3 Copywriting Mistakes that Kill Your Cold Emails

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Email Copywriting Mistakes

Your prospects delete most of the cold emails sitting in their inboxes, and they’re probably deleting yours, too. Don’t confuse your prospects by sending unclear messages. Focus on benefit-driven emails that target their specific pain points.

Even if you have a solid product, your cold email campaigns often won’t work unless you craft persuasive email copy that evokes your prospects’ emotions and moves them to take action. 

Below are three common mistakes that turn off your prospects and tips on how to avoid making these mistakes in your next email.

Mistake #1: Your Cold Emails are About You, Not Your Prospects
Self-focused requests, like the following, don’t show your prospects that you’re concerned about their pain points.

“I just got off a great call with a prospect and they couldn’t believe how amazing [Company Name] is.

Do you want to book an hour for me to show you what [Company Name] is doing and how I can help your sales team sell more and faster?”

You only have three seconds to grab your prospects’ attention. The more space you waste talking about yourself, the less opportunity you have to convey the relevance of your product to their problems. 

Can it help them save time/money? Increase productivity? Simplify a complex task? 

 Make sure your cold email message is crystal clear about how your product can solve their problems.

Copywriting Pro Tip #1: Great sales copy conveys empathy. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes. 
Cold emails like the one below stand out because they focus on the prospects’ needs and NOT the seller’s ego. Prove to your prospects that you’re a real human being offering something of value.

“I’d like to share a quick idea with you that has helped [Client Name] gamify their sales team and exceed their revenue goals.”

Showing a genuine interest in your prospects and engaging them in a real conversation about their business helps lowers their defenses and makes it easier for your prospects to say yes to your request.

Mistake #2: Relying Heavily on External Links and Bold Font for Attention
Your prospects aren’t fooled by gimmicks or cheesy tactics. Bold fonts and external links to client reviews don’t make crappy copy more appealing or believable. 

Cluttering your emails with too much junk, like the example below, distracts your prospects. Directing them to a video link or a white paper risks boring them. Their lost attention is never regained.

“The purpose of my call, was to show you this working for an existing client, and see what value this can have for you, the next step after that is testing this on your website, with no obligation and no cost so you can see actionable results from your own site, a list of businesses who have visited to learn more, but haven’t made that all important enquiry.

 70% of businesses will purchase from the first business they speak to, therefore statistically speaking this will give you a greater chance of winning that business. All the information we provide is in real time! 

Be sure to check out some fantastic testimonials at Client reviews and  Expert views

The problem with links are that they are only effective if your Call to Action to click the link is enticing and if the link’s content is valuable and ties back to your email’s Call to Action.  

The other problem with links is that you may risk giving too much away with your content. Your prospects’ incentives to respond to your email and start a conversation with you may be lower because you’ve already given them the content.

Copywriting Pro Tip #2: The most effective cold emails have a clean, straightforward message. 
The message below centers on an enticing benefit, reducing the time wasted on simple tasks. Compelling benefits are always more persuasive than flashy graphics and slick videos explaining the features of your product.

“How much time are you spending each week on {!Company}’s Salesforce reporting? 

I have a time saving hack that could dramatically reduce the time you’re spending each week on {!Company}’s Salesforce reports used by companies like [Client Name]  and [Client Name].

Do you have time for a short call this week?”

Mistake #3: Where’s Your Call to Action?
Calls to Action are the last impression your prospects have of you. Weak or missing call to actions don’t move your prospects to act. Your prospects aren’t going to respond to a cold email like the one below because it hasn’t given them a reason to.

“Could you point me to the person over your inside sales team?”

Without a clear CTA, your cold emails are a waste.

Copywriting Pro Tip #3: Before you hit send, ask yourself, “why would they respond?”
You need to show your prospects what’s in it for them. 

Emails like the example below incentivize your prospects to respond because they offer them something in return for their time.

“In exchange for a short call I’ll give you a few tips for improving {!Company}’s employee retention that we’ve learned from [Client Name] and [Client Name].”

Don’t leave your prospects hanging at the end of your cold email.

Once you’ve crafted a benefit-driven message that speaks directly to your prospects’ needs, don’t forget to proofread. 

Making silly spelling and grammar mistakes torpedo your cold email campaigns. 

Make sure you understand the difference between to or too and their or they’re. Mistakes like these turn off your prospects and cause them to lose trust in your abilities.


Would you like to know more copywriting secrets for writing cold emails that compel your prospects to respond every time?

The team at Salesfolk have written a new guide to help you transform your bland cold emails into unforgettable messages your prospects can’t ignore. Download  “Copywriting Secrets for Crafting Seductive Cold Emails” and start writing compelling emails! 

This is a guest post by Heather R. Morgan. She is the CEO of Salesfolk, a sales consultancy that specializes in helping B2B sales organizations start warm conversations with cold emails.  


Conquering the Zoho Mail Control Panel – Join the Webinar

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Are you responsible for your organization’s Zoho Mail management? Do you know your way around Zoho Mail’s Control Panel?

The control panel is often the most important tool in email hosting, and we want to help you get the best out of it. That’s why the Zoho Mail team is hosting a webinar about the control panel on Wednesday, April 29, 2015, at 10am PDT.

Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6729085194221571841

Come join our webinar and learn how to take care of business email, explore customization options, and leverage automation features to make your email hosting experience a smooth one.

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Microsoft recently ended custom domain support for outlook.com, their free email service. Google buried Google Apps free edition back in December 2012. So with Microsoft and Google having turned their backs (but not their wallets!) to SMBs, what should Zoho do?


Well, when Google ended Google Apps Free edition, we increased our free plan to 5 users. Let us take a peek at what happened to the no. of sign ups to Zoho Mail email hosting plans:


Given that an approx 600% increase in sign ups over five quarters is quite impressive, we have decided to raise the bar further.


Starting today, we are increasing the number of users / mailboxes offered with our free email hosting plan, doubling it from 5 to 10 free users. And oh! It’s also ad-free. Beat that!

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Zoho Mail is Now Open For Business!

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Two years ago, we made Zoho Mail public for free personal use and we are happy with the reception and feedback we have gotten so far. For example, we recently won the Reader’s choice award for The Best Free Email Service 2011. Now, we are taking another big step in our quest to bring the best hosted email to our customers.

Today, we’re opening Zoho Mail for businesses. What took us so long? We wanted to make sure the product was right. Business and professional users have come to expect the rich functionality from their desktop email client and the no-hassles, fast, accessible-anywhere convenience of web-based email.

Now, you no longer have to make a choice between the lesser of two evils: either burning a hole in your wallet with a full-featured, expensive email solution or settle for a web-based, affordable email service with bare minimum features. Zoho Mail gives you the best of three worlds: feature-rich business email, no-hassle email hosting and an affordable price. For example, here are some of the rich features that make Zoho Mail’s web interface ideal for business users:

    • Supports both Folders & Labels, making it all the more easier to organize and access messages
    • Helps you to tag incoming messages with

      Labels & Flags

      and directly move them to appropriate folders using

      Rules & Filters

    • Powerful search

      functionality that can search even inside attachments
    • Comes with a sleek

      instant chat

      interface for better communication
      amongst your colleagues and customers
    • Optimized

      mobile web interface

      for anywhere, anytime access on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices 

    In addition, with integrated Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contacts apps with features exceeding even those of popular desktop clients you are able to share calendars, set reminders, assign tasks, take notes on the fly and always have your most important information handy. And, for those users who are accustomed  to desktop email clients, Zoho Mail synchronizes seamlessly with the most popular ones (Outlook and Thunderbird), through POP / IMAP.

    Zoho Mail - Webmail Interface

    Of course, we realize that having rich, flexible administrator options is just as important as having a rich product for end users. If you are a business mail administrator, the powerful Control Panel makes it simple for you to manage all aspects of business emailing. For example:

    • Define

      email policies

      with respect to mailbox quotas, access privileges etc., and even assign different policies to different groups of people
    • Create and

      manage groups

      and group related polices, spam control and moderation
    • Set up 

      customized email addresses

      and aliases
      for your business users 
    • Add and manage

      multiple domains

    • Assign roles

      to other users, streamline administration and more.
    Zoho Mail - Control Panel

    With Zoho as your email host, you do not have to worry about maintaining complicated mail server infrastructure. You can leave that part to us since it is in our business as a company offering services on the cloud to manage state-of-the-art data centers with multiple layers of security. In fact, your data is safer in our data centers!

    What about the affordable price? Our plans start at just $2 per user/month ($24 per user/year). And may be the best part about our pricing plans is that you need not buy an entire year upfront. Of course you get a slightly better price with a yearly commitment, but we know businesses sometimes need the flexibility that only monthly plans can give them.

    So, if you are a new business looking for an email host or currently paying an arm-and-a-leg for managing your business email, Zoho Mail is now open for Business!