Just in: Custom Fields for Invoices and Estimates

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“All good things come to he who wants and asks”. 
Ask you did. That’s why Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books now support ”Custom Fields” for invoices and estimates. Come along as we run you through this much requested for feature.

Before Custom Fields:

had to make do with the notes section to include any additional
information to your invoices & estimates. This means, you may need
to enter them manually invoice by invoice, there’s a good chance that
you may miss out adding that information.

Now that there are custom fields:

get to add custom fields to your invoices. The custom field could hold
any information like the name of the sales person associated with an
estimate; the delivery date for the items on an invoice; the discount
code used on the invoice; or even a personalized tag for that customer. 

Setting up custom fields is as easy as a pie:

to Settings and you’ll see the option to add “Custom Fields” for
invoices & estimates. You can set up three custom fields each for
invoices and estimates. In the example here, let’s set up a custom field called “Delivery Date”.


The new custom field “Delivery Date” will now appear on all new invoices that you create.

Enjoy using custom fields while we get our elbows greasy on another feature that’s been on our minds for the longest time.

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