@Zoho Invoice: Only 50 cents for receiving online payments

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our earlier post we told you we were going to be participating in
PayPal’s innovate 2010. At the conference PayPal, in addition to some
sumptuous techie talks will be launching “Business Payments”,their 50 cents pricing. With the introduction of Business Payments you can cut down your transaction fee to just 50 cents.
Us at Zoho Invoice are very happy to be a part of something which seems
like the future of all online transactions. Yes, you can use PayPal’s
Business Payments for receiving online payments from your Zoho Invoice account starting TODAY!

So what is PayPal’s Business Payments all about?

It is a simple and economical way to receive online payments against your invoices. The only prerequisite for business payments is that the payor-the person who pays you, should have a PayPal account. Lets say you invoice your customer who already has a PayPal account for
$100. Earlier you may have to pay a percentage of that $100 as a
transaction fee. If you choose Business Payments as your mode of
Payment receipt, you can receive the payment of $100 from your customer
at a transaction fee of just 50 cents. 

Besides the 50 cent pricing, what’s more interesting is that this being a PayPal account to PayPal account transfer, the payment will be credited to your account immediately.

How does this change things for Zoho Invoice?

this month we introduced a little change in the way you receive online
payments. We started providing an option to select a payment gateway at
the time of creating an invoice. So now you’ll see an additional option
PayPal Business Payments, when you select your online payment receipt

Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales just around the corner. PayPal is
making a statement loud and clear. “Shop more, pay less”. Agree with
you PayPal!