Shift base from Intuit QuickBase: Free Migration to Zoho Creator quicker than ever!

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Any service that your business depends upon has got to be reliable. Be it your email service or CRM tools or even your database software, there cannot be any compromise. But what would you do, when you find yourself in a situation where, one of your service providers drops a bombshell that they are ceasing operations and handing over the baton to a different company to provide you the product support and services.

Two weeks ago, Intuit announced that they are planning to divest three of their well regarded softwares: Quicken, QuickBase and Demandforce. According to Intuit, QuickBase does not support the current ecosystem of QuickBooks online and it mostly serves customers that are up-market from their core small business customers.

Quickbase Alternative

Intuit had mentioned in its company statement that it has decided to focus and sell products, “to strengthen its ecosystem and align with two strategic goals: to be the operating system behind small business success and to the nations’ taxes in the U.S and Canada.” (Source: Business Wire)

As Intuit seeks to divest its products, this decision leaves QuickBase customers stranded. Need I say more? This is a warning for you to be worried about your business data. QuickBase has no clue who is going to buy them, nor do you have a clue about who is going to handle your data or your product support. We’ve seen it happen with DabbleDB and we’ve seen it happen with Coghead too. We would like to reassure all you QuickBase customers: You need not worry about a place to go!

Zoho Creator is your best-in class alternative to QuickBase. We’ve carried out successful migrations in the past with DabbleDB and Coghead. The best part being, it is effortless. We have loyal and happy customers till date. So rest assured, we have your back!

Testimonials from happy customers

Migration is just the start:

QuickBase users can enjoy free migration and most of all it’s very easy. We also offer 24/7 technical expertise to assist through this migration process. In addition, Zoho Creator integrates with a broad suite of Zoho applications and other external third-party applications allowing you to communicate with data in different systems.

If you’re a current QuickBase customer, we welcome you into the Zoho family. It’s not just migration, you will soon discover all the additional benefits that Zoho Creator brings over QuickBase. See some of our inspiring customer stories to know what Zoho Creator can do for you.

So why wait, learn how to migrate your data into Zoho Creator or reach out to us and we’ll assist you in the process. It’s smooth sailing all the way!

Turn your crashes into solutions— Zoho Projects integrates with Crashlytics

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If you are a business owner, you more than likely have an app or are planning to launch one in the future. You create a project to bring your team together and brainstorm ideas. Your developers don their coding caps and get to work. Your designers create designs to see what works best. Your testers subject the app to several rounds of testing. Your app goes through stages of refinement before finally taking shape and being ready to use. Time to pack and go on a vacation! Until your app crashes. 

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It’s Here, The All New Zoho Recruit!

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We’re excited to announce the launch of the all new Zoho Recruit. We owe a big one to our faithful customers, who have contributed much to the crafting of this version through their valuable feedback and feature requests.

The four major challenges recruiters usually face are sourcing hurdles, tracking inefficiencies, lack of collaboration and software complexity. To overcome these challenges, we offer you a feature-packed and easy-to-use recruitment solution with the new Zoho Recruit.

We’ve got everything you need to start your recruitment process from scratch, and keep it running smooth and hassle-free.

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5 Tips from Sherlock Holmes to manage recurring billing

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The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221b Baker Street.”

The world’s favourite consulting detective has emerged from the fog. He is edgy, contemporary, stubborn, difficult and dangerous. Yet, he has successfully mesmerised his audience with slow motion fist fights and savant-like ability to see what is invisible to the common man. And, with over 200 movies and a universally acclaimed series starring Oscar-nominated Benedict Cumberbatch, Holmes has been raking in the big bucks for the production houses.

5 tips on recurring billing from Sherlock.

Holmes’ daredevilry is an outcome characterized by uncertainty. Fast forward to the 21st century, the business ecosystem can be more bewildering than the rooftop plunge from season 2 of Sherlock Holmes. Combine that with reporting VAT and reclaiming it from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs(HMRC) can be daunting. Designed to steer away the complexities of subscription business and VAT, Zoho Subscriptions has everything you need to handle recurring billing and manage customer subscriptions.

Here is how subscription businesses can always draw a parallel from Holmes.

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5 Closing ​Questions Every Salesperson Needs to ​Know

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You’ve made your pitch and answered several rounds of ​queries, but you’re not any closer to a deal. ​What’s worse, people you’ve been interacting with are not the ones who would ​make the final call. No, the decision makers are elsewhere, and have a different set of priorities you haven’t quite addressed in your ​pitch.

​Sounds like a nightmare? ​This is why closing questions are an important tool. It’s easy to miss out a few points while making a presentation and answering ​questions, ​but your closing questions should be designed to fill in these gaps and give you a clear idea about what to expect next.


Here’s a list of five powerful closing questions that’ll help you clinch the deal:

1. Does our solution meet your need?

Does your client see value in what you’re selling? This question is the key to finding ​ out. There’s also a chance that, even after making the best pitch ever, you failed to elaborate on a feature that’s crucial for your prospect. ​So, make sure you know your ​prospect’s essential priorities and needs. You can alternatively ask: “Is there anything that’s important to you which I haven’t covered?” Read more