default language for your portal. This ensures that your customers view the portal in the language set by you prior to their login.

To customize the language of your Customer Portal in Zoho Support, goto



Customer Portal Settings


Customer Portal Home


We hope you enjoy using these enhancements and deliver the best possible service for your customers. Feel free to provide us with your feedback on these enhancements at support@zohosupport.com.

Zoho Support: Keep your Customers Informed using the SMS Add-on

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One of the integral parts of your help desk solution should be to keep your customers updated on the status of their requests. Zoho Support now makes this easier by offering an SMS (text message) add-on. With this add-on, you can send out text messages to your customers and support reps on specific occasions related to their requests (say, when a request has been logged, when a reply has been made, when a request gets closed etc). Apart from this, you can also send a text message to a support rep when a new task has been assigned to him/her.

For providing this SMS facility, Zoho Support has partnered with Screen Magic. Our special thanks are due to the team at Screen Magic who worked with us hard, in getting this ready for Zoho Support. Clickatell is another SMS vendor with whom we have done the integration, using their Developer APIStep-by-step instructions of how to configure your Zoho Support account is here. There is a 15-day trial period when you can try this add-on for free, before making up your mind to buy.

Please share your views on this latest feature addition and let us know what more you would like to see in Zoho Support, either in the comments below or by mailing us at support@zohosupport.com.

Offer Support from Your Own Domain using Zoho Support’s ‘Domain Mapping’ Feature

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Ever since we launched Zoho Support, our

web-based help desk software
, we’ve been receiving many requests for customized domain name support. We’re happy to share that Zoho Support now has this feature, enabling you to offer support directly from your domain. Both your customers and support reps can now access Zoho Support from a URL like say,


Please note that this feature is available only in Zoho Support paid plans.

Here are the step by step instructions for mapping your domain URL:

  1. Create a CNAME entry in your website’s (domain’s) admin panel (let’s say, support) and point it to customer-support.zoho.com  
  2. In Zoho Support, click on



    Admin Settings


    Domain Mapping

  3. In the

    Domain Name

    field, provide your domain URL.

  4. Click


That’s about it. You can now start using

 as your support portal URL. 

Hope you like this feature. As always, we would like to hear your feedback. Either add your comments here or write to us at