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Om Malik’s blog carried a guest column on The Power of URLs.

As we all know, the URL is a powerful and extensible concept… it represents the most fundamental element of the web and it continues to grow in breadth and depth of its utility.

People rely on names or URLs in the blogosphere. And it doesn’t end just with blogs, for, podcasts, photos, videos, and as the writer mentions, profiles on social networking sites of a particular blogger too are being followed by readers or readers.
As a tangent,

Aggregation can now be customized, and it can be done by machine.

Most bloggers link their Podcasts, Videos, Comments, Tags pertaining to them and just about anything they’ve contributed to the web, and so blogs really aren’t just what blogs were intended to be; they are more like Portals.

So there is News, Commentary, Opinion and Links that stand testimony to arguments, Audio, Video and a whole community of several readers who religiously follow those. Astonishing what a few random alphabets are capable of!


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Many people have a common memory problem. Associating the name and face. It is not rare that one fine day you meet someone you know and are left wondering her name. Also, a long lost friend sends you an e-mail and you try best, only to no avail, to remember the face. So when Riya introduced something like Face Recognition which (to the best of my knowledge) no one else has offered before, many people quickly caught on to it. It’s a great service, a bit heavy, and I’ve never been so glad to drag and drop :)

It was great to know that Riya could identify Michaelangelo’s David. It would be even nice if there were Riya communities or public forums like Keyhole community where users can upload such photos, recognize them and have some fun like what people do in “Where in the World” contest.