Prototyping with Zoho Creator: A Unique Use-case!

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Zoho was a platinum sponsor at this year’s CRM Evolution Conference, held in New York on August 10. The event brought together many CRM users and vendors, and although CRM was the focus of most discussions, we were looking forward to hearing about Zoho apps too.

And so, we were happy to hear from Charlie Isaacs, a Zoho Creator enthusiast. In addition to working with Alcatel-Lucent, Charlie also works as a social media strategist for Genesys Lab.

When asked about how Zoho Creator simplified his requirement, Charlie had something unique to tell us: he prototypes using Zoho Creator.

Listen to Charlie explain how he does it:

Whenever Charlie gets a new idea for a project, he prefers to use a prototype to propose his plan. He says, and we agree, that a prototype is almost always more compelling than a 20-page document. Charlie takes advantage of Zoho Creator as he builds form-based solutions. The advantage Zoho Creator has over MySQL, he says, is that MySQL doesn’t allow the association of a form on the front-end.

There is always Oracle and MySQL, but to get something up and running, Zoho Creator is there for me.

In addition to prototyping, Charlie also spoke about an interesting mobile application that he uses to read QR codes, which are looked up in a Zoho Creator database. Based on the information returned, like UPC codes, Charlie then dynamically constructs the menu on the handheld application.

Thank you, Charlie, for sharing with us two very new use-cases of Zoho Creator. We’re glad to hear that it only takes an hour with Zoho Creator to complete the prototypes, versus 8 to 10 hours without it.

Dabble DB Customers: Migrate to Zoho Creator Seamlessly!

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Dabble DB has announced it’s end-of-life. And we happen to have a migration tool ready! We also offer free migration and app-building assistance to all migrants from Dabble DB. With our migration tool, you can reconstruct your Dabble DB application on Zoho Creator, in three simple steps. It is a do-it-yourself tool, give it a try. Or, if you want us to help, we will be glad to build your applications for free.

If you are new to Zoho Creator, watch this video for an overview.

You are not the only ones who are stranded. We’ve already helped a bunch of other customers from Dabble DB, and they are happy with what they got. Meet the others who have already made the move (Indiana Military Organization being one of them), and what they have got to say about us.

We’ll be happy to address any concerns you might have. Tweet out to us @zohocreator.

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